In this article, we will learn about how to undo reconciliation in Quickbooks online and Quickbooks Desktop. As you are looking at how to undo a bank reconciliation we assume that you already know what bank reconciliation is? And how to perform a reconciliation in Quickbooks?

It’s not a tough job to match the cash balance on a company’s balance sheet to the corresponding amount on its bank statement. And detect fraud in any cash manipulations with the help of Bank reconciliation. 

Quickbooks Reconciliation is the best way to reconcile your account. But there are some times when you need to undo the reconcile and make some essential changes manually. 

This happens if you enter a transaction to reconciliation by mistake. No need to worry we can undo it in both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop.

Causes of Incorrect Bank Reconciliation

Here are some problems by because of which we need to undo reconciliation-

Incorrect Date: Users might make some mistakes in the past date. For instance, a user makes a payment in the past and the payment was recorded, but the recorded date was wrong or incorrect for the record. In such cases, the error in the statement date can be easily corrected by undoing or deleting bank reconciliation.

Wrong bank statement Date: The date in the bank statement is simply recorded wrong because of some reasons. But, actual date needs to be printed on the bank statement. 

Uncleared Transactions: Transactions must be checked thoroughly. There can be some transactions that are only recorded on one side. Such as uncleared checks which need to be cleared in the coming future.

Incorrect bank reconciliation: Mistakes can be made by anyone you or your bank, machines or humans. So, incorrect bank reconciliation error needs to be rectified to get a perfect analysis of the reconciliation.

Incorrect bank statement: The bank statement date needs to be correct for correct reconciliation. The incorrect date should be replaced by an actual date.

Undo reconciliation in QuickBooks Online

Follow the steps to undo reconciliation in QuickBooks online easily.

  • Firstly, locate the banking option from the left menu of QuickBooks online.
  • Click on the banking option.
  • Choose the account to proceed further.
  • Go to the register and open the account history which is visible above in the action column.
  • One by one check all the unreconciled transactions.
  • Highlight the tab on the transaction.
  • Click the Tab button and click on “R“ on the top line transaction that is simply located between the Amount and Depositor charge and Payment account.
  • Now, simply click in this field and give you permission to change all the transactions status.
  • Simply do to the desired status from bank to unreconciled to c=clear.
  • Now just save the progress.
  • A pop will appear displaying an image. Simply click ok button and you are done.

All these steps need to be followed sequentially in order to perform the task successfully. Each and every step is important.

Undo reconciliation in QuickBooks Online Accountant

To undo your reconciliation in Quickbooks online Accountant software follow the following steps-

  • Firstly, click on the Gear icon.
  • Then click on Reconcile under tools
  • Select the bank account that we want to delete or undo bank reconciliation.
  • After that select the reconciliation month in which you want to makes the alterations.
  • The undo button appears on just right of the Auto Adjustment Column.
  • Just click on it.
  • Then go for the ok option.
  • In the end, click the ok button.

All these steps need to be followed sequentially in order to perform the task successfully. Each and every step is important.

Undo reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop

It is the easiest way to reconcile in Quickbooks among all its versions. This way is applicable for versions like Quickbooks Pro or Quickbooks premier. 

  • Open your QuickBooks version and go to the banking option.
  • Find the transaction you want to reconcile.
  • Select the reconcile option.
  • Then, select “undo last reconciliation option”.
  • And your task is done.

It’s a tough job to manually handle your bank reconciliation in Quickbooks. You might get stuck or create more problems. Unfortunately, if that happens consider a professional accountant or get the help of Quickbooks tech Support team to assist you. Contact our ProAdvisors and Experts on +1-844-519-0042 and let them handle your problem. We are available for you 24*7.

We hope that now you know how to undo reconciliation in Quickbooks online, Quickbooks Online Accountant, and Quickbooks desktop. For any suggestions or queries, you are always free to contact us.

Keep sharing and Keep smiling:)

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