Timesheets in QuickBooks: It is the method of recording the amounts of worker’s time spent on the job. And it is specially developed for an employer to calculate their payroll. It tracks the start and ends the time of the task or durable. Throughout the project or program to contain a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished. The timesheet may be used for payroll, client billing, and increasing for estimation, tracking, project costing, and management. It reduces cost in three ways which are:

  1. By making payroll processing more efficient,
  2. By making cost visible then they can reduce,
  3. Automatic billing and invoicing.

Key benefits of timesheets:

1. Data entry, processing, and storage

The timesheet software provided a number of data entry, processing, and storage options. This software eliminates for your payroll to spend their time entering data from the paper timesheet, as your employee can directly enter time work into the timesheet system. The timesheet software systems have a simple way to digitally store and organize your employees and human resources record easily.

2. Increase The Efficiency & Ease of Administrative Load

When you shop for an automated timesheet system, then keep sure to all other systems of your enterprise such as payroll and benefits software. First of all, make sure the timesheet software you pick is compatible with these existing systems or not. If you can integrate your system then you can automate your payroll and human resource and tasks. By automating payroll and accounting tasks that may take up your valuable time, then you can increase your efficiency and free up payroll staff to work on the important projects.

3. Accuracy Enhancement

Timesheet software systems will help you to enhance the accuracy of your timesheets in many ways. The first way, timesheet software eliminates the potential data entry error by the employee to enter their time worked, and data directly into the system. The second way and most important way, the timesheet system provided an audit trail. It allows the system administrator to view the user activity. In this way, if there is any doubt about the accuracy of the timesheet, the system administrator can check the employee’s user activity to verify the time work and see they made any suspicious changes.

4. Other key benefits

  • Mobile access with GPS.
  • It can integrate HR documents.
  • It supports via phone, email, message, and chat.
  • Export to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop, or your payroll service.

How do timesheets work?

Timesheet templates define how we enter employees’ time. We can enter employees’ times as durations, as start and end times, or by punching in and out. In the timesheet, each employee’s work hours are entered and then submitted at the end of each timesheet period.

How does it works with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online has its own time tracking feature. And you can use both Weekly Timesheet and Single Time Activity. How?

  • Click on the gear icon.
  • And then select account and setting.
  • After that select an advanced setting.
  • Check the Add Service field to timesheets and Make it Single-Time Activity Billable to Customer boxes.
  • After completing all the processes, click on the select button.

Create and print timesheets in QuickBooks

Creating and printing timesheets play an important role in any organization. It is used to calculate the working hours spent by a worker in an organization with the help of creating and print timesheets. We can measure the performance of the worker or we can do the planning according to create and print timesheets. We can also evaluate the amount of time required to perform a specific task, the Organization can easily calculate the amount of salary they have to pay.

Do this before using employee timesheet:

#1 Setup Time Tracking in Preferences

The Administrator must log in to set the Time Tracking Preference. You must be in Single-user Mode.

  • Open the Time and Expenses preferences.
  • Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.
  • when the Preferences window is opened then, click on Time & Expenses in the list on the left sidebar.
  • Click the Company Preferences tab.
  • For the Do You Track Time? option, click Yes.
  • the First Day of Work Week drop-down list, choose the day on which you start tracking time each week.
  • Unchecked Mark all time entries as billable (if already checked).
  • Nothing should be checked under Invoicing Options.
  • Click OK.

#2 Edit Employee data file to use time tracking

Add Time Tracking permission to the User’s Login Name.

  • Select Company from the menu bar.
  • Select Setup Users and Passwords.
  • Click on Setup Users.
  • Select the User Login Name. Then Select Edit Users.
  • Click the Next button until the Time Tracking Screen displays.
  • Select Full Access.
  • Select Next until the Finish button displays.
  • Then select Finish.

Create time sheets in QuickBooks

  • Click on Employee
  • And then click on Enter Time
  • Now you will get to see two options
  • Use a weekly timesheet.
  • Time/Enter single activity

(a) Weekly timesheet

  • Weekly timesheet is used to track the working hours done by workers.
  • Choose the employee Name
  • The hour worked by an employee is billable. Select Customer job and Service item and then click on billable.
  • Then click on Payroll
    • Click on the column for the days in which the hour was worked, and type the hours worked in this job and for the payroll item.
  • Fill until the week is not complete.
  • Then select Save and close

Steps to print the weekly timesheet

  • Go into the file menu.
  • Click on Print forms, different dates in the date.
  • Select timesheet to print.
  • Select the timesheet.
  • To view additional timesheet change the date range by entering
  • Select print full activity notes.
  • Click Ok

(b) Time/Enter single activity

  • Select date (Note: please do not select today’s before date If you select then might not be able to use the start and stop function).
  • Select the employee name.
  • The hours worked by an employee is billable. Select Customer job and Service item and then click on billable.
  • Click on payroll items from the dropdown arrow
  • Start (Select the date when an employee started working).
  • Stop (Select the date when an employee stopped working).
  • Click on save and close.


What is the Pricing of Timesheet?

Plan nameDetailsUserPrice
Freelancerwithout charge, freelancer can enjoy, Timesheet.com10
Standard pricingmonthly planunlimited4.50 per user/Per months
Non-profit pricing20% discount on serviceunlimited3.60 per user/Per months

Can import and export happen from any computer?

  • For web connector: you must have to use the computer in which the web connector integration was set up.
  • For Windows: Yes, you can import and export as long as you are signed in as the admin and are in single-user mode.

Why should we create timesheets?

  • Free for the first month.
  • Cloud-based service no server needed.
  • Calculate hour cost per employee.
  • Keep track of your project expenses effortlessly.
  • Show reports weekly.

How to print a blank timesheet?

  • Click on the employee.
  • Enter time.
  • Click on the weekly timesheet.
  • Print
  • Print blank timesheet
  • After that Print timesheet
  • Print.

What do QuickBooks bring into TSheets?

It brings all of your active employees, projects, and services from QuickBooks.

How to add a new employee?

Add new employees in QuickBooks and then import them into the timesheet.


QuickBooks has its own time tracking feature. And you can use Weekly Timesheet and Single Time Activity. The timesheet may be used for payroll, client billing, and increasing for estimation, tracking, project costing, and management. We hope that all information is useful for QuickBooks users.  If you don’t understand any steps you can contact us. We have a team of ProAdvisors and Experts with great experience to assist you 24*7. So, get in touch with us whenever required by ringing us on our toll-free QuickBooks Online support number +1-844-519-0042 in order to save your time and effort. You can also contact us if you have any other queries or issues related to Quickbooks.

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