If you want to know how to set up payroll in QuickBooks. Then, keep reading this article, you will get your answer. You might know that payroll in QuickBooks will take more time. But, it becomes much easier if you have a system set up to assist you in doing payroll. You can set up payroll by yourself in QuickBooks with the help of an interview which will be done in online mode.

To initiate this online mode process, you have to click on the Employees option then, Payroll, and then, turn on the payroll command in QuickBooks. It will show you the page of QuickBooks Online subscription or Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Services. For setting up the payroll in QuickBooks, you have to select why you are paying payroll taxes and giving payroll tax returns, either it can be you, or your accountant, or Intuit. 

How to Setup and Do Payroll in QuickBooks?

Follow the below steps to set up your employees:

  1. Browse to Payroll
    1. In the left sidebar, you can see the option of Payroll, click on it.
    2. Then, press on the Employees button.
    3. If you are new at payroll or bought payroll from the QuickBooks Online Subscription. Then, the screen will show like a screenshot. You just need to click on the Get Started button.
    4. And, if you have payroll already and did not use it then, you just need to set up payroll.

You have to give some answers which QuickBooks will ask you when you try to sign up for payroll. And, you have to choose any one of the payroll options. You have provided the best payroll plan by the Customer Support team. Also, you will 30-day free trial.

  1. You have to give some general information about paying employees

In this step, you may try to convert manual or computerized payroll systems to QuickBooks. Then, for ensuring that your W2 forms are correct, you have to give some extra details. The information may be about any payroll checks given in paying time before the initiating of QuickBooks Payroll subscription. And, you have to be ready to set up for adding up your employees.

  1. Add up your Employees to the list
    1. For adding all the employees on your payroll, click on the Add an Employee with their related information
  1. Provide the complete details about your employees

Enter your employee’s email address as usual employee information. So that they can receive mail to view their pay stubs and W2 forms.

How to Do Payroll in QuickBooks?

From the above steps, you have learned how to set up payroll in QuickBooks. Now, let’s know about how you can run your payroll in QuickBooks. The users just need to tell about the payroll hours and QuickBooks software will calculate payroll checks and taxes itself. Such as you can easily do print checks and direct deposit payments to employees.

  • Press on Run Payroll

The list of employees that you set up will be seen on the payroll dashboard.

Then, you just need to Run the Payroll button at the top-right corner of the screen 

  • Give Current Payroll Time

You can provide all the employees working hours and check other details to ensure correctness. The number of hours you have entered for a particular employee, QuickBooks will calculate and show you the result. Also, if there is any update required, you must download it first for smooth working. The working hours of an employee will not be shown in the result, only you will see the payroll amount.

  • Check & Submit Payroll

In this step, you can check all the details at the last time and edit the payroll information before submitting it. Go through all the payment methods and make all the employees get their checks or direct deposit. You can also check the net payment and tax amount for both employee & employer. In the end, you can review all the information and submit the information which you can see at the bottom right corner of the screen. Also, you can print payroll checks.

At the End:

From QuickBooks Online, you can directly pay your employee through a handwritten check. Or, directly give deposit payments. We hope you understood all the things related to how to set up payroll in QuickBooks. If in case, you have any questions related to this topic or want to know something else. Then, you can simply contact QuickBooks ProAdvisors will suggest the best option for you and your business. And, also provide you a suitable solution for any error you are facing in the QuickBooks Accounting Software.

How to Set up and Do Payroll in QuickBooks
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