QuickBooks accounting software is amazing accounting software that helps us to manage small and medium-sized business accounting in a smarter, faster, and accurate way. QuickBooks helps you pay bills, set up payroll, create invoices, inventory and expenses, and much more. Let’s start to learn how to repair QuickBooks simply.

It can be a huge problem if you are facing issues in using, installing, and updating QuickBooks. Don’t worry we are here with all the information you need. If your QuickBooks has stopped working or you are unable to open the QuickBooks company file just go through the article once. Repairing an existing version of QuickBooks installation can help you resolve any errors or issues you may face with your QuickBooks. You can consider our QuickBooks ProAdvisor and experts by contacting our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone number to get instant help.

How To Repair QuickBooks?

Step by step detailed instructions.

First of all, close your QuickBooks application if it is open in your system and ensure that QuickBooks is not running during the repairing process. Follow the instruction for your different operating system as given below:

Follow the steps for Windows 8, 7 or Vista:

  • Open the computer window by pressing Windows + E Button at the same time. Note: for Windows 8 simply click on Computer Tab.
  • Click Uninstall or change a program.
  • Then Select QuickBooks.
  • Click Uninstall/Change.
  • Now click Continue and then click Next on the prompted message.
  • Click Finish. 

Now you have finished your QuickBooks Installation repairing.

For Windows XP:

  • First of all, Click on the Start button.
  • And then click on the Control Panel.
  • Double-click to Add or Remove Programs.
  • Select QuickBooks, and then click Change/Remove.
  • If prompted, click Continue and then click Next.
  • Click Finish. 

Your installation of QuickBooks is repaired.

Repair QuickBooks Point of Sale

Repairing an existing QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale installation helps resolve the errors you encounter while installing or using POS. Follow these given steps to repair your QuickBooks desktop point of sale:

Close all your QuickBooks tabs and make sure that QuickBooks Point of Sale is not running in your system when it starts to repair. Then apply these steps:

  • Open your computer tab by pressing the Windows + E button. Note: If you are using Windows 10, 8.1, and 8, then click on the Computer tab.
  • Click Uninstall or change a program. Or, you may see only repair options in certain versions of Windows.
  • Now Select your version of QuickBooks Point of Sale. *See the image below.
  • Click Uninstall/Change.
  • Select Next and select the Repair radio button from the POS Installation window.
  • Click Next again and click Repair.
  • Tap on Finish.

The installation should be repaired for your QuickBooks Point of sale.

steps to repair QuickBooks point of sale

If the process of repairing your QuickBooks point of sale does not work then you have to perform a clean install.

Run The Repair Tool

  • Create a backup of your company file, if you haven’t already.
  • Restart your computer. This makes sure no program may affect the repair.
  • Open the Windows Start menu, then choose Control Panel.
  • Select the program and features then uninstall a program. And if you don’t see the program and features, select Program instead, then select program and features.
  • Select QuickBooks from the list of programs, then uninstall/change.
  • Tap on Continue or Next.
  • Click on Repair and Next. (Note: The repair should start right away, but will take a while to finish. You can leave it running and come back later when it’s done.)
  • Once done, select finish.
  • Restart your computer to complete the repair.
  • Update your QuickBooks for the latest release. This makes sure you have the most recent fixes and updates.

Troubleshooting For The Errors You May Face During Repair QuickBooks

There are some technical errors you may face during the repairing process of your QuickBooks accounting software. These errors can be unknown to you, such as you may see an error message on your display “Files In use” etc. But don’t worry you can fix it by applying these given steps:

  • First of all, click Ignore. And if a reboot message pops-up then click OK.
  • You might face this prompt again and again but you have to ignore it every time you will see the message. The repairing process of QuickBooks should continue.
  • Click on close if there is not any Ignore option.
  • Restart your system after the repairing process is completed.

If you see the error code 1628 and failed to complete the script based install then it is best to contact an IT expert or a specialist of Microsoft.

Other Ways To Repair QuickBooks

  • Download Quickbooks tool hub. We recommend you to download the most recent version (
  • Open the tool and select installation issues.
  • Now, select install Quickbooks Diagnostic tool. Reboot your system.
  • Update your windows manually. Restart your computer and if your installation wasn’t finished, install Quickbooks desktop again.
  • Your error must be removed by now and if not then manually fix the Windows component.
  • Take the help of an IT professional, or experts in repairing the Microsoft net framework and repair Microsoft MSXML.
  • You must use a safe mode to install Quickbooks. Third-party apps can create a problem in installing. If you’re still having issues, we recommend reaching out to an IT professional. These errors indicate there may be a general issue with Windows.

Final Note

We hope that now you can easily fix and repair your Quickbooks with ease. After trying all the above methods, if you are still unable to do so, call our toll-free QuickBooks Online support number to get instant help. You can also contact us if you have any other queries or issues related to Quickbooks.

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