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QuickBooks has been serving a large number of users all over the world with a sheer and feeling of satisfaction using advanced and innovative technology. It can easily solve the issue related to accounting and bookkeeping and provide an upper hand to the companies in their business administration. It happens when the QuickBooks Company Data file gets damaged or corrupt or inaccessible.

There are lots of causes that can affect the QuickBooks Company data file and make them corrupt. Some reasons that affect that Accounting application is a virus infection, improper system shutdown, mistakenly deletion of the company Data file of QuickBooks and more.

In the manner to repair a corrupt Company Data File you have two options, the first is that you can be using updated backup and the second is taking the help of third party applications. If you have an updated backup of the database then restore it. But how you will be going to solve the issue in QuickBooks as you may face some corrupted issue in QuickBooks. You can follow this blog or try to call at QuickBooks Error Support Number to get an easy solution.

Repair a damaged or corrupted QuickBooks Company Data File

QuickBooks Database gets damaged because of several reasons and therefore it needs to be repaired so that data can be accessed easily. All the solution which users can try to repair the QuickBooks database, there is a solution which can fix the damaged database of QuickBooks and that is using QuickBooks file Doctor. That is the best way to repair corrupt data and recover all important files. It works on a strong algorithm and provides an efficient repair of all financial and business information such as employees, vendors, and clients. This software is embedded with an interactive user interface which makes the repair more faster and easier and a strong algorithm to provide powerful recovery operations.

Some Causes of QuickBooks Database Corruption.

There are various reasons where the QuickBooks file becomes corrupt. Among them, some are user-related and some include other issues. You need to find out the corruption in QuickBooks Company files that will make you sure there is a Such problem and accordingly you can look for the Solution.

  • Unusual Shutdown: If you observe sudden Shutdown of QuickBooks when you try to save or delete transactions. One of the common reasons for QuickBook’s corruption is the improper shutdown which happens due to power loss when QuickBooks is open.
  • Due to memory corruption: QuickBooks is a memory-intensive application and therefore it should have much RAM with a minimum of 1 to 2 GB. But when there is not enough memory then it displays an error message and the database can get corrupt.
    • Many times PC freezes or crashes when QuickBooks is running. 
    • Power Problem.
    • Due to network error when the network connection fails.
    • Some times due to hard disk errors.

How to mending A QuickBooks Enterprise Data Corruption

  • Resort the inventory in the data file. Utilize the “Resort List” selection in the list menu to resort to the lists.
  • Rebuild the DataFile. Choose the File menu, picked Utilities and then choose “Rebuild Data”.
  •  Build a Portable Company data File and then restore the Portable Company DataFile. This process Reindexes the database and is one of the most efficient ways to overcome database fragments.
  • Control the Windows Fragmentation utility on the drive on which the QuickBooks data file is stored (example for server)


The QuickBooks File Repair Tool is the best Software to repair corrupted data with its advanced features:

  • It recovers all-important business data which are relevant to customers, vendors, staff, and services
  • It has the availability to preview all the recoverable data.
  • Provides all data and immediate repair of inaccessible or corrupted QuickBooks file
  • Supports QuickBooks version 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2015
  • It covers all QuickBooks File corruption errors
  • It provides a GUI interface
  • Has efficiency of automatic updating
  • Recovers all the stored data without affecting the original stored data
  • The software provides a streamlined recovery process

Decrease the risk of a QuickBooks Enterprise data corruption

We have previously discussed the risk of a large data file. The risk increases immediately once the file size reaches its potential. Do not utilize any wireless network to log into the QuickBooks data file. QuickBooks data file is extremely sensitive to unexpected disconnects. Wireless connections have a more prominent risk of connection interruption than connections utilizing an Ethernet cable. Consider this to be “arc nemesis” for your QuickBooks data file. General network maintenance and server requirements are also extremely important when establishing QuickBooks. Your server should be modernized with the appropriate requirements, after some years. (This is a major purpose many QuickBooks Enterprise customers transfers to the cloud).

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