When a new user decides to use the QuickBooks Desktop as its accounting software, he/she needs to go through a procedure of registration, and activation of QuickBooks. This will make the user allow to access QuickBooks. Today, in this article we have the topic, how to register or activate QuickBooks Desktop to the new version. So, if you are new to use QuickBooks then read the article till the end. This will make sure to you to use in a proper way.

Points to Remember Before Activating or Registering QuickBooks Desktop:

Here are some points mentioned in the below, which are necessary to know before activating the QuickBooks Desktop. Have a look;

  • First of all you need to look into the fact that your QuickBooks Desktop is activated or deactivated. To ensure this you can press the F2 key.
  • If it appears that your QuickBooks Desktop software is activated, then the user is ready for moving forward to the next steps and if you see that your QuickBooks software is not activated then you can follow the steps for activating your account.
  • Most of the users face a common problem of “Validation code error” while activating their QuickBooks Desktop software. To solve this error you need to correctly match the product number and license number and then can smoothly start the activation process.

How to Register QuickBooks Desktop

The registration, and activation process can be done a simple, and single procedure. Here is the procedure to register, and activate it.

  • The first and foremost step for starting your QuickBooks Desktop registration is to open the QuickBooks software and click the F2 key and check the Product information and look if the QuickBooks software for your account is activated or not.
  • If you see that the registration status of your QuickBooks Desktop is activated then you are good to go and don’t have to do anything.
  • If you see that the registration status of your QuickBooks Desktop is not activated then you have to carry out some steps to activate your account
  • Firstly close the “Product information” window to carry out the next steps.
  • Then look out for the help menu and click on the “Help” menu and you will see some options on your screen.
  • Click on “Activate QuickBooks” and give all the required information and click on “Begin Activation” and complete the activation process of your QuickBooks Desktop software.

Do Registration of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Users:

You can follow the following procedure, if you are a QuickBooks Desktop for Mac user.

  • For Mac users the first step towards QuickBooks Desktop activation is to open the QuickBooks Desktop software and click on the “Menu” button.
  • Then you will see that various options appeared on your screen. You will have to look out for the “Register QuickBooks” option and click on it.
  • A window will appear on your screen asking you to provide all the information like “License number” and “Product number”. Provide all the information and click on the “Next” button.
  • Then click on “Register Online” and complete your QuickBooks activation or registration.

Problems Faced During Registration or Activation:

  • When you enter all the information about the “License number” and “Product number” and click on the “Next” button, they don’t accept the information provided by you.
  • In such cases you should check if the information that you provided at the time of purchase matches with the information that you provided now.
  • Many users complain about facing black screen or an error message popping up or other technical problems, then you can uninstall or disable the antivirus present in the software and again reinstall it afterwards.

Causes of QuickBooks Registration error:

  • Sometimes QuickBooks registration error occurs due to slow internet connection while verifying registration data.
  • If the user is using a QuickBooks version that is out of print then the registration error occurs.
  • If the License number and Product number provided by the user does not match with the numbers present on the product package, then QuickBooks registration error occurs.
  • If the time and date on your computer screen is not correct, then QuickBooks error might occur.
  • A problem in Microsoft XML can also lead to QuickBooks activation error.

Important facts to check before fixing the problems:

  • Firstly you must verify that your QuickBooks is activated or not.
  • Then verify whether the license number and the product number is matching with the numbers present on the QuickBooks product package.
  • And in case of downloaded commodities, you must check the purchase confirmation mail that you received from QuickBooks.
  • You should also check that the time and date displayed on your Windows screen is correct or not.

Procedure to Resolve QuickBooks Activation error:

  • Firstly you should assemble the “Windows firewall”. If you are using a third-party firewall and a third-party antivirus application, then modify the settings of such applications to permit the QuickBooks Desktop software to access your system properly.
  • Then you should assign body rights to your account. You should assign executive rights to the user and also select the Administrator from the accounts sort section. And again sign up on windows.
  • If you still face problems while activating QuickBooks when making an Administrator account in windows, then you should try to carry out the troubleshooting steps.
  • You can also take help from the  QuickBooks file doctor to fix the error that you face while activating QuickBooks Desktop software
  • You have to register Microsoft XML files. To remove Microsoft XML error you can follow the following steps:-

i) For a 64-bit operating system, type “cmd” in the search menu and select “Run as Administrator” and then enter “cd\windows\syswow64”. And then type “regsvr32 MSXML6.dll” and hit enter.

ii) For a 32-bit operating system, type “cmd” in the search menu and hit enter. And then type “regsvr32 MSXML6.dll” and hit enter.

iii) You can repair or reinstall the Microsoft XML in your computer to fix the error that appears during activation or registration of the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Final Worlds

We hope, now you can register, and activate the QuickBooks Desktop easily by own self. Just follow all the steps carefully, and beware of the registration error reason, so that you will not face the registration and activation error code. We will recommend following all the steps carefully, by not skipping a single step. You can drop a call to us if in case, you need any help from Uberaudit through the QuickBooks experts.  

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