QuickBooks is accounting software that is brought to the market by Intuit Incorporation. As the software is suitable for all business types, it is well acknowledged in the market. The application promises services such as Payroll, invoices, recording transactions, etcetera to its users. Also, it comprises another great program called the QuickBooks Web Connector.

The QuickBooks Web Connector is a Microsoft window application that deals with the exchange of data from QuickBooks accounting software and also from the QuickBooks Point of sale. You can install a web connector on the same machine on which QuickBooks installed. Additionally, this can be used by any of the QuickBooks product.

Before we move any further, we will provide the information on what the QuickBooks Web Connector is in detail to help you understand.

What Is The QuickBooks Web Connector?

Basically, QBWC is a mediator application that permits the passing of QuickBooks XML as well as QuickBooks Point Of Sale XML through a web-based application. With this software, the communication between the web-based application and the user is scheduled automatically or by the suitability of the user.

The application is supported by various QuickBooks versions. Such as QB Desktop Enterprise, Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Point of sale V13.0.

The QuickBooks Web Connector File

The first act while establishing the relationship between the application and a quick example of QuickBooks is creating a QWC file. This file consists of specified information about your application, the requirements of both you and itself.

The Create QWC File method creates a QWC file that is necessary to be generated for each user of your application. The minimum amount of features required are mentioned further.

App Description – Brief description of the application.

AppName – Application name.

AppSupport URL – The URL where users support your product.

AppURL – The URL of your web application.

FileId – The GUID as an extension of company records is stored with QuickBooks with OwnerId.

OwnerId – The GUID that identifies your application.

User – Your user must use a name to access your web service.

The QuickBooks Web Connector Supported Products:-

QuickBooks Web Connector version can be used with many QuickBooks products supported with QuickBooks SDK or the QuickBooks POS SDK. Some of them are as given below.

  • Some U.S editions of Quickbooks financial software product 
  • The QuickBooks Enterprises Solution
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QB Premier
  • QuickBooks Simple start
  • QuickBooks Point Of Sale v4.0
  • This QBWC is also supported by the Canadian editions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprises. 
  • QBWC can support by some UK editions of Quickbooks  pro as well as Accountant edition

QuickBooks Web Connector This is the upgraded version of the Web connector. This upgraded version and the newer version supports TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2. If we talk about its support with the QuickBooks Product, then it will be supported by some QuickBooks Product like-

  • Some U.S editions of Quickbooks Financial software.
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • The QuickBooks Enterprises solutions
  • other is QuickBooks pro
  • Some UK edition of QuickBooks also supports this extended version of QuickBooks.
  • The Canadian edition was also supporting this updated version of QuickBooks.

The company provides a free download of this QuickBooks Web Connector by which the user can easily download the QuickBooks Web Connector. Developers can give the reference of this free download page.

For any technical support, you can see the programmer’s guide, which you can find at the installation of the desktop SDK.

How To Install All The Versions Of QuickBooks Web Connector?


  • The size of this version on your disk is around 75.92 MB.
  • You can download it, unzip the file, and install the QuickBooks Web Connector. 
  • In this release, there is a reduced number of bugs.

For Installation:-

  • Make a temporary directory or you can use C drive as your temporary drive.
  • Unzip the file that you download and copy the 3 files that are present into the unzipped file to the directory that you made.
  • Open your temporary directory.
  • There you find a QB Web Connector Installer.exe file which you have to make a right-click on it and select Run as admin to install.


  • The size of this version on your disk is almost 75.7MB.
  • If the user has manually installed Web Connector versions 2.1.x.x, 2.2.0.x, 2.3.0.x on their machines, then they have to first delete these before the installation of version


  • The size of this version on your disk is around 79.8 MB.


  • This version has been removed by the company because It contains a bug that allows the program for an autorun of 100 minutes.


  • The size of this version on the disk is 80.8MB.

How To Uninstall The QBWC?

  • First, open the Run Window prompt by clicking Window + R.
  • Now, type Control Panel and click open it.
  • Select the Uninstall the Program option.
  • Next, find the QuickBooks Web Connector and click on the uninstall button. 

How To Add Another Application To The Web Connector?

  • First, open your web connector.
  • Then, click on the Add Application.
  • Go to the third-party application’s .qwc file.
  • After that, you have to select the .qwc file and open it.

How To Prevent QBWC When Opening The Computer?

In case you are not using the QuickBooks Web Connector and wish to remove this from the windows startup folder to avoid autorun, remove the shortcut. By doing this, you will be able disable the applications linked with the QBWC.

Following are the steps to prevent the autorun on your system.

  • For the users of Windows 10 and 8-
    • Press the Window+R key to open the run prompt. 
    • Then type Shell: Startup into it.
    • And press OK.
  • For Windows 7 users-
    • Click on the Start Button and select All Programs.
    • From the All program list, select Startup.
    • Make a right-click on QuickBooks Web Connector and press delete.
    • When the system again asks you to delete the Quickbooks Web Connector, you have to press delete. 

Web Connector Responses

When you get a response from the web connector,

Check for any errors and manage them appropriately Store the QuickBooks list ID, TxnID or full name element returned for use in future requests.

How long can I spend processing QuickBooks responses?

Web Connector Built-in, hard-coded (at least as far as I know) 2 minutes from the time of sending the response, until the response arrives. This means that when QuickBooks sends you a response, you have exactly 2 minutes to receive data via HTTP, _AND_ to process that response. If it takes longer than this, the web connector will give you an error indicating timed out and connection timed out.

It is not uncommon to encounter this time limit when a large number of records are transferred and/or processed from the customer or invoice or so on. It should execute your request using iterators. To process small, fast parts to break down the reaction. Another option is to run the processing in the background as a separate thread. (Or enabled with PHP shutdown function or as a forked process or as a separate process, etc.)

You can find some examples of using iterations in qbXML requests on the QuickBooks qbXML example page.

Does The Web Connector Require A Separate License/QuickBooks User?

No, it does not count as a dedicated QuickBooks user. So, you can still use the Web Connector even if you have a single-user license. Multi-user support in QuickBooks allows multiple users to access the same QuickBooks company data file LAN (or on the same PC at the same time). In Enterprise Edition, you can also set different permissions for different users.

Final Note

In the article, we have discussed the QuickBooks Web Connector and covered different areas such as its versions and installation. We hope the information given was of help and you were able to understand it and use it to your benefit. However, if you still require more details on the subject, kindly contact us through the toll-free number and get in touch with customer support. Our team of experts and ProAdvisor are available 24*7 to guide you through everything. Also, you can contact us for any queries related to QuickBooks.

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