QuickBooks Web Connector plays the role of mediator application that allows QuickBooks XML as well as QuickBooks Point Of Sale XML to pass through a web-based application. In this software, the communication between the user and the web-based application is automatically scheduled. When we add a web service to the list of web services by which the QuickBooks Web Connector communicates with the user is much easier than to download a file.

QBWC is a Microsoft window application that deals with the exchanging of data from QuickBooks Financial software and also from the QuickBooks Point of sale. You can install a web connector on the same machine on which QuickBooks installed. QuickBooks Web connector can be used by any product of the QuickBooks.

Read this blog to the Last and follow all the given steps. If you face some difficulty related to the QuickBooks Web Connector. You can easily make contact with our customer care executive and consult with them regarding your Query and they assist you as much as you want. The company also provided its customer care helpline number by which you can ask about your issues to the QuickBooks Technical Expert.  

QuickBooks Web Connector supported products:-

QuickBooks Web Connector version can be used with many QuickBooks Product supported with QuickBooks SDK or the QuickBooks POS SDK and some of them are as given below:-

  • Some U.S editions of Quickbooks financial software product 
  • The QuickBooks Enterprises Solution
  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QB Premier
  • QuickBooks Simple start
  • QuickBooks Point Of Sale v4.0
  • This QBWC is also supported by the Canadian editions of QuickBooks pro premier enterprises. 
  • QBWC can support by some UK editions of Quickbooks  pro as well as Accountant edition

QuickBooks Web Connector This is the upgraded version of QuickBooks Web connector. This upgraded version and the newer version supports TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2. If we talk about its support with the QuickBooks Product then it will be supported by some QuickBooks Product like:-

  • Some U.S editions of Quickbooks Financial software.
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • The QuickBooks Enterprises solutions
  • other is QuickBooks pro
  • Some UK edition of QuickBooks also supports this extended version of QuickBooks.
  • The Canadian edition was also supporting this updated version of QuickBooks.

The company provided a free download of this QuickBooks Web Connector by which the user can easily download the QuickBooks Web Connector. Developers can give the reference of this free download page by which they can easily download and use the QuickBooks Web Connector.

For any technical support, you can see the programmer’s guide, which you can find at the installation of the desktop SDK.

How we can install all the versions of QuickBooks Web Connector:-

According to my knowledge, there are many versions of QBWC some of them were are as follows. In this, we are discussing how we can download, install these versions of QBWC. Now let’s get started:-

  • Version 
  • The size of this version on your disk is around 75.92 MB.
  • You can download it, unzip the file, and install the QuickBooks Web Connector. 
  • In this release of the version, it reduces the number of bugs.

For Installation:-

  • Make a temporary directory or you can use C drive as your temporary drive.
  • Unzip the file that you download and copy the 3 files that are present into the unzipped file to the directory that you made.
  • Open your temporary directory.
  • There you find a QBWebConnectorInstaller.exe file which you have to make a right-click on it and select “Run as admin” to install.
  • Version
  • The size of this version on your disk is almost 75.7MB.
  • If the user has the manually installed Web Connector versions 2.1.x.x, 2.2.0.x, 2.3.0.x having on their machines then they have to first delete these before installation of the version
  • Version
  • The size of this version on your disk is around 79.8 MB.
  • Version
  • This version has its own fact that this version is removed by the company because It contains a bug that allows the program for an autorun of 100 minutes.
  •  Version
  • The size of this version into the disk is 80.8MB.

How Can We Uninstall the QuickBooks Web Connector:-

  • First, we have to open the Run Window prompt by clicking (Window+R).
  • Here you have to type a control panel by which you can open the Control panel.
  • Select the option ‘Uninstall the Program’.
  • In this, you have to find out the QuickBooks Web Connector and click onto the uninstall button. 
  • Then you find that your QBWC has been uninstalled successfully.

How can we add another application to the Web connector:-

  • Open your web connector, click on the Add Application.
  • Go to the third-party application’s .qwc file.
  • After that, you have to select that .qwc file and open that file.

How can we prevent QuickBooks Web connector when we open the computer:-

Suppose you are not using the QuickBooks Web Connector and wanted to remove this from your windows startup folder to prevent the autorun when you open your computer. Removing the shortcut of this you can disable those applications which were linked with QBWC. Here are some steps by which we can easily prevent this  QBWC autorun.

  • Open the Startup folder.
    • For the users of Windows 10 and 8.
    • Press Window+R key to open the run prompt. 
    • Then type Shell: Startup into it.
    • And press OK.
  • For Windows 7 users:-
    • Click on to the Start Button and select All Programs.
    • All program list select Startup.
    • Make a right-click on QuickBooks Web Connector and press delete.
    • The system again asks you to delete the Quickbooks Web Connector you have to press delete. 


In this blog, we discuss QuickBooks Web Connector and the different QBWC versions, and also we cover the installation part of the QuickBooks. After covering all the topics if you have any doubts, any query, you are free to ask with our customer care advisor and take their advice related to your query. The company also provides different contacting modes like Chat, calls email, etc. customer care advisor gave you an instant reply with an instant solution. 

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