Do you wish to know who wins the match of QuickBooks vs Wave? We are well aware that Quickbooks and Wave are both incredible accounting software. So each one of them offers the best features according to their plans. Quickbooks is a full-fledged accounting software including inventory management,1099 reporting, and other essential and useful features whereas Wave is free of cost to an extent. In Wave, from payment processing to online invoicing, you have to pay nothing. On the other hand, QuickBooks Online comes with different plans. They start from $15 to $150. It also offers a 30 days trial period, with different charges applied to different plans. Wave charges 1% within every payment it proceeds.

So, if you are a freelancer or a small business holder who doesn’t have big pockets and just wants essential features you should go for Wave. But if you need more and advanced features you should go for Quickbooks. Keep reading for detailed information and make the best decision for yourself.

Basics: QuickBooks vs Wave

Small business accounting software helps you track income and expenses. The ideal Accounting Software is a product that can address your company’s needs. Wave and QuickBooks are scored 9.1 and 9.4 respectively, for general quality and performance. However, Waves and QuickBooks have user satisfaction ratings of 99% and 96% respectively, which suggest the general feedback from the customers.


We are here for QuickBooks vs Wave. To begin with, QuickBooks Online is accounting software that helps you manage all your stuff on a single platform. It helps you in organizing your balance sheets, charts, profiles, maintaining records, and many more in a single click and also manages all records itself and any of you can see at one click. Further, QuickBooks is available in different modes for desktop and online.

This accounting solution is suitable for any type of small ventures, startups, and many other independent accounting firms. So with the help of this online software, an individual can cut down the time spent on the accounting task and can increase concentration on productivity.

The biggest benefit of this tool is how it combines all of the essential accounts tools on a single platform. Additionally, this platform gives solutions like profit and loss reporting, invoice customization and bill payment, etc. It also offers you to work with third-party integrations.


Wave is free cloud-based software that offers additional features with a monthly subscription fee. It purely focuses on providing a complete small business solution to small business owners. But the good thing about this software is that it is totally free for use.

Wave provides you similar experience which others have from QuickBooks as it provides you with creating invoices, bill payments, and financial statements in no time. Wave also provides you with features like bank reconciliation. So with this feature, people can link their bank accounts, PayPal accounts for real-time transaction records. However, Wave has its own strength and weakness, have a look- 


  • Almost no cost for most services.
  • User experience, access for multiple users.
  • Positive customer’s response.


  • Difficulties for scaling up for large business needs or inability to explore more.
  • Don’t track the real-time process and work procedure.
  • No art of inventory management and other stuff that is more beneficial to do stuff online is not available.

Pricing: QuickBooks VS Wave


QuickBooks offers five pricing plans with a monthly subscription. All plans include customer support, integration with apps you already use, and a secure bank connection. Discounts are regularly offered(currently they offer 50% off for 3 months) or a free 30-day trial you can avail anyone.


Self-employed – $15/month

Small business

Simple start – $12/month

Essentials – $20/month

Plus – $35/month


The small business plan comes with an add-on option for enhanced payroll or a full-service payroll solution at a separate cost.


This accounting software is basically free but it charges for some additional features. Here is the detail of the basic pricing of Wave-

Accounting- Free

Invoicing- Free

Receipt Scanning- Free

Payroll- $20/monthly +4 per each additional employee

+4 per each additional contractor

Payments- credit card- 2.9%+ 30c 

Bank payments- 1% (minimum $1)

ProAdvisor- $79/monthly(provides live coaching, email support and much more)

Features: QuickBooks VS Wave


  • Uses for managing bills.
  • It can monitor income.
  • Expense tracking.
  • Helps in creating and sending invoices.
  • Receive payments.
  • Manage contractors.
  • Evaluate the time.
  • Creates an account for inventory.
  • Helps in creating customized reports.
  • Ability to track sales and sales tax.
  • Allows sending estimates.
  • Great tax deductions.
  • Track projects.


  • Preparing bills and Invoices.
  • Provides real-time double-entry accounting.
  • Investment tracking.
  • Prepare financial reports.
  • Accept all major credit cards.
  • Accepts multi-currency.
  • Creates professional reports.,
  • Seamless invoicing & payroll.
  • Option for personal finance tracking.
  • Fully integrated single login solution.
  • It offers personal budgeting tools.
  • Customizable sales taxes.
  • Generates automatic reports.
  • It creates a profit and loss statement.
  • You can easily scan the receipt.
  • Already built-in payroll.
  • Tracks expenses.
  • Shows real-time status.
  • Automatically calculate the exchange rate.
  • An automatic data backup tool.

Which is Better: QuickBooks vs Wave?

As we have already discussed the basic details about both the software so now it is time to get some clear points for QuickBooks vs Wave. After reading these key point comparisons you will be able to select the proper system to use in your business.

Wave Is Pocket Friendly:

In a comparison of features, the Wave takes the best opportunities. This software makes its profitable money by payment processing, payroll, and professional bookkeeping. It supports you well if you have a tight budget.

Wave Offers A Quick And Easy Set Up:

You don’t need to get a trial or demo to get started. You can simply create your free account and start using it in no time. Hence, set up your business in no time and see yourself getting success.

Wave Is Built For 1-9 Employees:

In Wave, you can build your business with 1-9 employees. However, Quickbooks doesn’t offer you this.

Wave Is Easy To Use:

Wave supports the ease of the use of categories. It requires less tech knowledge and supports fewer foundations. On the other hand, you require training and proper learning to handle Quickbooks affairs. It doesn’t require any kind of tech background and there is no requirement for any special skills. Hence ease of use becomes the biggest parameter for one to choose this.

QuickBooks Works On Linux And Android:

Quickbooks software is available on devices that support Linux or Android. Whereas Wave is not friendly with either one of them it only works on Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and web-based, and Quickbooks work on all of them.

QuickBooks Accounting Is Better:

In terms of accounting, QuickBooks works well. As it offers more reports and better cash-basis accounting capabilities.

QuickBooks Provides More Features:

When it comes to comparison on the basis of features, QuickBooks takes the lead. It gives the quality and depth of every available feature. QuickBooks Online also offers several features that Wave doesn’t, including budgeting, inventory, class tracking, packing slips, and the ability to print check it also supports one light model for e-commerce named the checkouts.

QuickBooks Has Mobile Support:

In this Quickbooks support feature and mobile use, QuickBooks play an important role in these sections making itself ahead from the Wave.

Quickbooks Users And Permissions Are Better:

QuickBooks Online is better. It supports a maximum of 10 users at a time which varies according to the pricing and plans you are choosing. It also supports strong user permissions. The Wave is designed for the business owner. All the above are the most important factors used and searched by the individuals who are going or planning to use the online accounting feature.


Now we have compared the pricing, features, and key factors of Wave vs Quickbooks. And after describing all the features of both accounting software we came to the point that if you are a self-employed freelancer or you are running a small business Wave is the best to pick for you as it is Free and provides all essential features to manage your accounting, whereas QuickBooks is used in all size of business. You should go for Quickbooks if you are planning to have a bigger business or want a more comprehensive accounting solution. However, it all depends upon your needs which the software fulfills in the end.

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