QuickBooks Script Error

When a QuickBooks user performs an action in QuickBooks which wants the relationship to the web. Certain features connect with QuickBooks servers to render output or execute a function. While QuickBooks is unable to fulfill the function then script error arises in QuickBooks. Script Error is a very complex error you may encounter while opening your file. Script error presents no data about the problem and performs a piece of error information that can’t be definitely recognized. If you are annoyed with such type of difficult script error which you can not solve then here we added some troubleshooting tricks that you can follow to get removed of such errors in QuickBooks. Ahead with the troubleshooting directions, we have also listed a specific description of Script error in QuickBooks and its causes, so follow the complete rules until the end to terminate this error.

What causes of Quickbooks Script Error?

Script Error happens by the settings inside your computer browser as you already know that the QuickBooks manages the internet explorer browser to perform all the web pages. It gives an error stating An error occurred on the script of the page this errors in QuickBooks are frequently related to Internet Explorer, and by default, QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer’s environments to connect with the internet. Whereas JavaScript or VisualBasic Script is performing any installation issue or if internet explorer is can’t execute these scripting languages then script error appears in QuickBooks application screen and reveals an error message “QuickBooks Script Error Unable To Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference”. Yet, resolving this error does not need enormous troubleshooting and can easily be improved by resetting Internet Explorer’s settings.

Remember: You may notice different Line, Char, and URL in the pop-up box.

Sign to identify the Script Error in QuickBooks

  • Script error unable to get assets
  • Error while signing into your QuickBooks Account using net-explorer or any other explorer
  • Script error at the same time as uploading bank feeds from banking internet site in QuickBooks
  • Windows freeze whilst you try to check-in
  • Slow overall performance of your computer
  • Script errors are undefined
  • Method time out error message while opening QuickBooks online

Troubleshoot Script Error in QuickBooks


  1. Open Internet Explorer and from under the Settings go to the Security tab.
  2. Sites section add Intuit.com as your website and go back to the Sites window.
  3. Now unmark Require server verification (https:) option.
  4. Exit the Trusted Sites window and unmark the Enable Protected Mode option.
  5. Exit from the Internet Explorer and attempt to run QuickBooks Desktop.


  1. In the settings of Internet Explorer go to the Browsing History.
  2. Delete—>history,cookies,temporary internet files.
  3. Delete.
  4. Apply & OK.


  1. Navigate on Internet Options in your browser.
  2. Now take your mouse on browser setting and find Add-ons section and manage them
  3. Hit on the click add-on and select Disable from the bottom side.
  4. Now Finally OK & exit from the panel.


  1. Go top of Internet Explorer and then select Internet Options.
  2. Move your cursor on the Content tab, click on the Clear SSL State button.
  3. Then click OK.


  1. Programs tab in explorer setting.
  2. Click the Make Default button and checkmark the Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser option.

An error occurs while importing

  1. open internet explorer and then Search tools menu.
  2. if you couldn’t get tools option, then just hold Alt key. Now protected menu options will visible on your screen.
  3. Navigate on Internet Options in your browser.
  4. Advanced Tab
  5. Clearly display a notification regarding each script error.
  6. At last, click OK.

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