If QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working in Window” or “unable to scheduling a local backup in QuickBooks Online, including a few QuickBooks online local backup errors, you can fix all these issues without taking any professional help. If you face such type of problem then what will you do then do be panic about your files? I know that you don’t want to lose your important financial records because they are very important but in this competitive world we are too busy to compete to grow and there might be some chances that we can forget to back up these files. But as I said do not get stressed you can schedule QuickBooks to automatically back up your files. In this article, we are covering each and every piece of information related to scheduled backup in QuickBooks.

Let’s know about some of the simpler causes, and have tried to know the reason behind the backup failure. The content of this article is related to an internal backup process of QuickBooks Desktop.

Various QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Errors:

  • File Name Too Long:- If your name of the file is more than 65 words then you face this error in this there is a character limit of not more than 65 characters.
  • File Path Too Long:- The root drive path can be stored easily. If your file is under sub-directory-of-a-sub-directory, of-a-sub-directory-of-a sub-directory within a directory then it will show such type of error.
  • File Too Big:- If you want a backup of more than 3 GB in size.
  • Improper Drive or Insufficient Access Rights:- If you ever try to make your backup in a directory under the root drive of your computer. You can make the cut and paste it to your PC’s desired storage location. Even if you can do it on “my cloud drive”
  • Preference Setting Conflict:- To resolve this issue you can turn off the preference to “keep QuickBooks running”. The backup until the end, never actually finishes, due to that “a .tmp” file is usually created in the QuickBooks directory.
  • User Name Conflict:- Due to an improper configuration with the User Name and Password entered. It is not an issue with QuickBooks Username and Password. Error occurrence caused by Windows User Name and Password for the computer where the backup is being run.
  • QuickBooks Hosting Conflict:- If the hosting is enabled for multi-user setup then sometimes it shows such type of conflict.  If you want to run the scheduled backup then you have to find a local host for this process.
  • Application Conflict:- The reason behind this type of problem occurring after installing a later version of QuickBooks on your computer, some earlier versions will face some problems related to AutoBackup.EXE or scheduled backup.
  • Unavailability QuickBooks Database Server Manager:- due to the unavailability of QuickBooks Database Server Manager you can’t work properly from the workstation.

Scheduled backups problem which is occurred in Windows 10 after upgrading to the latest Creators Update, 1709.

Reason: QuickBooks is a setting a Configure for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000″. When you create a backup schedule in QuickBooks, the task is created under the schedule. If you are installing Windows 10 Creators Update 1709 then the backup task shows failure.

Follow the step shown below to fix the issue :

  • Manually change the Configure for window 10
  • the task is created by QuickBooks
  • Setting required to get the task to work
  • Backups are working from when the schedule was created successfully in QuickBooks.
  • Find the OS and do some modifications with this setting accordingly when creating the task.


  • Go to General setting> “Configure for:”(in the bottom set)
  • You will see the various options such as Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000. This shows an error (Task Scheduler) popup with the window 10
  • In window 10 > “Configure for:”>select Window 10 setup > click ok

Setup of automatic, Scheduled and reminder of backup:-

Backups are important for the creation of good and safe data protection from error. 

Automatic backups setup:

  1. Click on the File menu and select Save Copy or Back Up. 
  2. Select Backup Copy and click Next.
  3. Click on the options to set your backup defaults and then press next
  4. Select Change Location or Use this location.
  5. Click Next
  6. Click on the Save it now button and schedule for future backups (And Press Next)
  7. Save your backup copy automatically when You close your company files every time from the box.
  8. Click finish

Scheduled backups setup:

  1. Reach out to the File menu.
  2. And click on Save Copy or Backup option.
  3. Choose Backup Copy and hit Next.
  4. Choose the option to set your backup defaults then click on Next
  5. Click on the schedule of future backups then click next.
  6. Backup on a schedule section of the window Then click new.
  7. Fill in the description for scheduled backup
  8. Click on the Browse menu to choose the folder (do not use CD-ROM)
  9. Now click the checkbox to Number of backups copies you want to keep 
  10. Click on store password to open the store windows password.
  11. Select the time interval for Backup at your convenience.
  12. Click Ok and then hit finish.

Backup reminders

  1. Reach out to the File menu and select Save Copy or BackUp option.
  2. Select Backup copy>Next>Option
  3. Select the Memory location (where you want to save your data)
  4. Create a reminder to remind you to back up when closing data every time and approve it.
  5. Add the date and time of the backup in the file name.
  6. Hit OK and you are done.

How to Re-create the backup schedule?

Solution 1 Create backup again

  1. Click on the File menu and then select the backup company then click on to create the local backup.
  2. Choose the local backup and then hit next
  3. Only schedule the future backups and press Next
  4. Click on the new option.
  5. Add a description, location and set the number of backup copies you want to keep
  6. Select date and time
  7. save your Password
  8. Click Ok and then Finish

Solution 2 Change directory.

Solution 3 Rename your QuickBooks Desktop company file


We hope this blog helps you to resolve all your issues, queries for QuickBooks Scheduled Backup in the window. So we hope that now your ‘QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working in Window’ problem is solved after reading and following the instructions provided in the article. And get back to your QuickBooks company files and work effortlessly.

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