What is QuickBooks QBDataServiceUser and why should I need it. Is it really required? If such types of questions are coming to your mind when you use QuickBooks. This article will help you to get all the information and the right decision. Read this post to know everything you want to know about. 

QuickBooks QBDataServiceUser: Everything you need to know

From 2006, QuickBooks creates a technical change in the database system to use a SQL-based system called SQL Anywhere, from Sybase. Developers can use to manage their database by limiting direct access with the help of an embedded database system. Basically, it is a collection of programs that help to give safe security to perform database management. The QBDataServiceUser is also working on the same principle.

For small and medium-sized businesses QuickBooks online is one of the best accounting software in the world. It deals with small to large knowledge about accounting and transaction details. QuickBooks connect to software like PayPal, because of that user can easily access business analytics and credit score benefits.


Sometimes people say or old users, get a query from a security-conscious client. They found a user account that mysteriously appears, called QBDataServiceUser. It may some number or name. 

If you see the system configuration, on which 2010 installed. You can easily find the QuickBooks database “service” running. QuickBooks required because it gives every command in less time

The configuration depends upon multiple user accounts if you have been upgrading your copy of QuickBooks periodically. If you have updated the system or QuickBooks then it shows QBDataServiceUser, QBDataServiceUser 17, QBDataServiceUser 18 for  2006, 2007, and 2008 respectively. 

Why Does this account is so important?

QuickBooks accounting software program helps to manage sales (expenses) and detail to keep tracking the daily business transactions. With the help of QuickBooks, you can run the software in two “modes”- single user or multiple users.  If your selection is off multiple users then QuickBooks will create a new Windows user account. Then, start a separate copy of the database manager as a Windows service.

The QBDataServiceUser account is created to provide a separate database manager service. It also allows providing service, if any user login into that particular Windows system. You need to find out the workstation or server that is hosting the database. But it is important that only one computer is acting as the host. It is easy to get a user account set up in Windows by software, manage a database product or a service. In Microsoft, setting up an ASP.NET user account providing administrative access to your computer. A limited user account setup gives the best security help. 

QuickBooks benefit, which gives you the answer to Why Do I need it?

QuickBooks is an application, where the business is used to keep the transactions record of salary for the employees and more.

Some area where QuickBooks(QB) is very effective.

Invoicing: In this, every transaction and money flow can be recalled in a quick view.

Reports: Exact benefit loss and comparison with the previous month can be seen in QBs.

Taxes: How much amount decreases in taxes and total tax detail can be calculated?

Payroll: It shows the overall detail of business profit, loss, and taxes.

Key Features of QuickBooks:

  • Inventory Management
  • Online Banking Integration
  • Multi-User login & Role-based access
  • Taxation Management
  • Banking Integration

Specifications of QuickBooks

  • Deployment – Web Base
  • Payment – SAAS
  • API – Yes
  • Mobile Support – Yes
  • Mobile App – Yes

Now, you are thinking about what will I do after buying it? If you are a businessman and you are facing problems in the calculation of your daily, weekly, or monthly transaction. Then Need for Quickbooks is more. Yes, QBs is made for you, because it gives accuracy to business. You can also get the details on the mobile.

Is This Account A Security Risk?

This question is a common question, Normal for services like Microsoft Windows no security risk. Because a limited user has permissions. The account in QBs does not have administrative privileges.

How to remove This Account?

Yes, you can remove this account but generally, you shouldn’t. If your Computer is the “host” for your QuickBooks database then you needed a user account and running service to provide multi-user access. You can delete the account manually whenever you want. But QuickBooks will create it again when you will turn on the multiuser mode.

In case you have installed upgrades to QuickBooks over the years there could be a user account and folder for each upgrade you are installed. If you want to uninstall an older copy of QuickBooks that you no longer need, QuickBooks Should Remove the unneeded user Account. In some cases you may find additional folders, if you install, uninstall and reinstall the same edition multiple times. In this case, you can delete the lowest-numbered folders, leaving the highest numbered one in place.

What is the correct way to set up the password for network users in QuickBooks?

Don’t worry you can reset your password easily. Win7 > Control Panel > Users and just set a new password for the QBDataServiceUser. But this password is not permanently successful. For a permanent password, you have to use QB menus. You can use QuickBooks anywhere at any place. 


We have discussed all QuickBooks QBDataServiceUser and why is it important. If you have any issues related to the information provided above you can contact us on our toll-free QuickBooks Online support number +1-888-850-3930 to get instant help.

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