QuickBooks Pro vs Premier

QuickBooks Software provides you assistance for accounting, related operational procedure, and bookkeeping. The accounting requirements of small and medium-sized businesses are taken care of  QuickBooks which is a cloud accounting software. There are different versions that are provided by the QuickBooks software which are QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Point Of Sale, and QuickBooks for MAC. But, this article mainly focuses on QuickBooks Pro vs Premier. There are features and benefits, and common features in both of them.

If anyone has just started their own business. And, they are looking for the best and unique accounting features for their business. Then, we suggest you take the QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Pro vs Premier

QuickBooks Pro:

QuickBooks Pro can keep record of sales and gives financial reporting. And, it is basically designed to take care of businesses and companies. QuickBooks Pro is a complete solution of accounting.

The basic requirements of accounting features are provided by the QuickBooks Pro for small and medium sized businesses. Because of its amazing features, QuickBooks Pro is best fit software for business which does not need any extra or advanced inventory characteristics like tracking inventory at different locations, also who require less than five QuickBooks users

Features of QuickBooks Pro

All the required features such as recording banking transactions, managing accounts payable, creating invoices, and generating financial statements which are provided by QuickBooks Pro. These all features with simple accounting requirements makes QuickBooks Pro best in small businesses.

Also, there are some industry particular features which QuickBooks Pro does not include in its software such as, managing unbilled time by client and inventory tracking. And, it has data use limitations. Maximum 15,000 customers, vendors, and employees together can be mentioned in QuickBooks Pro. Also, it can take up to 10,000 records of each other areas such as fixed assets and the chart of accounts. The software performance can be slowed down, and make sure when you get closer to these limits. All over, QuickBooks Enterprise authenticates up to 1 million customers, vendors, and employees together.

Pricing of QuickBooks Pro

There are two varieties in QuickBooks Pro which are Pro and Pro Plus, Pro cost of $299.95. And, for the first 30 days, you can get tech support and a one-time fee only. Pro Plus costs $299.95/year and gets unlimited technical support, upgrades to current versions of each year, and data backups.


For a manufacturing business which requires to create a bill of materials, QuickBooks Pro is not a good fit software for being limited to the three users. Also, with QuickBooks Pro, you cannot create sales orders. When it is capable of creating a bill of materials and sales orders in business to business sellers for inventory or custom products which might get QuickBooks Premier.

Reviews of QuickBooks Pro

We got reviews from QuickBooks users that QuickBooks Pro is intuitive and relatively straightforward for use. In creating and sending invoices, one user praised QuickBooks  Pro for easy to use. But, it can also be difficult when pointed out for learning. And, the users of QuickBooks Pro comment that desktop editions become out of date after three years.

QuickBooks Premier:

For an on-premise accounting solution, QuickBooks Premier is created which provides authentication for their users to pay bills on time, print checks, and keep track of expenses.

Manufacturing and wholesale, retail, professional services, contractors, and non-profit are the reports for five industries and industry particular tools offered by QuickBooks Premier. Using a general business option, QuickBooks Premier can be configured if you do not want these industry particular features. In QuickBooks Pro, these industry particular versions involves a personalized chart of accounts list, products and services lists, and reports which you will not get.

If you work on one of these companies because it is customized to meet your specific business requirements then QuickBooks Premier is the best option. You can normally spend time customizing the software and save your precious time.

Features of QuickBooks Premier

All the characteristics of QuickBooks Pro are also contained by the QuickBooks Premier. The forecasting, inventory, and industry particular tools and reports makes QuickBooks Premier different. For example, QuickBooks set multiple price levels, can create sales orders, and run reports by department and location. By jobs and reports, the contractor version can keep track of revenue and expense compared to the actual figures.

In different units of measure or create sales orders, if you want to track products for your business to business salers. You should choose QuickBooks Premier. Because QuickBooks Pro does not have all these extra features.

Pricing of QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier has two versions: a Premier and a Premier Plus version like QuickBooks Pro. For QuickBooks Premier, you have to pay $499.95 to get on license for using the software of desktop indefinitely and it also includes for the first 30 days technical support. It also has an annual subscription of Premier Plus starting from $499.95 that includes data backup, unlimited support technical care, and updates to the current released version of current year.

At $499.95/license, you can purchase up to four additional licenses. For many users, QuickBooks also offers discounts, you can get an additional license at less price than the full price. In case, if more than five users want to authenticate the QuickBooks then, you have to buy QuickBooks Enterprise Software, which gives authentication to 30 users.


QuickBooks Premier cannot handle more data in comparison to QuickBooks Enterprise, and it has limitations of five users. QuickBooks Enterprise can take care of up to one million users, vendors, and employees. But in QuickBooks Premier, you can handle up to 14,500 customers, vendors, and employees. The Large consolidated companies need parent and subsidiary reporting which QuickBooks Premier cannot handle. And, you can use these features of parent and subsidiary in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Reviews of QuickBooks Premier

The users of QuickBooks say that it’s a great tool for handling their business finances. and , for construction projects, at least one person praised the ability of the program to create detailed cost estimates. But sometimes, the process automated backup shuts. 

The Common Features of QuickBooks Pro vs Premier

  • They both can track international expenses and sales in different currencies.
  • You can view all your customer’s data at one place in both the editions.
  • Through pro and premier versions, the unpaid vendor bills information can be seen.
  • To track the sales, manage taxes & sales, and check payment of customers by the facility offered by QuickBooks Pro and Premier.
  • Through debit card, credit card, and ACH Bank Transfer or Apple Pay by the feature of card payment which provided these options to pay.
  • In QuickBooks Pro and Premier, one tap report feature can give authentication to see key reports.


To complete your accounting requirements, you can use these different variants of QuickBooks. In this blog, we talked about the QuickBooks Premier and Pro features, benefits, faults, and reviews. You can save your money by choosing the QB Pro for basic accounting functions. It will provide you the assistance in maximizing tax deduction, expenses, and can organize the accounting. If you want more information than contact the toll-free number of QuickBooks Online Support.

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