QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale) is an all-in-one powerful tool developed by Intuit, that helps users to organize all the data related to customer sales, and inventory very quickly and effectively in one place. With the all-new version of QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale), doing your retail business operations is a seamless experience. You can access QuickBooks POS from any operating system like- Android, ios, windows, etc. Below we will discuss the features, plans, and pricing of QuickBooks POS Features, Plans, and Pricing of QuickBooks POS

Features Of QuickBooks Point Of Sale

QuickBooks POS is a cloud-based service for small to large businesses and accepts payments and transactions by credit cards. It comes with other facilities like inventory management and customer management.

  • Fully-Functioning Multi-Tender POS

The POS (Point Of Sale) adds inventory items to a sale easily by either conducting a search or by barcode scanning, QR (Quick Response) scanning, UPC, alternate lookup code, item keyword, or item number.

We can create and modify “Quick Pick” buttons and groups. We can use the “Sell Misc Item” button to make a quick sale of something that may not be included in our inventory yet, through there a handy feature, adding items directly into inventory right in the POS interface.

  • Customer Management

We can track sales by customer- by entering some personal details, including a name, phone, email, address, and business. The extra custom fields make it possible to enter additional info like the size of the shoe, birthday date, or other details. Here we can set special discounts or coupons for specific customers.

With the help of these tools, we can launch mass marketing campaigns and track customer rewards program points. Thus, we will be able to offer better discounts and recommendations to our most valuable customers.

  • No More Manual Data Entry

We get to bypass manual data entry by taking payments directly through QuickBooks POS software, which saves time and work and lets us avoid the hassle of double-data entry errors. The sales data also sync automatically with bookkeeping data if someone uses QuickBooks as his accounting software.

  • Employee Management

In the Pro version, we can track employee hours and commissions for easy payroll management. Besides the security functioning enables owners to customize access based on the status of the staff member.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Benefits

  • When you are automatically tracking ring sales
  • Track customer information and purchase history
  • Advanced inventory management tool
  • Automatically generate and email a purchase order
  • Create a web store that integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks POS
  • Track customer information
  • Automatically process credit and debit card sales
  • Manage information for up to 20 stores from one location

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a complete management tool for your retail company. The system uses QuickBooks for financial processing, as well as point-of-sale hardware selection to provide you with an end-to-end business management solution.

With each shipment you receive, your QuickBooks list will be updated automatically. Then you can see these inventory levels from the sale so that your customers will want to keep them on hand without over-storage.

Versions of QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale)

  • QuickBooks Basic POS
  • QuickBooks Pro POS
  • QuickBooks Multi-Store POS

Features, Plans, and Pricing of QuickBooks POS versions

QuickBooks Basic POS

The price of the QuickBooks Basic POS version is $1,200. The startup time of this version is very fast and workflow is also fast that saves your time. The screen readability of this POS is better. It also comes with a multitasking feature with the help of this we can work on multiple tasks like sales receipt, purchase order, etc simultaneously.

Features of Basic POS

QuickBooks Pro POS

The price of QuickBooks Pro POS is $1,700. QuickBooks Pro POS provides a great feature by which we can import files from MS Excel. In this version of QuickBooks, we can also track the contact and purchase information of the customer. We can also add pictures of inventory items for more clarity. 

Features of Pro POS

  • Loyalty Program
  • Employee tracking
  • Track customer data 
  • Basic reporting 
  • Manage employees and payroll
  • Advanced reporting
  • Take payments
  • Interact with QuickBooks financial software

QuickBooks Multi-Store POS

The price of QuickBooks Multi-Store POS is $1.900. This is an advanced version of QuickBooks Basic and QuickBooks Pro. In this version, we can track inventory transfer between the stores. We can collect multi-store data in the file. It is ideal for those businesses that are growing and needs a robust system for multi-store locations.

Features of Multi-Store POS

  • Inventory tracking for multiple stores
  • In this version, the user gets all the features of Basic and Pro 
  • Manage and transfer inventory 
  • Manage multiple stores
  • Ship and track packages
  • Report generation

QuickBooks POS Payment Integration

The payment integration in QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale) provides better services to the customers. The payment integration feature in QuickBooks POS is an all-in-one system that is easy to set up and easy to use, with simple pricing and the highest level of credit card processing security.

  • Works with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Flexible rate options
  • Protected payments
  • Accepts credit and debit cards
  • No setup and installation fees
  • Reduce double entries

System Requirements for QuickBooks POS 

QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale) runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (SP 2 or later recommended), Windows 8 (SP 1 or later “strongly recommended”), and on Windows Server 2012.

System Requirements

  • A minimum of 4 GB RAM (6-8 GB recommended) for a single workstation installation
  • 1 GB of disk space (additional space are required for data files)
  • For single user: 2.0 GHz processor (2.8 GHz recommended)
  • For multi-user: 2.8 GHz processor (3.5 GHz recommended)
  • 4X DVD ROM Drive is required for DVD installation (unless the user is downloading QuickBooks Desktop POS from Intuit Server)

The hardware of the QuickBooks POS System

EMV Ready PIN Pad

The customer can pay with both credit or pin debit cards

  • Using a debit card the customer can save money on processing costs.
  • The customer can maintain the authority of credit and debit card
  • The user gets the latest PCI PEC security standards

Receipt Printer

Print the receipt after the sale is complete

  • Auto-cutter feature to remove the extra receipt
  • Easy drop-in paper loading 

Barcode Scanner

Ring up the sales faster and track inventory more accurately

  • Easily read high and low-density barcodes
  • Stable construction for durability
  • Wireless Bluetooth version is available with a USB base station

Tag Printer

Print own inventory tags and barcode labels

  • Pair with Bar Code scanner to enter the merchant information faster and more accurately
  • Compact size
  • USB interface

Wireless Bar Code Scanner

Print faster with a lightweight and wireless scanner

  • The page helps to locate lost scanners
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • USB stand

How to download QuickBooks Desktop POS

  • First of all, choose the product from the link you downloaded
  • Select the software version and edition
  • Now click on the search option
  • Select the Download option
  • When the downloading is complete you will be ready to install it.

How to install QuickBooks Desktop POS

Steps to install QuickBooks Desktop POS

  • First of all select, the setup files you downloaded and double-click on that file to start the installation.
  • Accept the license agreement
  • Now enter your product key and license number and click on the Next button
  • Then select an option to choose the number of computers to use
  • Single User: select only this option and follow the further installations process
  • Multiple User: Select two or more computers and then select. It is a server and client workstation
  • Server Workstation: this is the first one for which QuickBooks Desktop POS is installed and is used to create and hold the company data
  • Client Workstation: It is used as a cash register and used to help customers in their daily sales and simultaneously access the program

Note- If you want to switch from Server Workstation to Client Workstation or Vice-versa then you have to uninstall it and reinstall it again.

  • Then click on the install button to continue and if you want to go back to review and then click on the back button
  • When the installation process is completed then restart the system
  • After this opens the Application and activates it. Now the POS is ready to work.

Bottom line-

The present business environment is so competitive than ever. If you want to take your business to a high level then take advantage of every opportunity. QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale) comes with a lot of features by which we can run and operate our business easily.

In the above article, we will discuss the features, plans, and pricing of QuickBooks POS. I hope this article helps you to know more about QuickBooks POS.

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