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QuickBooks Software provides a great feature of QuickBooks PDF Converter that allows you to share QuickBooks File with those companies associates who haven’t installed QuickBooks on their computer. PDF Converter of QuickBooks is an integrated feature that converts your QuickBooks data and forms into Adobe Portable Document Format file. So, you can share your reports and forms with your business associates. And, the process of conversion is done through QuickBooks Print Component. But, firstly you have to update your QuickBooks to the latest release, before using this tool. QuickBooks Pdf Converter tool & Print Repair tool can be downloaded from the official website of Intuit.

Print Component:
  • You have to click “File” and “Print” within a QuickBooks report or form for converting the reports and forms like an invoice or check register to a PDF.
  • Scroll down the arrow next to “Printer” and select “QuickBooks PDF Converter XX” with “XX” and represent the PDF converter version.
  • Then, click the “Print” button to initialize the converter.
  • And a “Save As” dialogue box will prompt then, you have to enter the File name for the PDF File.
  • After that, locate the directory where you want to save the PDF file or use the QuickBooks default directory as the Save a location if you want to do so.
  • And then, select the “Save” button to create and save the PDF file.
Reports and Forms:

QuickBooks PDF Converter can also convert QuickBooks reports like reconciliation statements, balance sheets, reports and forms like company invoices and statements. And this will not support any other application, it only works for QuickBooks.

Product Compatibility:

This article information can be applied to all the versions of QuickBooks 2012 and also the previous versions and releasing functions.

Email and Sharing:

When the reports and forms once changed into a PDF File, then you can email it to the associates and clients. By uploading the files to a web server, Intranet or computer network, you can share with the other individuals. The PDF file can be opened through these readers like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, PDF-XChange Viewer or Perfect PDF Reader.

Third-Party Utility:

QuickBooks PDF Converter is a third-party utility by Amyuni which is initially installed within the QuickBooks. Amyuni Document Converter is the proper name of utility. QuickBooks contains its own drivers and acts as a printer. Changing the utility driver can be the cause of interruption in the working of QuickBooks PDF Converter.

QuickBooks PDF Converter goes missing suddenly

In many different ways, you might face PDF Converter issues like PDF Converter shows Offline, unable to save as .pdf file, and missing pdf file component, etc. When PDF Converter goes missing suddenly, you definitely get worried. And it can affect yours accompanies by other issues. However, there are various solutions to fix this problem.

Methods for Troubleshoot the QuickBooks PDF Converter

To fix these problems which are mentioned below, we have different solutions-

# QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool

You have to go to the official website of Intuit and download the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool. And, you just have to download and install it. You can use a PDF Converter, once the installation is done to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

# Different Windows Users
  • Check whether the XPS Document is working properly or not.
  • And, if you find any issue, reinstall the Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  • The interruption can also happen because of internet security settings.
  • For that, go to the installed antivirus in your computer, fix the settings.
# Reinstall QuickBooks PDF Converter

Follow the given steps-

  • On your desktop, look for the QuickBooks Icon.
  • Then do the right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
  • Choose the properties from the list shown after the right-clicking.
  • Select Find Target or Open File Location.
  • After that, you will direct to the Windows Explorer.
  • And now, double click the Install.exe file or Install the application, in the Windows Explorer.
  • Then the PDF Converter will install.
  • Click the OK Button, after the installation process is done.
For Microsoft Windows XP-

Open the Printer and Faxes Windows and follow these steps-

  • Click the Windows Logo Button on the bottom-left corner of the screen, and then click Run.
  • Then, type the word – Control Printers, in the Run Window.
  • After that click the OK button.
For Microsoft Windows 10 and also the newer versions of Microsoft-

Open the Printer and Faxes/devices and Printer Window, follow the below steps-

  • Click the Windows Logo button on the bottom-left corner of the screen, and select Run. If in case, the Run is not available, you can use the Start Search Box to find the Run.
  • Then, type the word – Control Printers, in the Run Window.
  • After that click the OK button.
  • In the Printer and faxes/devices and Printers Windows which will open, do the right-click on the Amyuni Document Converter.
  • Select Rename, from the list, see after the right-clicking.
  • Delete “Amyuni Document Converter” words, type ”QuickBooks PDF Converter” and hit enter. Make sure you have to type the exact same words which are mentioned here and also watch the spaces between the words.

After the deleting process and downloading QuickBooks PDF Converter, check whether it is working or not.

Final Words:

I hope this article is beneficial for you. And understand all points and solutions which are given in this blog. Also, you can call on our QuickBooks Support Customer Care for the QuickBooks PDF Converter related issue or any kind of issue related to QuickBooks. Our experts will definitely give the most appropriate solution for you.

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