Intuit provides services for small and medium-sized businesses. The service terms as QuickBooks payroll services in the QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll features. You can use this service in the QuickBooks Desktop edition. After, once you have installed the payroll software version then, only QuickBooks can make an easy subscription to the services. This feature of QuickBooks Payroll software is easy to download. You just have to make sure about good internet connectivity. So, let’s start the discussion upon QuickBooks payroll tax tables and their download and installation process, here we begin.

Definition Of QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

You understand it as a chart that contains several columns and rows. And, these charts, columns, and rows carry information about the employee’s paycheck. And you should know about this before downloading and installing the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables. some aspects may be affected by some things. Like, workers’ weekly or monthly pay, or their marital status.

What You Need In Downloading And Installing The Payroll Tax Tables

There are some aspects that you need before downloading and installing the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables.

  1. For updating the tax table within QuickBooksDesktop, you should have an active subscription to payroll.
  2. And, also turn on the feature of automatic updates in QuickBooks Desktop to get the updates of payroll tax tables automatically whenever they are released.
  3. Whenever you are paying your employee you can use the tax table by intuiting.

How To Download The Updates Of QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table?

Follow these instructions carefully:

  • In the beginning, go to the Employees section.
  • Then, select to download the whole payroll updates.
  • Click on the Update button.
  • A notification will prompt of “A new tax table and updates to your payroll tax forms are installed in your system. To read the instructions, click on the OK button” when the download is done. Then, press OK.

Also, Understand The Term Of Disk Delivery Service

To install the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Update from a CD:

  • The very first thing is to insert the CD of payroll updates.
  • Then, go to get payroll updates.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier – Choose the Employees and then get the payroll updates.
  • If the notification prompts in the install payroll update window, to find the update.dat or data file, then, reply to those prompts.
  • Select to browse.
  • Choose the CD drive from the look in the drop-down list in the install from the window.
  • Then, choose between the update3.dat or update.dat from the payroll update disk.
  • Click on the open button.
  • Move forward to the payroll update window and click on OK.

Also, there is a suggestion that you should check the CD drive if you get the prompt notification of “File Not Found”.

  • Firstly, shut the QuickBooks Window, and select the Windows Start icon, and then select the Computer or My Computer.
  • Then do the right-click on the CD drive and then select, if only you did not see the files, then test the CD on the other windows tab. If you find the files in the other tab, then it may be possible that you have a hardware problem with the CD drive on the first desktop.

And if you did not get the files on both the tabs, then order the new payroll disk by going through the QuickBooks Support site, then click on the payroll and select to see the contact information.

How You Authenticate The QB Payroll Tax Tables

  • Authenticate that you are installing the right location in the installation confirmation. And then the version of current tax tables and the new fields are right.
  • When the update is finished or when you get this “A new tax table is installed in your system”, then click.
  • Select OK to go through all the upgrades.
  • If the edition of the tax table is not modified then a notification will pop up as “you have successfully installed payroll update”.

Solutions of Payroll Update Issue:

  • If the TD1 amount is not updated after installing the latest tax table update, then follow these checks: Check the effective date of the tax table, you can get it on after the date.
  • You will require to begin the payroll or open and close the QuickBooks Desktop for the TD1 amount to update, after you have downloaded the product update after July 2018.
  • If you ever update the TD1 amounts for an employee by yourself then the new tax table will not override any lastly adjusted amounts. And, now you will have to update the TD1 amounts manually to move on.
  • Did your employees set up the basic TD1 amounts?. Because QuickBooks Desktop will automatically do the update of TD1 amounts for those employees with the basic amounts for the previous tax tables.

The Error of QB Payroll Tax Table Is Not Updated

Whenever you get the error out of date of QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table while opening the payroll tax table in your system. Any calculation of payroll occurring using the tax table is zero.

Why do you have to face this type of error?

Reasons may be as under:

  • Out of date, your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest payroll tax table released.
  • If you are using a multi-user environment of QuickBooks.
  • And maybe, not all the QuickBooks Desktop versions located in your network are updated to the latest tax table.

Methods To Solve This Error:

  • Firstly, ensure that the QuickBooks Desktop is the latest product update. If you have a multi-user network then go through all the versions using the network.
  • Check the released product number of the recently installed product by the updated product page while working in QuickBooks. Then, press the F2 key to view the release of the reference number.
  • If your product is not updated by the currently released versions then update. Because this might solve your problem.


This article is hopefully beneficial for you while downloading and installing the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table. After that, if you have any problem or query related to the QuickBooks Software then you can call on the toll-free number of QuickBooks Payroll Support.

Steps to Download and Install QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table
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