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There are recently two services launched by Intuit which are the Self-Service Payroll and the Full-Service Payroll. With the help of these services, any user can save their money, and in less time, you can run payroll that provides you the service satisfaction. For all the businesses and companies, payroll is an essential part. And, you can get this service combined with the QuickBooks Online to get QuickBooks Online Payroll Options as your payroll manager. To secure the company’s honor and rank, the well-organized service of payroll is mandatory. And, the Intuit Payroll Services is the best example of all the Payroll Accounting Software. In this blog, we are gonna study the QuickBooks Online Payroll Options and its features and benefits from the two service offerings by Intuit.

In this service, you don’t have to sync your data and updated financial records all the time automatically with the help of this integrated QuickBooks Payroll with QuickBooks Online service.

The Latest QuickBooks Online Payroll Options

Self-Service Payroll

  • The direct deposit at 24 hours.
  • The payroll runs are fast and unlimited.
  • Compute and file year-end forms.
  • Compute the paychecks of employees.

Full-Service Payroll

  • For the users, Payroll taxes are done already.
  • You can direct deposit on the same day.
  • Provided the payroll setup.
  • Assistance from US Experts
  • Guarantee for no-penalty.
  • The direct deposit at 24 hours.
  • The payroll runs are fast and unlimited.
  • Compute and file year-end forms.
  • Compute the paychecks of employees.

Self Service Payroll – Features and Benefits

To secure the payroll and the taxes in one place, Intuit provides the Self Service Payroll which is the proper solution of payroll. The self-service payroll needs only one hour to set up then run the first payroll. The payroll calculations, paying the workers, taxes are managed easily and these all tasks can be performed easily by yourself.

In this there is three service plan, which are:

  • Self Service Payroll.
  • And, Self Service with QuickBooks.
  • Self-service with QuickBooks Plus.

You can choose any one of these for your business. But, we are here to give you some advice about the service. So, the last one which is Self Service with QuickBooks Plus is the costlier of the three. Now, let’s discuss the features and benefits.

Easy Tax Calculations-

To perform payroll calculation for a large number of employees, you can use this self-service payroll which is the best option. It calculates taxes and the deductions automatically, you just have to all employees. And moreover, to file and pay the federal and state taxes online, it costs nothing.

24 Hours Direct Deposit-

One day before the payday, you can give the Payroll for the full team. You don’t have to waste your time creating payroll.

Customized Payroll options-

How to pay the workers and the frequency, you can decide. You don’t have to worry and stress because this service provides access to handle different payment types.

Employee Time Tracking-

With the help of time tracking which can be made by the Tsheets working simplifies and secures the minimum of 10% of the Payroll Costs.


It saves more time because of the automatic payroll, accounting sync, and saves the update.

Reminders of Payment-

This service reminds you of your owing and paying. And, also gives notification about the Automatic Tax Updates, the updated Federal and state tax rates you can see there for filling the payroll taxes properly.

Run the Payroll on Move-

Within a few times, you can access and complete the payroll either you are traveling or going somewhere.


In the new Self Service Payroll, you can easily e-file the taxes. And, you can also use the Full-service, if you want Intuit for help.

Full-Service Payroll – Features and Benefits

There are three plans in QuickBooks of Full Service Payroll, which is:

  • Full-Service Payroll.
  • And, Full-Service Payroll with QuickBooks.
  • Full-Service Payroll with QuickBooks Plus.

You can choose the last two options which are full-service payroll with QuickBooks and full service with QuickBooks Plus. And, you got more benefit from availing these services. Also, let’s discuss the features and benefits.

Manage the Payroll Taxes-

The payroll taxes calculate and file all the forms that are taken care of by the Intuit. The assistance is given by the US experts team. And, the Intuit also cares about the tax penalties or fees.

Filling the Error-free tax-

From starting till the last, Intuit manages filing and payment of federal and state taxes. They provide a 100% guarantee of penalty-free. If required, the QuickBooks Support team fixes the filing error and pays any penalty fees. And, the files are automatically filled monthly, quarterly, and annually. If there is any problem, the IRS representation can also be done.

Direct Deposit on the same day-

You can take advantage of this direct deposit on the same day service in the QuickBooks Online Full Service payroll. You are required to use a US-based QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll account working and in a benefit. And, by the time zones deadlines which are 7 am pacific time zone, 9 am Central time zone, 10 am eastern time zone, you can create the payroll and approve the direct deposit.

Updates of Real-time data-

You can save your precious time, by the payroll and accounting data syncs automatically. At any time, with the accountant, you can share exact, also real-time payroll and data of accounting. And, for the employees and contractors allowed to run payroll faster and cost-free 24-hour direct deposit whenever you are ready.

Options for Customized Payments-

This service gives you authentication to opt for how to pay the workers and at what frequency. With different pay criteria and frequency, customization comes in a handling way.

Immediate Bank Account Connections with QuickBooks Online Payroll

If anyone uses one of the large banks then this feature is for you. And, the Bank Account transactions allows the faster payroll setup at the same time. And, there is no need to wait for the test connection to clear the bank. You can make a direct connection with QuickBooks Online Payroll, and the list of banks given which is, Chase, Wells Fargo, USAA Bank, US Bank, Bank of America, TD Bank, Citi Bank, BB & T.

The flexibility and convenient service are provided by the new feature and QuickBooks Online Payroll options. To the employers and accountants, the new feature gives more time to authenticate the Payroll direct deposit.


We hope you guys understood the above information about the QuickBooks Online Payroll options. The benefits which are provided in this blog, you can take them as a suggestion for your business. And choose the best service for you and suitable for your business. And, if you have any query or any question regarding the QuickBooks Software. You directly call the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

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