QuickBooks accounting software supports QuickBooks multi-user mode in which you can work with your team and all the other team workers can work on the same file at the same time. This makes work so much easier than before. In QuickBooks multi-user mode, everyone can see all the entries(to those who have access). By refreshing a report you can see the current changes that someone else has made at the same time. By this, all the workstations and the administrator can work together. You will be able to share your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows data with multiple team members. Use this feature when you want to access your company files (which exist on your computer) from other systems.

How to set up and install QuickBooks multi user mode

To use QuickBooks multi-user mode you have to set it up and install it. To set up multi-user mode in QuickBooks you need to make changes in QuickBook Desktop, Windows, and your server. So let us learn what adjustments are to be made. Have a look at the steps shown below to have detailed information-

Step 1: Make adjustments in QuickBooks Desktop

In multi-user mode one system will host the file and others will nodes will be able to access them. The system that hosts the files is known as Server and all other systems are referred to as workstations.

  1. It is obvious that you should have a QuickBooks application installed on your server system first. Then only you can access it from other computers. So, if you haven’t already done it Download and install QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Now choose Custom and Network install for the install type.
  3. There are different options available. Choose what suits you best. Choose I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, AND I’ll be storing… if you want the full version of QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer. Or if you just want your server computer to host your files, choose I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer…
  4. Now just follow the instructions shown on-screen to finish the install.

Note: It is considered to be a good practice if you keep your company files on your server computer’s local hard drive.As it is easier to share the company files over your network. You can also keep your files on a mapped network drive but it is not recommended.

Step 2: Set up the folder permissions

It is very important that your Windows permission is right in order to access the folders in multi-user mode. Verify that the permissions that are set are correct. To check whether the permissions are correct or not. Open file explorer and reach out to the properties>security tab>advanced. Now edit the permission by selecting QBDataServiceUserXX.

Step 3: Install Database Server Manager

To share your file with other computers you need to install QuickBooks Database Server Manager. The database server manager will help you to share your company files with other computers over a network. Download and install the database server manager properly to ignore the errors in the future.

Step 4: Set admin rights

To maintain a network it is very important to set admin rights as the administrator is the one who controls everything. You have to ensure that in your server computer the account is holding the administrative rights. Windows user account for the Database server manager should also have admin rights.

Step 5: Use Database Server Manager

After successfully installing and setting the rights for the Database server manager. Now use the server manager to scan the folder which holds your company files.

Step 6: Turn on hosting

As now everything is done the final step is to turn on the hosting. To do that 

  • Open your QuickBooks desktop and reached out to the file menu. 
  • Now tap on utilities.
  • Select Host Multi-User Access. Then choose Yes to confirm.

Open company file located on a remote computer by using QuickBooks multi user mode

You can now access the company file located on a remote computer using multi-user mode in a few easy steps that are shown below.

  1. Download & Install QuickBooks Desktop on the administrator computer.
  2. Reach out to the QuickBooks File menu and choose Switch to Multi-user Mode.
  3. Choose Yes in the Multi-user hosting setup required window.
    Note: QuickBooks Desktop runs and installs QBDBMgrN.exe as a background service. This service must be running on the computer storing the company file all the time even when QuickBooks Desktop is not running.
  4. Click on OK on the Multi-user setup information window.
  5. Add the users to whom you want to give access to company files by going to Company and selecting Users then Set up Users and Roles and then select New.

Locate then open the company file

  1. Reach out to the File menu and select Open or Restore Company.
  2. Choose Open a company file and hit Next.
  3. Browse the location of the company file. Which means simply locate the file from its destination drive.
  4. Select the company file (with file extension .qbw) from the list and select Open.
  5. If asked, enter your user name and password. And your company file will finally open.

Quickbooks multi user mode not working

If you are having issues with QuickBooks multi-user mode. First of all, you need to know the reason behind why QuickBooks multi-user is not working. Then you can follow the steps to get rid of the issue. Here are some things you can do-

  1. Download, install & use QuickBooks File Doctor: Make sure that you download and run the QuickBooks file doctor on the server. And then fix your issues using this tool. This is important to fix the H Series and the QuickBooks multi-user Hosting Errors. You can download it with or without a license. 
  2. Reinstall QuickBooks: Reinstalling QuickBooks can solve the issue you are facing with QuickBooks multi-user mode.
  3. Renaming.TLG and.ND File: Sometimes the issue can be solved by renaming the .tlg and .nd files. Rename the files according to the correct criteria of naming files.
  4. Turn off hosting from workstations: If your issue is still not resolved then make sure that the system of clients is not accessing the company file in this step and should off the display of hosting. If in the situation, the display option is not of the hosting then switch modes of hosting. One the administrator should host the files.
  5. Create a new folder for your company: Create a new folder and share it at the hosting computer and open your company files in Multi-User Mode.
  6. Configure the firewall settings: The firewall permissions can lead to multi-user mode issues so configure the firewall settings as needed. Uninstall the AVG program to modify the windows defender. 
  7. Download and install QuickBooks database server manager.

In last:

In this article, we have discussed what is QuickBooks multi user mode? How to set it up? What to d if an issue arises related to multi user mode? And how to share files using multi-user mode? We hope you found the article helpful and all your queries are resolved now.

QuickBooks Multi-user Mode
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