QuickBooks Merchant Services is a great account that makes it possible for any organization to accept the credit card process through online or any mobile devices. It provides lots of offers that depend on where you want o accept your payments. With the help of QuickBooks Merchant Services, the payments can be done from a Web browser, within QuickBooks, from your mobile device, in your online store.

The point to be noted is that in case you are not a  QuickBooks user, still you can utilize QuickBooks Merchant Services. You just have to sign up for a QuickBooks Merchant Services account to manage all your transactions with the help of their online payment system.

How to sign in with Quickbooks Merchant Service from Quickbooks online

  1. Open your QuickBooks Online account
  2. Go to the Settings area and click on the Account and Settings
  3. Choose the payment option from there
  4. Now click on the Manage details
  5.  Here you will get a new tab with Merchant Service Center

Access Quickbooks Merchant Service from QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop software
  2. Then select your company file that is linked with your Merchant Services account
  3. From the Customer tab, choose Credit Card Processing option 
  4. From here select Merchant Service Center

Process a transaction with Quickbooks Merchant Service 

Here is the process for payment in QuickBooks Merchant Services center that you can do by yourself. Follow the steps given below to process a credit card payment. Later on we will discuss how to process a check. 

How to process a credit card

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Service account
  2. Select the  Processing Tools and click on the Charge a Card
  3. Fill the required information
  4. comments will be only visible to you and the cardholder
  5. Once you process the payment, you will get a confirmation page
  6.  You have to choose from  Print, E-mail, Void, or Done.

How to process an eCheck

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Service account
  2. Select the  Processing Tools and click on the Accept an eCheck
  3. Fill the required information fields
  4. Then choose the option either I have a signed authorization or My customer is on the phone
  5. And click on the Submit button

Pros And  Cons Of Quickbooks Merchant Services  

Here are some of the pros and cons of QuickBooks Merchant Services that have come up with a review of customers. 


  • It provides predictable flat-rate pricing
  • Seamless Checkout as well as QuickBooks integration
  • Gives the ability to the users to provide transaction refunds
  • chip card readers are quite inexpensive 
  • Provides facility of virtual Terminal
  • Monthly minimums are not available
  • RElly helpful for your professional services
  • It supports multi-currency


  • There is a limitation in invoice customization
  • Long waiting times for customer service
  • High amount in per-transaction fees
  • Very slow deposit times than other accounting services
  • Inconsistent or low customer support

How to refund credit/debit card payments

In case you have done the payment using QuickBooks merchant services with a credit card. There is a great facility available to refund the payments. To know how you can do this activity by own, look at the following steps. Follow the steps accordingly to reverse a transaction you have done before without getting any trouble:

  1. Go to the Company Gear Icon 
  2. Here you will get an option of Account and Settings
  3. Move for the option Payment
  4. Then click on the Manage Account
  5. Go to the credit/debit card transaction  
  6. Here you can see different sections from home to support
  7. You have to click on Activity & Report which are in between home and  support
  8. Below there you have to choose Transactions option
  9. Select the date of transaction from the Dates panel and click on the search button
  10. Choose the transaction from the list
  11. Click on the small gear icon in the right corner of the transaction 
  12. Select the option of Reverse from there 
  13. Fill the check-mark box of the Transaction ID
  14. A page of Reverse a Trasaction will be open with auto-populated
  15. You just have to Verify the name, transaction ID and amount to be pay
  16. At last, click on the Submit button to complete the process

You will receive a message that ‘The transaction was successfully reversed’. Now if you want you can either print the activity or Email it. You just have to select the email option and enter the Email ID and note you want to send. And click on the Send button.

In case you need to confirm the transaction that has been revered. Follow the same procedure from 1 to 11 and then choose the view detail option from the gear icon of the transaction. You will see the transaction has been reversed.


A well-designed accounting software that is QuickBooks has been designed by Intuit and its powerful team. They provide various features and one of them is QuickBooks Merchant Service which is also known as Merchant account. It makes your card payment easy without getting stuck in any trouble. I hope this blog will bring help for you in case you are searching for the detail about  QuickBooks Merchant Service. Please comment down below if you want more information related to this topic.

If you are facing trouble while accessing or using the features in  QuickBooks Merchant Service Center, you can contact our Quickbooks Support team. You just have to dial our toll-free number +1-850-203-4458 to connect with an expert. We will feel happy to help you. 

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