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QuickBooks Software is mostly used by many organizations to generate and send invoices to their clients. Email invoices are important tasks conducted in QuickBooks. The process of communicating by email is commonly used. Well, several people face QuickBooks Gmail problems You might have to face certain QuickBooks error messages because of technical issues. Sometimes you will get a pop-up window showing the error message.

To connect your Gmail account with QuickBooks, it is preferred that you connect with secure Webmail. This provides you an easier and safer connection to your email provider. With regular Webmail, you will be required to enter your password every time you send an email. Secure webmail links your Intuit account to your webmail account, so you will need to enter your password once. You can only connect to secure mail if you have the most recent version of QuickBooks installed

In this post we will check the lists of QuickBooks Gmail problems and what are the possible solutions to get rid of these? You can also save your time and effort by connecting to our QuickBooks ProAdvisor at QuickBooks support team.

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When you are communicating with clients you need to make every detail clear and available for them. Reports and invoices need to be sent on time.

Unfortunately, In some scenarios, you will see an error dialog box showing the error message.

List of QuickBooks Gmail Problems and their solutions

Here is the list of some QuickBooks Gmail problems you will face 

Email or password is incorrect

You might get a dialog box showing ”Incorrect email or password ”.This issue mostly arises when you mistype either password or email.


You ‘ll try to re-enter a password or email. If you have tried all the possible options and still  getting the same error message 

  • Then the only option is to  click on the cancel button 
  • Go back to Send forms preferences to check the setting of your Gmail account.
  • Edit settings
  • Make the required changes in the port
  • Make SSL/TLS settings
  • If you don’t have to change anything, then Simply click “Default Reset” button.

QuickBooks is enabled to send emails

This error rises for the common reason are as follows:-

  • Incorrect mailing setting
  • Damaged MAP132.dll file
  • QuickBooks running as Administrator
  • Improper QuickBook installation
  • The solution to getting rid of this problem
Make sure that QuickBooks is not running as administrator  
  • Click on QuickBooks  
  • Select properties        
  • Uncheck Run this program as Administrator
  • Then click OK
  • Restart your QuickBooks
Make sure that your Email preferences are correct in QuickBooks
  • Click edit > preferences > Send Forms
  • Click on My Preference button, a set option that you want to use  to send emails, then click OK  
  • If the preferences are correct, then
  • Select edit   > preferences > Send Forms
    • Click on My preferences button > Select QuickBooks Emails, then press OK
    • Select edit > preferences
  • Choose Outlook, then click OK
  • Select QuickBooks and other programs
  • Restart Windows
  • Restart QuickBooks
  • Mail the reports or Transactions

Make sure that your Email preferences are correct in Internet explorer

  • Select QuickBooks
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Press Tools > Internet options
  • Press the program button
  • Then choose the correct email program as your default email program
  • Then click Apply and OK
  • Close Internet Explorer
  • Open QuickBooks
  • Mail the reports or transaction
Reinstall  QuickBooks
  • Have your product and license information available
  • Uninstall your QuickBooks programs
  • Choose where you want to install QuickBooks on your system
  • Download files
  • Now install your QuickBooks

How to send a mass email to all customers from QuickBooks?

If you face problems in sending mass mail to all customers at the same time 


  • Click On customer
  • Go to the customer list
  • From the box at the Top, select all
  • Click batch action
  • Send Email

Export Email addresses from QuickBooks

Professional can export the email addresses of the vendors and their customers into a file, which you can use later to import into other software


  • Open Quickbooks
  • Select Reportsfrom the menu bar
  • Go to “Customers & Receivables  and select “Customer Phone List”, for exporting Vendors address “Click Vendors & Payables” and select “Vendor Phone List”
  • To remove Phone numbers, press “Customer Report” and “Main Phone”
  • Select any from “Min Email”, “CC Email”, “Alt Email 1”, “Alt Email 2”
  • To save changes “Click Ok”
  • Create a new worksheet in Excel
  • Choose “CSV file” and “Export”
  • Save the list with a name

Error message while sending Invoices through Emails

This issue is commonly seen with Yahoo  email address


  • Go to Update To Latest page
  • Select your QuickBooks product by clicking on the” Change ” link
  • Update files by clicking on” Update”
  • Automatically download QuickBooks by selecting” Setup Automatic Update”

QuickBooks Freezes while Sending Emails

While using QuickBooks, you might face the problem of  freezing up your QuickBook


  • Install QuickBook Install DiagnosticTool
  • When downloaded, save the file on  your local drive
  • A close program that is currently open
  • Run the Downloaded tool  (it will take 20 mins)
  • Restart the computer

How to authorize QuickBooks Desktop to keep using Gmail

If you’ve configured Gmail to use enhanced security, you will be prompted to authorize QuickBooks Desktop when you send a transaction or report.

And, If you still not updated the latest version of QuickBooks Dekstop, you might get the error, and QuickBooks is unable to send emails due to network connection.

  1. From any open transaction or report in QuickBooks, send the email.
  2. Click Send, you may be prompted to log in with your Intuit credentials
  3. Select Continue in the Webmail Authorization window that open
  4. Then select Allow

I hope this helps you in solving your problems related to QuickBooks Gmail. If you are still facing these error then contact our QuickBooks Error Support team for further help.

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