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QuickBooks Desktop has multiple file extensions used for saving data. Every and each file is different and has to be kept as per the proper file extension. It is expected to understand the nature and different usage of QuickBooks File Extension for their proper functioning. However, QuickBooks File Extension type may vary based on which QuickBooks version you are using, maybe it QuickBooks 2016, or QuickBooks Enterprise 2017, etc. And, in this blog, we will refer you to QuickBooks Extensions name which is QuickBooks Desktop.

The QuickBooks File Extensions are applicable to all the files, like, Accountant Files, Loan Manager File, Payroll Files, and QuickBooks working files, different types of data separated by different folders. In this blog, we will discuss about its file type. And we give you the assurance that at the end of this blog, you guys well aware of the different file types and its usage.

Need of File Extension in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Identify the file content type.
  • File extension build easy searches.
  • For suitable synchronization, all the same types of files kept together.
  • Make the file extension simple to recognize by just seeing at the name of the file.
  • The security of the file maintains by the file extension.

Type of QuickBooks File Extension with its file type and description

File Type
.QBY Accountant’s copy(import file) When your accountant is finally done with making changes in the Accountant’s copy, then they will give you a .QBY file to be imported into your organization file.
.QBX Accountant’s copy(export file) For Accountant review, when you export your QuickBooks data, QuickBooks makes an Accountant’s copy with a .QBX extension. 
.QBW.TLG Transaction of a log file(for QuickBooks business file) When you start backup your business file, QuickBooks begins log of transaction which you have entered from the time you last backed up. By chance od accidental loss of data, Technical support will use your most recent backup in connection with the transaction log file to retrieve your data.
.QBW QuickBooks for Windows company file QuickBooks saves the file with .QBW extension whenever you create a company file.
.QBR Report template QuickBooks saves the file with a .QBE extension, when you export the template for a memorized report.
.QBM QuickBooks for portable company file QuickBooks creates a compressed version of the company file with a .QBM extension, whenever you want to move or email a company file.
.QBB QuickBooks Backup File QuickBooks saves the backup file when you backup your company file with a .QBB extension. Go to the File menu and click Restore to open a .QBB file. 
.QBA.TLG Transaction log file(for accountant’s copy) QuickBooks starts a log of transaction that you have since the last time you backed up, whenever you backup for Accountant’s copy. During backup, the file is created and provided you have set a verification level. Technical support will use your recent current backup in connection with the transaction log file to retrieve your data.
.QBA Accountant Cop’s Working File Accountant restores the export file on his computer as a file with .QBA extension, whenever you export you company file to an accountant to review.
.ND QuickBooks Network Data File Do not delete the configuration file, because it allows access to the QuickBooks company File.
.IIF Intuit Interchange Format File Using text file, you can export and import list and transaction with an .IIF transaction
.DES QuickBooks form template Variety of templates provided by QuickBooks that you can use for your forms.
.AIF Accountant’s Review Copy(import file) When the Accountant’s copy is exported to import it to the user’s company file, then the file is created with .AIF extension.
.BDB Time Backup FIle When a user is trying to backup up the time data in ‘QuickBooks Pro Timer’, then this file created with .BDB extension.
.BMP Windows Bitmap File  This file stores bitmap images which are used by QuickBooks.

If you want to know more about QuickBooks File Extension or any query or any problem related to QuickBooks Software. You can simply call to QuickBooks Support Phone Number, for taking assistance from QuickBooks Experts.

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