QuickBooks Desktop has multiple file extensions that are used for saving data. As every file is different, it has to be kept as per the proper file extension. It is expected to understand the nature and different usage of QuickBooks File Extension for their proper functioning. However, QuickBooks File Extension type may vary based on which QuickBooks version you are using, maybe it is QuickBooks 2016, or QuickBooks Enterprise 2017, etc. And, in this blog, we will refer you to the QuickBooks Extension name which is QuickBooks Desktop.

The QuickBooks File Extensions apply to all the files, like, Accountant Files, Loan Manager File (Loan Management), Payroll Files (Payroll Management), as well as QuickBooks working files, different types of data separated by different folders. In this blog, we will discuss its file type. And we assure you that at the end of this blog, you will be well informed about the extensions and their types.

Need for File Extension in QuickBooks Desktop

With tons of information getting recorded, if not organized, it can create a pile. QuickBooks with its file extensions helps arrange the data in a manner. Creating further extensions of a file, grouping them under similar heads. This eventually helps in easing the load. Similar to this are few more needs below

  • Helps identify the file content type.
  • File extension builds easy searches.
  • For suitable synchronization, all the same types of files are kept together.
  • Make the file extension simple to recognize by just seeing the name of the file.
  • The security of the file maintains by the file extension.

Different QuickBooks File Extension And Types With Description

Common Files

File ExtensionFile TypeDescription
QBOQuickBooks Bank Statement FileAfter you download your bank transaction, QuickBooks opens it with a file with a .qbo extension.
QBWQuickBooks Company FileWhen creating a company file, QuickBooks creates it with a .qbw extension. It carries the company’s files and its accounting information.
QBMQuickBooks Portable FileIf a company’s file is moved or e-mailed, QuickBooks creates a .qbm extension, which is its compressed version of the company file.
QBBQuickBooks Backup FileWhen your company file is backed up, QuickBooks makes a backup file, .qbb extension.

Additional Files

File ExtensionFile TypeDescription
QBRQuickBooks Report Template FileQuickBooks creates a .qbr extension file when you export a memorized report template.
QWCQuickBooks Web Connector FileWhen developers from third-party create the Web Connector app, they will create the file with the .qwc extension.
DESLayout Designer Template FileQuickBooks consists of a varied range of templates. So, when you export a customized template form, it creates a file with a .des extension.
qbstbl2.usaUS Tax Table FileYou will need this file only if you run payroll in QuickBooks Desktop to obtain current tax tables. It contains the latest information for calculating payroll taxes.

Account Files

File ExtensionFile TypeDescription
QBJGeneral Journal Entries FileIf you wish to add your journal entries maintained by your accountant, ask for your General Entries File from them. This has .qbj extension.
QBYAccountant’s Copy import FileAfter your accountant’s copy has been changed and reviewed by your accountant, they will send a file with a .qby extension. You can apply their changes after importing the file.
QBXAccount’s Review Copy & Transfer FileQuickBooks creates a .qbx extension when you create a backup of your company file for the accountant. The same file is exported and sent to your accountant. When they open the backup, it becomes the accountant’s copy file.
QBAAccountant’s Copy FileWhen a .qbx file is sent to your accountant by a client for review, it develops into an accountant copy. This has a .qba extension

Utility And Log Files

File ExtensionFile TypeDescription
QBPQuickBooks Print FileQuickBooks saves your set printing preferences by creating a file with a .qbp extension. Although QuickBooks tends to auto-save your setting, you may still need to make changes if you get printer issues with your file.
ECMLEntitlement FileQuickBooks creates a .ecml extension when you install and register for QuickBooks. This informs QuickBooks that you are using a valid and licensed product.
LOGEvent Log FileQuickBooks documents significant events with .log extension in a file.
There are two types-
Qbwin.log – records rebuild issues
QWC.log – records Web Connect issues
These files help in troubleshooting.
TLGTransaction Log FileQuickBooks keeps a record of your company file changes following your last backups. It saves that file with the .tlg extension. If you backup your company file the next time, it automatically resets the file.
NDNetwork Data FileIn Multi-user mode, QuickBooks creates a .nd extension with a file. This helps QuickBooks managing user access.
IIFIntuit Interchange Format FileQuickBooks creates a .iif extension when you export your list information. This can be used to share your list with other companies.

QuickBooks Statement Writer Files

File ExtensionFile Type
QSSWith QuickBooks Statement Writer, when you personalize reports and statements, QuickBooks saves those settings with a .qss extension file. This file can also be used for applying settings to other reports as well.
QSMQuickBooks saves your information with a .qsm extension file when using QuickBooks Statement Writer.
QSTA template file that is already available can be used when you need a specific type of layout. These template files have a .qst extension.

QuickBooks For Mac

File ExtensionFile TypeDescription
QB2016Company FileThis is the 2016 version of QuickBooks for Mac.
QB2019Company FileThis is the 2019 version of QuickBooks for Mac.
MAC.QBBBackup FileMAC.QBB files are used for moving QuickBooks Mac File to QuickBooks Desktop for windows. This type of file provides convenience for work.
DMGApple Disk Image FileThis is the QuickBooks company backup file that saves it Apple Disk Image.
plistApple Property List FileThis cumulates registrations and preferences.

Ending Words!

We hope you would like this article. It will help you to know more about QuickBooks File Extension.

QuickBooks File Extension
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