Download, Install and Use QuickBooks File Doctor

What would you do if your pet feels sick ?

You would take him to the hospital and consult a doctor isn’t that usually if something goes wrong we know what to do to make it right but what would you do if you can’t open your Quickbooks company file or have some network issues? You might search the web, take help with Intuit community’s support system, take Quickbooks Customer service help all of this will waste a lot of time in trying to fix the problem and in the meantime you have business to run more importantly. So, why not leave all these issues to Quickbooks file Doctor to be taken care of.

What does Quickbooks file Doctor do?

As all  other man made apps face technical issues and errors so do Quickbooks. To deal with these technical issues we have Quickbooks File Doctor Diagnostic Tool or Quickbooks network Diagnostic Tool which is extremely important software for all those companies who are handling their accounting needs and requirements by Quickbooks software. The QuickBooks software might stop working all together or not work efficiently if your company file gets corrupted or deleted. This app can help you with error codes -6150, -6000 -82, -6000, -305, -6000 -301, –6147 etc,problems like blank lists or missing lists for your employees, vendors and customers, network issues such as H202, H303, and H505 and other types of company file damage.

How to Download and install Quickbooks File doctor?

First of all check weather your system needs to download the tool or it is inbuilt which you can use directly if the tool is missing than follow the following steps-

  • You only need to download and install this tool if the green File doctor icon is missing from your desktop. If it’s missing, you probably need to download and install the latest release of this tool.
  • You can download this from the official website of Intuit Quickbooks.
  • After Downloading you’ll be left with a setup file or a folder containing all these setup files. Right click and select ‘run as administrator’ on the “qbfd.exe” file you’ll find within it. This will start the installation process.
  • Follow the steps mentioned on the screen to install the application and agree to the terms and conditions. Note that before installing you need to delete the older version so you can work fresh and clear.
  • If you face any problem especially in  Windows 10 then have a look at Intuit’s section on error 5954. With their help you’ll learn how to enable Microsoft .Net 3.5 and will then be able to install the File Doctor easily.
  • When the install finishes, double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to open the tool hub and if it is not available there then search it from the start menu and open it. Now you are ready to analyse and diagnose the problems you were facing earlier.

How to use Quickbooks File Doctor?

  • Double click on the app and now use the drop down option you’ll find at the top left and with the help of that access the list of company files. This list will normally contain the recent company files you have opened and if you don’t find the desirable results you can select the browse option and can locate it manually and then continue.
  • After selecting your company file,it gives three options. You can either choose ‘both file damage and network connectivity’, or you can choose ‘network connectivity only’ or ‘ check file damage only’. The first one will be the right option to choose if you think that your company file is damaged and you are seeing 6xxx errors like -6000, -82, -6150, -6000 305, etc. The other option is for when you think the problem is with the network and see errors like H202, H303, H505.Usually you just want to just check for file damage only.
  • If your file is password protected you need to enter essential login details including admin password for your host system.
  • If your file comes from an older version than file doctor will suggest you to update it to a newer version but it is on your choice whether you do this or not, this step is optional. This can take a few minutes depending upon the size of  your file.
  • If you choose to upgrade your file and you have more than one version of Quickbooks on your system file doctor will ask you which one you would like to open the file.
  • It makes you choose between Workstation and host/server. You have to choose the correct option to get the efficient results in less time. If this is not physically stored or hosted in the machine then choose workstation otherwise the other option.
  • Then it begins to diagnose your file which doesn’t take more than 2 min in usual.
  • It may have following results-
    • Didn’t found any problem
    • Did find the problem and able to resolve it 
    • Did find the problem and wasn’t able to resolve it.

After successfully diagnosing your problem it is a good practice to take a backup of your file for smooth running of work in future.


Quickbooks file Doctor is an excellent tool for diagnosing all your quickbooks file related errors and problems, but even if your problem is not resolved you can always contact Quickbooks customer care on [quickbooks or email them they are available 24*7 for their customers you will get the expert advice for all your queries.

We hope you found the content useful!!

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