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July 9, 2019by J.Smith0

QuickBooks file doctor is the tool that is used to troubleshoot the Quickbook issues. In a company, there is a lot of files that necessary to manage but sometimes we get the error when the process that file. The tool was introduced by Intuit in the year 2012 to repair corrupted and damaged company files. By using this tool, you can repair, resolve and recover your file data. QBFD is the solution for most common errors in QuickBooks like corrupted data, damaged company files, and network errors. QuickBooks diagnostic tool is a previous version of the file doctor tool.

QB file doctor helps in

Keys for before you installing the file doctor

  1. If you have installed the QuickBooks file doctor then delete it before you install the latest version of the file. Because this tool does not support more than one version on the same PC.
  2. After the released the new version of the QuickBooks file doctor user can use it as an external and internal tool on the computer.
  3. The tool is useful for fixing error 6000 preventing open the company on your computer. In this case, your internal file doctor is more precise. If your external file doctor doesn’t work on your computer then you can get help from the QuickBooks customer service. And you can use the internal file doctor.

How to download and install QuickBooks File Doctor:

Download the QBFD. After download, the completed of the tool click on qbfd.exe to install. Read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions.

  • For entering into the QuickBooks File doctor first you have to know your login details.
  • After submitting your login detail go to the file diagnosis only and click.
  • Go to the next button and click the button.
  • Open the file or browse the file from your system.
  • After uploading the file if there is not an issue then we have to login back.

QuickBooks file doctor can detect the problem and solve it from its own.

How to use the QuickBooks file doctor

Open QuickBooks file on your computer. If the tool is not installed in your system then you have to install it. check the instruction above for installing process.

After installing QuickBooks file doctor opens automatically on your computer. If the QuickBooks file does not open in your computer then got to the green wrench icon in the window taskbar.

Find the company file by using the drop-down list  if you are not able to find your company file 

Then should be searching manually. After finding the file you will be select the following

  • Both file damage and network connectivity
  • Network connectivity only

After selecting the option you need to enter the admin password for your company file and click on the Next button. Then you will be a select either workstation or host/server. If your file running on the workstation then you should be select to a workstation. If your file running on host/server you will be select to host/server option on your QuickBooks file doctor.

Now it will take the permission for diagnosing company file

Click YES, if you are ready for fixing the error and your file doctor running on the host computer or server computer. Click on

No, if the file of the company is not hosted by the File Doctor.

Wait while the QB file doctor finishes his work. Waiting time depends on your file size, network speed. If your file running on the data damage and network option then you should wait until the work finished. Because of the company file will be diagnosed and repair it.

After repairing the file you can process on that file it is ready for implementation. If the same issue is remaining in a file then you should call on QuickBooks customer support service. They have expert and the well-qualified technician who solve your issue immediately. 

QB tool is compatible with

QuickBooks file doctor is not compatible with any version of the QuickBooks for MAC

After the released of the QuickBooks desktop 2016, QuickBooks file doctor is compatible with any type of window on pc.

List of issue solve by the QuickBooks file doctor

All type of file error 

  • Connection issue
    • Its solve the -6150: your installation gets damage.
    • -6000-82 provides appropriate access to your QuickBooks application.
    • -6000-302 the file you are looking for has changed its location.
    • You are unable to restore your backup.
    • Reconfiguration of your windows firewall.
  • Company file damage issue
  • The file corrupts.
  • 4.Unable to installation.
  • 5.Unable to update.
  • 6.Employee list missing entries and their information.
  • You are not able to access the QuickBooks database server manager
  • Multi-user error occurs
  • Facing empty customer list problem.etc

NOTE: If you are facing the issue with the installation procedure then you should have to use this tool. File doctor fixes the installation issues very easily and without taking much time. But you should ensure that it not been caused due to software or windows glitch.

  • The H series of errors can solve by QuickBooks doctor file. It also solves –6000, 6000 -82,-6000 -301.
  • This tool is very easy to manage to solve the error.

Limitation of the QuickBooks file doctor

  1. For repairing the company file, file doctor use the internet connection if your computer system doesn’t connect to the network then you are not able to repair the file
  2. QuickBooks file doctor also considers the file size. The company file size does not greater than 2GB.
  3. You can not install more than one version on your computer. File doctor does not allow to install multiple versions of the file.
  4. It only supports .qbw and .qbd file format.
  5. File doctor is you to fix the error the diagnose the company file but same time it is not able to fix some issue then it needs personal assistance to fix that issue
  6. File doctor is required administrator access to use.


I hope in this blog I fulfill all your queries related to the QuickBooks File doctor and I hope now you don’t face any problem for installing this is you face such problem kindly make a contact to our customer care pro advisor they examine your problem and they make you fully satisfied regarding your queries. you can either call them or you can make a chat with them our customer service team is always there for their customers.

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