Today in this article, we will discuss the unexpected QuickBooks event log error 4. This article is rereferred by Uberaudit QuickBooks experts. So if you are a victim of QuickBooks event log error 4 then read the article till the end.

QuickBooks event log error 4 occurs when there is a problem with the .Net Framework 4.0 in Windows 7. It is one such error that you may face very frequently. But there is nothing to worry about because, here are the reasons, and solutions to the problem. Read, and learn, about the causes, signs, and solutions to the problem.

Signs, Reasons, & Solutions to the QuickBooks Event Log Error 4

We have given all the signs, reasons and solutions about the event log error to get all the details. All details will make you easy to fix the problem. Let’s go to get the proper idea;

Why the QuickBooks Event ID 4 Log Error Occurs

QuickBooks event 4 log error can be occur due different reasons. We need to find the right one, so that we can use the appropriate solution to fix the error

Here we have given some of the reasons to the error

  • The components of the window are not functioning properly.
  • QuickBooks file damaged or corrupted.
  • There are incomplete QuickBooks desktop installations.
  • Through virus or other malware, the system is infected.
  • In the windows registry, there are some errors.
  • Through some other programs, QuickBooks files have been deleted.

What are the Signs to Detect the Event Log Error 4 in QuickBooks

A user can easily detect this error by its signs, or the symptoms. Check all of the signs. if you are facing all of these signs then you should be aware from the event log error 4.

  • It displayed the error message with the error code on the screen.
  • The ongoing window cracked suddenly.
  • QuickBooks desktop frost could be seen as soon as possible.
  • QuickBooks not answering or works at a lumbering pace.
  • When you start the system it crashes repeatedly.
  • Another symptom can be the system not answering keyboard inputs.

How to Fix QuickBooks Log Error 4

Here we have given more than 1 method to fix the problem. So go for the methods and try to fix the problem.

Method 1: Reinstall .NET Framework On Windows

The first method is to reinstall the .NET Framework on Windows. You can follow the below procedure to do it.

  • Open the ongoing window and type appwiz.cpl in the dialog box and click Enter key.
  • After clicking the enter key the new window opens, and click on Add/Remove under the Programs and Featured list.
  • Then find Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5, click on it. If the latest version is available, detect it.
  • And then, click Uninstall.
  • When it is uninstalled then restart your system.
  • Open ongoing Windows again and type control panel.
  • After that again click on Add or Remove Windows feature detect on the left side of the Windows.
  • Go to the list and click Microsoft.NET.Framework.
  • Then tick marks the first and second box.
  • And click OK.
  • When it is over, click on ‘Finish’.
  • After doing the whole process, restart your system and open the QB Integration Manager.

Method 2: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

There is another solution to troubleshoot the problem, and that is by running the install diagnostic tool of QuickBooks. This tool can diagnose all the installation issues regarding QuickBooks. Run the tool by following the below process;

  • Firstly, download QuickBooks install the diagnostic tool, and then install it in your system.
  • After that follow the instructions given on your window and install it.
  • When it is installed, then exit all the applications running in the background.
  • Once it is done then run install diagnostic tools to troubleshoot all your problems and restart your computer.

Method 3: Run Quick Fix My Program From Tool Hub 

There is another tool , which can also fix the error easily. Here is the procedure to run the tool hub:

  • Close your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After this download the QuickBooks tool hub program.
  • Then run the downloaded file QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  • And now, you have to click on Agree on the terms and conditions options.
  • Select the destination folder in order to install the tool hub. And click the Next button pardon.
  • After that, click on the install button to start the process of installation.
  • After installing successfully on your system. A message appears on your desktop Window.
  • Then double click on the tool hub icon and click to open the QuickBooks tool hub program.
  • And now, go to the program problems tab and select Quick Fix my Program options.
  • At last, let the tool run. When the process is complete then your problem will be resolved.

Steps to be Followed, If the Error Continues

– In the case of error continues to pop up then in that case to follow these steps which are given below:-

  • Firstly, you have to update QuickBooks to the latest version available. If the software cracked while login, then downloads the update from intuit’s QuickBooks website.
  • The second step is the user wants to download QuickBooks install Diagnostic tool from the official website. 
  • After that, run the tool, before this the user is required to close and open programs.
  • And then followed by rebooting the system.
  • And check also that the error continues.
  • If the error is still carrying on then reinstall QB accounting software with the help of a clean install tool. The user is required to make sure that it has the Installation CD and License number, before uninstalling the same, you have to reinstall the software. And also you make sure that before executing the task take a backup of the company.

Final Words

So this was the article about the QuickBooks event log error 4. Hope you find it helpful, and now you are able to fix the QuickBooks event log error 4 easily. Still, if you need any help or support regarding this issue then you can get QuickBooks expert support from Uberaudit for an instant and effective troubleshooting solution.

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