QuickBooks Server Busy error comes on the display. For example, Action couldn’t be completed as the other program is busy. This pop-up message comes on the display. Two several factors count in this error.

  • lead this error
  • specific steps are required to rectify it.

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We know that QuickBooks server busy error is hard to specify. It is recommended the systematically understanding the cause and then come to the solution. QuickBooks Error Server Busy occurs due to the encounter between the QuickBooks update manager and some other programs working parallelly to your system.

A server busy message may show up if QuickBooks can’t finish the information trade process. There can be various reasons for this error message. In a multi-client situation, if you get server busy error in QuickBooks that it implies that the company file is being used by another client

Causes of QuickBooks error server busy

  • Updates-  During the windows updates when the internet going not good and security programs are hindering QuickBooks from updates, or updating software or downloading updates.
  • Multiple users- The multiple computers are hosting the QuickBooks company files or components. When someone is accessing the company file and another one is trying to open it. An error message comes with the server is busy.
  • Conflict- This is another scenario where errors come up with Intuit ProSeries (US) or profiles (Canada) can be a cause of conflict.
  • Enough resources- A network that does not has enough resources to run QuickBooks Desktop might lead to errors on desktop.
  • Firewall security can block the hosting of the QuickBooks updates.
  • Lack of resources to establish a QuickBooks desktop to run.

How can we fix QuickBooks server busy error

QuickBooks (QB) server busy error is an expected one in a multi-user mode. If you receive the pop-up message or error message then perform the given below solution.

Solution 1- Shut down all open programs

  • Close all the programs, which were running inside the system. And close some additional programs, like Norton security, Google Desktop, vista security, Pivot software control, Windows defender and so on.
  • Try using ‘selective start-up’ in windows and you may stop IntuitFCS.
  • The Webroot Spy Sweeper may also cause this to correct this issue you can try to disable it or run in the Gamer Mode temporarily.

Solution 2- Windows are updated or not

We can check the window. The window has installed updates or not. If the window is not updated and installation is required then complete it first and after that restart your computer and check if the updates are happening. If updates are not required then move on to the next solution.

Solution 3- Check the QB desktop components

  • First, You have to shut down the QB desktop component.
  • And then close the data file and exit.
  • Go to the text bar with a right-click on the window taskbar and select the task manager.
  • Click the process tab.
  • and Complete the QB processes.
  • After completing all the things done restart the QB desktop and open the file.

Solution 4- Remove/dismiss QB Update agent showing ‘Server busy’ message

  • Click on the start button and select the all program option.
  • Now select the startup.
  • After that, Click the right-key on QB and check the update agent.
  • Select and delete the shortcut button.
  • Now you have share updates on QuickBooks desktop.
  • Go to the help menu and click for ‘update’.
  • Click the option button
  • And the last is going to  ‘Shared download option,’ select ‘NO, or click it and close.

Solution 5- Check, if Intuit ProSeries is there on the computer.

  • Click the right button and check the ‘windows task manager’  for which year is the XX Intuit ProSeries software installed. It will appear as qbpsevntXXr.exe. The year of the executable (XX) in a file name.
  • And open the explorer browser.
  • Open the “intuit pro series” folder of the year.
  • After that open the 32-bit folder.
  • Now Search for qbpseventXXr.exe, if you find it right-click and select it ‘’
  • And at the end of this renaming the file and add.
  • Now terminate the window explorer.

The action plan if the above solution has not to resolve the issue of trying the following actions with the guidance.

In the case, if you did all of the 5 solutions and you didn’t get the solution or you are still at the point of zero.

  • You can Boot the SafeMode from Windows with Networking and start QB Desktop, and then restart the  Windows in normal mode will often solve the problem.
  • Work in the windows selective start-up while running the QB (QuickBooks) desktop and safe mode of the window.
  • Scan the hard drive to rectify this temporarily disable the software if the problem is sorted. if it is a dispute with the Scanning software that we need to be corrected.


Hey guys, I hope you will understand what I want to explain in this blog lets recap all the things that we read out in this blog first we read What is QuickBooks error server busy? after that, we discussed the causes of the QB errors then we discuss how we can make remedies from them. after discussing all the major points about the topic you still facing the problem kindly contact our verified QuickBooks error support team to get a complete solution. They were always ready for giving the solution to their customers.

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