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Learn here to fix QuickBooks Error 80029c4a. It all happening when you want to open QuickBooks but it won’t open. You may see the Error code 80029c4a on your display. We all are aware of the importance of QuickBooks in small and medium-sized business accounting. With the help of QuickBooks, you can create invoices, pay bills, manage your inventory and much more. But there are some issues or errors you might face when working on your accounting software. Don’t worry we are are to help you out of this, you can resolve this error by following the giving instructions. First of all, you have to start troubleshooting with your anti-virus. Check your anti-virus if it is working or not. If this will not help you to resolve the issue then reinstalling your QuickBooks software is the only option you have. Follow the instruction for reinstall QuickBooks: 

Error Msg: QuickBooks error code 80029c4a

Error msg: QuickBooks error code 80029c4a

Symptoms and causes of QuickBooks error code 80029c4a

There are several symptoms that are encountered due to error 80029c4a. Few of them, are included below:-


  1. There is a message shown on your screen and tells that Error 80029c4a found
  2. Running program will begin to crashes
  3. If your system frequently crashes
  4. Windows runs and responds slow
  5. Your system gets hanged for a while.


There are lots of causes that encounters error 80029c4a one of the most common reason is blocking and deletion of QuickBooks Pro software executable files by anti-virus program that marks them unsafe. Check these causes to know the reason behind the error.

There are several other reasons are also there we have listed them below:-

  • This Error 80029c4a key only occurred when there is a corrupted QuickBooks File or file is missing
  • QuickBooks is not installed properly on your system.
  • If your window registry is corrupted.
  • If your file deleted mistakenly from your system.
  • Incomplete antivirus installation or it won’t work properly.

Learn to Fix QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

 Process of fixing the QuickBooks error is very simple for those who follow the user guide and those who don’t follow the user guide they make their problem so critical. let’s get started how to fix QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a the most important part. Follow the following solution steps very carefully mentioned below. Although these steps are pretty simple.

 If you found that the error 80029c4a occurred by which your system does not work you don’t have to take worry because we have got you covered. Start by Checking your Antivirus Software. If that does not work, you will walk you through how to reinstall Quickbooks Desktop.

Solution-1: Update your Anti-Virus or security software and rescan your computer

One of the most common reasons for encountering  QuickBooks code 80029c4a is marking of QuickBooks Executable files unsafe by anti-virus. If you are unaware of how to solve this issue then follow the following instructions:-

  • Right-Click on your Anti-virus Software icon.
  • Goto the updates section and clicks on update.
  • When the updation of your anti-virus got completed to make a full scan of your system with the help of that anti-virus.
  • Check whether anti-virus included any of the QuickBooks files or not
  • If yes then goto solution number
  •  when you find that antivirus could not find any QuickBook files then restart the system and open QuickBooks software again and check whether QB error is eliminated or not.

IMPORTANT: It is important to consult the User’s Guide before you proceed to make any changes in your security software or antivirus system.

Solution-2: Run Reboot.bat

In this solution for removing Error 80029c4a, we would use reboot.bat file from the  QuickBooks Pro Software program files. If you want to solve the error then follow the given steps.

  • Close QuickBooks Window.
  • Now, firstly- Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon to open menu
  • Click on  Open file location option.
  • search the reboot.bat file from the file location.
  • make a Right-click on the reboot.bat file and then
  • choose the option run as administrator.
  • Now grant admin access.
  • Now, The QuickBooks pro software will automatically reboot.
  • Once the reboot process gets completed.
  • Restart your computer.

Solution-3: Repair your QuickBooks Pro Software

Now after doing the after last two solutions if the error remains then repair your QuickBooks Pro software to remove QuickBooks Error Code 80029a4c. Follow the following instruction carefully. It’s quite simple ahead:- 

  • Firstly, you have to Close QuickBooks pro software
  • Now, go-to search bar and write control panel
  • And Open the Control Panel 
  • select the Uninstall of changing the program menu.
  • Select QuickBooks in the list of programs shown in  the menu
  • Right-click on QuickBooks and click on Uninstall/Change
  • Click Next, In the QuickBooks installation window,
  • Now, click on next and then
  • select the Repair option from the radio button,
  • Now the repair process will start
  • After completion of the process, click Finish.
  •  after following all the steps you find that your error should be solved you just need to reboot your system.
  • Verify QuickBooks software by  Opening your QuickBooks Pro software

Solution-4: Perform a clean install of QuickBooks Desktop

 If no steps helps you for removing the QuickBooks error code 8002a4c. Then install the QuickBooks Pro software again. if you don’t know how to do it you don’t have to anywhere kindly follow the mentioned steps carefully:

First of all, uninstall QuickBooks from your machine. For uninstalling QuickBooks: 

  1. Go to Search and type uninstall
  2. Select uninstall app
  3. Now uninstall QuickBooks by clicking on the QuickBooks and Select uninstall
  4. follow the steps and you can easily delete your software from your software.

After uninstalling the QuickBooks.  make sure that you reboot your system before installing the new QuickBooks Pro software.

  1. Click on Software Setup File of the QuickBooks Pro software which is pre-downloaded by you.
  2. And start the setup

 After successfully installation dfill all your details and all put your license number into it after that update your QuickBooks Pro Software.  After following these steps you can easily eliminate this QuickBooks error code 80029c4a completely from your system.

I hope all the information given by me is enough for you to resolve the Quickbooks error 80029c4a if not then kindly contact our customer care advisors. They definitely help you out. We hope that this article has provided you with the information you were looking for about QuickBooks Error 80029c4a.

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