QuickBooks is an optimal software for performing accounting services suitable for businesses ranging from small scale to large. The software has made its mark in the market for its various unique and useful features. However, being technology, the application comes across some glitches and bugs of its own, like any other. One such glitch QuickBooks tends to face is the Error Code 6150.

Error 6150 is a commonly encountered bug that may occur due to various reasons. The error prevents the users from opening the Company File, causing them to panic due to incomplete information. It is important to understand that the issue should be resolved instantly as it may hinder your workflow. So, in this article, we have gathered all the necessary data on the subject for you. Before we dig into the solution, we must first understand what the QuickBooks Error 6150 is.

What Is The QB Error Code 6150?

Often users come across the QuickBooks error 6150 when creating, opening, or using the Company File. Many factors such as a corrupted file, virus, installation error, etcetera can cause the issue to erupt. When prompted, the error appears on the screen the following way.

Additional Error Information

Name – QuickBooks Error 6150

Error Code – -6150, -1006

Software – QuickBooks Accounting Software

Developer – Intuit Inc.

Applies To – Windows Vista, XP, 7 & 8

What Causes The Error?

A number of points can lead to the error code 6150. Following is the list of some of those possibilties.

  • A damaged or corrupted Company File.
  • The installation of QuickBooks Desktop is corrupt.
  • A virus attack on the Company File.
  • Entering wrong extension for the QB file.
  • User attempting to save the QuickBooks Macintosh file.
  • If the user is trying to open a portable file, but without accessing the software.
  • The system has been attacked with a virus.

Identifying The Error 6150

You can always identify the error if you are aware of its symptoms and causes. By knowing and having a proper understanding of the issue, we can rectify it with more efficiency. Have a look at the points shown below to know-

  • The Company File is unable to open.
  • The screen constantly freezes for a few seconds.
  • The Windows run sluggishly.
  • The connected devices, such as the mouse and keyboard, respond slowly.

Fixing The Error

There are so many methods available to fix this error. We have listed some common methods to encounter this error in the easiest way. Here are 4 simple steps to follow. Let’s Begin.

Step 1- Change QuickBooks Files Location

  • Find the location files where it’s saved with QuickBooks file extension .qbw
  • Now, open the directory that has a company file.
  • Copy the file on the desktop.
  • Paste the file on the desktop location.
  • Open/restore the existing company and move to the desktop.
  • Press the Ctrl key for a few seconds to open QuickBooks. This will prompt open the no company open window.
  • Open an existing Company File and restore it.
  • Open the company file from the desktop now.
  • Restart your computer system after updating your computer drivers and you should be able to use your QuickBooks. If the error still exists, move to the next phase.

Step 2- Check for CryptoWall 

In rare cases, the CryptoWall virus and other malicious software can cause Error -6150, -1006, and prevent you from opening QuickBooks. Do these quick checks so you can decide on the next steps.

  1. Click on the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Type File Explorer into search and hit open.
  3. Inside the File, explorer searches for the Quickbooks folder and open your QuickBooks folder. It’s usually on your C: drive.
  4. Look for files that contain words like “decrypt” or “instructions” (.txt or .html).

If you come across the virus, then reach an anti-virus expert and take help with him to remove the virus. And if you don’t see any files that fit this description, your computer is fine. Move on to the next step. The error 6150 on your screen may be due to some virus attack or malware infection on your computer. The virus invades the crucial sanctum of information and can also delete or damage the registry or run time files. Run a scan on your computer and get rid of all the Viruses, Adware, and Malware. So, scan your computer for viruses and take proper action to resolve them.

Step 3- Use Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

Use an automatic data recovery copy for future reference. Before this, you have to remember that you have to take a backup of your file to restore them when it faces an error. There are two ways for you to restore the deleted QuickBooks data files. You have to first understand the two ways.

  • ADR tool utilizes your current data transaction log file and a copy of the company file to restore the lost transaction.
  • It also restores all the transactions except those which are done in the last few hours. And, In this case, it uses a copy of both files, the transaction log file, and the company file.  

Use the instructions as shown here to successfully restore your data with Quickbooks auto data recovery tool.

 Step 4- Restore Data Manually

  • In QuickBooks Desktop software, open the File tab clicks Open or Restore Company File.
  • Select Restore a Backup Copy and then click on Next.
  • Make sure the checkbox of the Local Backup is selected and then select Next.
  • Now locate and select the backup of your Company file.
  • Open the file and move further by clicking on Next.
  • Now click Save in a drop-down list and select the location to save the backup company file.
  • Now under the File Name field, type a name of the file by which you want to create a backup (choose a name which you can remember in future easily) and click Save.
  • On the Confirm Save as Window, click Yes.
  • Restore from this file later on.

Final Note

If your problem is not resolved through the above steps and you are still seeing QuickBooks Error 6150 appear on your computer screen, contact our QuickBooks support team to troubleshoot your QuickBooks Error 6150 on Toll-Free Phone number. Our team of experts works 24×7 for our valuable Customer. You can also contact us if you have any other queries related to QuickBooks.

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