QuickBooks Error 6129 is a generally occurring error and it shows up when you are trying to create a new QuickBooks company file. In addition, it can also happen when you are trying to open an available file in QuickBooks. In this post, we will discuss how to recover from QuickBooks Error 6129.

QuickBooks Accounting Software manages to account for an organization in an easy way. The software provides error-free work and is used by retailers, contractors, wholesalers, and much more. But, sometimes QuickBooks gives some errors and users are able to continue their work on the software. And, QuickBooks Error 6129 is one of the common errors.

What is QuickBooks Error 6129?

QuickBooks Error 6129 displays when database connection verification fails or QuickBooks tries to access the company file. Because of this error, we are not able to open company records. If you are on a network that is most likely the cause of a network problem where it can’t find the server or computer that holds the file. So, in this blog, we will understand how to rectify QuickBooks Error 6129 from your QuickBooks. Going on to the solutions, we will first analyze the symptoms and causes behind this error.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6129:-

There are several reasons which are as follows-

  • All the computers used in multi-user configuration mode are not using the latest QuickBooks versions.
  • Because of data files with a corrupted network.
  • Due to a mismatch between clients.
  • A company files upgraded to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop using a Non-Windows Administrator file.
  • Damaged network data file(.ND)
  • Incorrect or failed installation.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6129:-

These are the following symptoms when this error occurs-

  • Your computer generally crashes with QuickBooks Error 6129, on running the same program.
  • The computer freezes periodically.
  • These errors appear to crash an active program window.
  • Slow window functioning and mouse or keyboard responses are

Fix QuickBooks Error 6129

There are tons of troubleshooting steps to repair this error. Before proceeding to the steps, confirm all QuickBooks Installation in your computers has been upgraded to the updated QuickBooks version.

Solution 1:- Sign in to Windows as an administrator

  • Try opening another company file.
  • You have to sign in to Windows as an administrator to upgrade your company file. 
  • In case, you do not have administrator login, go to support for windows or an IT professional for help.

Solution 2:- You can do this solution when you practice an easy-step interview

  • Hit on ‘Leave’ when you are in the easy-step window.
  • A message of ‘save the file?’ will pop up. Click on the ‘Yes’ option.
  • Write a file name and, then ‘hit’ on a save option.

Solution 3:- If you access safe mode on Windows, inactive antivirus, and other software.

  • Start your computer in a safe mode.
  • Deactivate your antivirus software
  • Make the new company file.
  • Restart your new computer in normal mode.
  • Lastly, open QuickBooks and the company file.

Solution 4:- Change the name of the QuickBooks Network Descriptor(.ND) file.

  • Look your hard drive on your computer that the QuickBooks file folder for a file named .nd
  • Rename the file, after the right click on the .nd file with a previous name of the company file and select rename.
  • Write .OLD at the top of the file name then hit enter on your computer.
  • If you use the same company file on multiple computers, perform the next steps.
  • If you access QuickBooks only on one computer, you’ll open the corporate file now.
  • Click on the windows start button and select program followed by QuickBooks and then click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Choose the scan folder option
  • You can also create the new company file by just clicking on the Add folder.
  • Hit on the ‘Scan’ option.
  • Press ‘close’ when the scan is done.
  • At last, open the company file.

Solution 5:- Make another folder and move the QuickBooks company file

  • Make another new folder.
  • Change the QuickBooks company files to the newly created folder.
  • If you are using QuickBooks on one computer, it is tranquil to open the QuickBooks company file using the new folder.
  • But, if you’re accessing an equivalent file on a multi-system, you’ve got to perform subsequent step
  • Hit the windows start button and choose the program followed by QuickBooks and at last ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’.
  • Go for the scan option.
  • If there is no folder that comprehends the company file, click on the ‘Add folder’ option to add it.
  • Click on the ‘Scan’ option.
  • When the scan is completed, hit on the ‘close’ option.
  • At last open the QuickBooks company file.

Solution 6:- Confirm that all the computer system is working on one domain

You should get in touch with a Network Administrator or an IT professional to add your computer systems to the domain.

Ending Words!!

In this article, we have discussed solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 6129 with easy steps. We hope you read this article thoroughly and understood the steps mentioned above. Now you are able to resolve the error on your own.

QuickBooks Error 6129
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