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QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by intuit. in this software mainly used by small and mid-size businesses. you can manage expenses, cash flow, create invoices and see your profit or loss. But sometimes we try to open the QuickBooks company file the user set the QuickBooks error 6000 when opening a company file.

What is QuickBooks Error 6000

QuickBooks error 6000 is a common error that will come to the QuickBooks software. It occurs when we have been trying to open the company file then an error comes on the new window popup. There are numbers of different error that might occur, all pertaining to the 6000 series.

Error Massage: QuickBooks Error 6000

See in the upper image, An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. In this problem persists, contact QuickBooks support to get help to resolve this error or any other errors you are facing. If we can find the problem, then click the details button for more information to provide Intuit technical support to help diagnose the error.

If you are trying to establish a connection to a company file, then you cannot contact the server like- Hosting and QuickBooks files. Several issues can cause these errors.

When I just upgraded my QuickBooks software older version to the new version. Then I am trying to open my company file, which is hosted on a company server. I select the file from the menubar and get found many errors. The solution posted to this error says to go to the File menu on my computer, then change the hosting mode. So, In this condition to get help the Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

Sometimes, like other software, QuickBooks also gives some errors to the users.

One of the common errors is Error 6000 when opening the company file. It is always recommended to fix it as soon as possible to continue work on QuickBooks.

Error number 6000 Error
Error name QuickBooks error code 6000
Developer Intuit
Software QuickBooks 
Window platform Windows XP, Vista, window 7, window 8

Cause of the Error 6000

Many types of causes for QuickBooks error 6000 when opening a company file, the name given below

  • May be damaged company file
  • Multiple users for the company data files
  • Quickbooks installation was incomplete
  • Server down connection
  • Company data conversion over internet connectivity
  • Company file (.qbw) has been damaged
  • Your firewall is blocking the connection.
  • .TLG file is corrupted.


There are many types of symptoms for Quickbooks error 6000 when opening the company file name as given below.

  • Whenever the QuickBooks error 6000 is displayed, so damaged the program window.
  • The error comes to the new window popup on the screen as windows installation error code 6000
  • Any platform like windows is automatically run slowly and respond at a very slow pace working to the mouse or keyboard input.
  • While comes the error 6000, System freezes for some time.

Fix QuickBooks error 6000

Given below-mentioned troubleshooting steps for the Quickbooks error 6000, when you trying to open the company file.

SOLUTION 1: First open the company file

  • Client needs to open the folder that contains the required company file.
  • Now, to help of the extension of QBW, find the file.
  • Select the file and click on copy.
  • Then right-click on the desktop of the system and click on Paste.
  • Start Quickbooks so you are direct automatically to the No company opens the window while holding the control key.
  • Get back to the existing company.
  • Now, find the company files you first copied, open it and then navigate to the desktop.

SOLUTION 2: Copy the QuickBooks File on the Desktop

  • Client needs to open the folder that contains the company file.
  • Next, find the file with the extension.QBW
  • Select the file and then select copy. Now go to the screen, right-click anywhere on the screen and then paste the file.
  • Now, hold the control key, open QuickBooks and you are then direct to the no company open windows.
  • Lastly, open the extension company file that you are copied and then open.


  • On your pc create a new folder in the drive c
  • Now open the folder where the company file is saved.
  • Find the location of qbw file.
  • Now right click on the extension file then select copy.
  • Open the new folder, then right-click then paste.
  • Now open QuickBooks desktop and open the form new location.


Now in this condition, the pc is reinstalled and then scratch and swipe away the current state of the software. 

I hope that now you can fix this QuickBooks Error 6000 by yourself and back to your work. If you are still facing this error then connect to our QuickBooks error support team at toll-free QuickBooks Online customer service number.

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