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November 6, 2019by J.Smith0

QuickBooks Error 1935 this error occurs when the system finds an error during the installation process. After that, it shut down the system where the program runs behind or not. And also, This error occurs when you are installing the windows operating system. This is all happened just because your system needs the .NET Framework. Error 1935 mostly occurs when the window Operating system gets corrupted or gets damaged. 

Error 1935 is also named as Run time error. Whenever the system found the occurrence of Error 1935. It will show some messages on your screen like as:-

  • Alert:  An error occurred while downloading the assembly.
  • Alert: cannot install QuickBooks and .NET Framework.
  • Error:  .NET Framework Requirement.

When You face such type of error usually you search for the solution of this error online, and also you make a contact with the Technical support team of this software and consult with them regarding this software. In this blog, we will discuss some easy steps to get rid of this problem. And also we discuss some reason for the occurrence of this QuickBooks Error 1935. Now, let’s get started with some Symptoms of this Error in 1935.

Symptoms: Error 1935

Here are some symptoms of Error 1935 which helps you to find that error occurs is Error 1935 of not.

  • Your system gets freeze for a while.
  • A pop-up error message appears and shows that “QuickBooks face a problem and need to shut down”.
  • Whenever you run a program your computer may crashes.
  • You see the pop-up message of Error 1935.
  • Windows start giving a slow response to the mouse and become slow.
  • A pop-up message that contains a message “QuickBooks needs shutdown for preventing the computer.
  • When the Error 1935 occurs, it shut down the active program.

These are some Symptoms by which you can easily say that your system gets infected by Error 1935. Now, let’s move on towards some causes of the Error 1935.

Causes: Error 1935

Here are some symptoms of Error 1935 which is very helpful for you to find out the causes of this error. 

  • Windows system file gets damage.
  • Entries of some corrupted system files.
  • Issues on file occurring due to damaged system files. 
  • Missing and improperly linked information in the system files.
  • Windows system files got deleted or maybe got corrupted.
  • Apps deleted improperly.
  • Incomplete installation process either of hardware or software.

These are some causes of error in 1935 by which you can easily predict how much this error affects the system. Now heading towards and discuss the solutions of the error 1935.

Fix QuickBooks Error 1935

In this section, we will discuss some solutions by which we can resolve the QuickBooks Error 1935. Let’s get started.

Solution 1:-

  • First, you have to open the Run Command by pressing the window button and the R key.
  • When the box appears, type “MSConfig” and hit the OK button.
  • Then Click on Startup, select general Tab, then load system services, and in the last click on load startup items.
  • Click on the service tab And Choose Hide all Microsoft services and select the Disableoption.
  • Unmark the Hide all Microsoft services from the checkBox.
  • Then see the list of services and make sure that the windows installer checkBox is marked if not then mark it. And then Ok.
  • Click on restart in the system configuration window and then restart.
  • After restarting, again install your QuickBooks software.
  • Again open the run command box and search MSConfig. Press Ok
  • Choose Startup then select general Tab and click OK.

Solution 2:-

  • Restart your system.
  • Start Installation of the software.
  • If you have any antivirus installed into your system kindly disable them for a while moment. After installation of the software, you can make it Enable to your antivirus.

Solution 3:-

  • First You have to click on the start button.
  • Then click on the search button and type Update, you will find that a dialogue box appears that is Windows update dialogue box. 
  • If you see that the updates are available then you can easily update your software if not then the software does not require any update.
  • By clicking on Install update you can easily update your software.

Solution 4:-

  1. Restart and again perform the Installation process of QuickBooks which shows Error 1935.
  2. Make sure that the antivirus of your system is disabled during the installation process of the software. 
  3. Again Install QuickBooks software and also install .NET Framework. (If not present in the system).
  4. Restart your anti-virus again after the installation of QuickBooks software and .NET Frameworks.

Solution 5:-

  • You have to refresh your .NET structure to the most recent version.
  • Now search for the net structure site.
  • Now you have to download Web Installer. 
  • Read all the instructions shown on your screen and introduce the .NET to your system.


In this blog, I try to give some basic knowledge about the QuickBooks Error 1935. And also in this, we discuss its symptoms, its causes, and some solution by which we can easily resolve this Error in 1935. If you face any other error in QuickBooks software like QuickBooks Error 15273, and much more kindly contact our customer service ProAdvisor which were always ready for giving their proper guidance to their customer.

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