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September 20, 2019by J.Smith0

QuickBooks Error 1904 this software mainly shows the error file/components or the improper file location. When you are installing the QuickBooks desktop then QuickBooks Error 1904 mostly occurs. But don’t worry about your accounting data and file, it will be in good shape. After happening this type of error we can easily fix this error. QuickBooks Error 1904 is a very common error which is most of the QuickBooks Users face at least once. So let’s see why it’s happening and what is the cause of QuickBooks Error 1904. Get help from a professional to resolve this at our toll-free QuickBooks customer service if you are in a hurry and want to save your time.

Why QuickBooks error code 1904 occurred?

When the system becomes unstable and critical, the file gets start missing. This issue happen when your computer did not get maintain often. Then it shows the damaged file, or, component and the improper file location. So the problem you are facing will get fix otherwise you can’t able to use QuickBooks accounting software. And then the QuickBooks Error 1904 will come.

Cause of QuickBooks Error 1904

  • Low maintenance of the system is the main cause of Error 1904.
  • When the system will unstable.
  • When the system will critical.
  • Cause the incorrect file.
  • You can encounter this error if you trying to install QuickBooks software on your computer.
  • While Upgrading the system.
  • Don’t reboot the computer.
  • It occurs due to many disk space on your system.
  • Damaged components of Microsoft visual c++.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904?

You can fix this error by following the steps which are given below.

Before starting to fix the problem, if any cases apply to you then you must have to skip the cases which are listed below

  • Did you use Bitdefender
  • Did you installed adobe flash
  • QBversionTool.dll message mention of the Error 1904

Step:1 The automated user solution:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Download the QB repair utility.
  • After scanning complete press the fix repair button.
  • Install the QB program and then scan the program.
  • Again restart your computer.

After completing this step, open the QuickBooks. If it is working means all the problem was fixed. But if it again shows the error means you have to move on the second step which is below.

Step:2 The Manual user solution:

  • Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Manually you have to rename the QuickBooks and intuit folder.
  • Clean the QuickBooks which is installed.
  • Run again the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool.
  • Follow by the QuickBooks fresh installed.

After a manual user solution done, the QB is working then all problems have fixed. But if again showing Error then you have to move on the next step.

Step:3 Change the window account setting:

  • Open the window and click on the start menu.
  • Type “CMD” in the search and right-click on the CMD(Command Prompt) icon and then Run as Administrator.
  • Open a command window and then type “net user administrator” and then press the Enter key. When the command is complete then close the command window.
  • Open once again start menu and select the sign-out.
  • Select the Administrator and sigh in. No need to give a password.

After changing the window account setting, the QuickBooks Error will not show. If it shows again then there is some fault in your system. Otherwise, you can use an alternative way to fix the issue.

An alternative way to fix the Error

  • before implementing the solutions to Fix QB Error 1904 you have to install Hibernate Antivirus or the Security software.
  • for the smooth resolution of QB Error Code 1904, the Multi-user setup shared updates option must be unchecked.
  •  the updates to prevent QuickBooks error code 1904 download the installation source accurately and proper installation of Fine-tune your internet bandwidth.

Some other considered factors to troubleshoot

  • If you have QuickBooks multi-user then updates your QuickBooks on server and workstation.
  • In multi-user setup, update your windows on all the computer running QuickBooks.
  • Run QuickBooks in administrator mode.
  • Refresh, reconnect your internet or LAN connection.


When you upgrade the operating system of the computer where you encounter QuickBooks Error 1904, then the requirement components do not Synchronize. When you are going to use the QuickBooks software then you have to upgrade your system and check no incorrect files are there, and also maintain your Microsoft visual c++. Causes, we discussed both the solution, manual and automated user solution in the blog that talks about QuickBooks error 1904.

I hope the process we mentioned above will help you to fix the problem if still facing the error please contact QuickBooks Error Support team.

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