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October 22, 2019by qb0

QuickBooks error 15243 occurs when QuickBooks File Copy Service is not working well. Error 15243 is usually popup when the user trying to update the latest version of QuickBooks desktop or downloading the latest payroll updates. It may also show up when users exporting transactions to excel. Below we will provide steps to fix Error 15243.

This is the most common error of QuickBooks which is facing by every QuickBooks user. It is a common problem that is faced by users across from time to time. Mostly user facing this kind of glitch while updating security patches, these patches comes with latest features that are not compatible with the software. That’s why the user gets a pop-up window with an error message and after that, the update process will fail. To resolve this type of issues users need to be familiar with tips and techniques.


Various causes due to which QuickBooks error 15243 occurs-

  • Installing incorrect QuickBooks version
  • Intuit QuickBooks File Copy Service is not working properly
  • Intuit QuickBooks File Copy Service is not enabled
  • The company file is damaged
  • User is not logged in as an administrator


Various symptoms of QuickBooks error 15243 that may come across are-

  • Error code 15243 appears on the screen that may crash the windows or freeze it.
  • Windows will work slowly and will respond to the keyboard or mouse hardly.
  • Alert messages will display every time when the user works on QuickBooks.

You may see these error on your screen:

  • The payroll update could not be completed successfully.
  • QuickBooks is damaged or not responding.
  • The update may not be completed successfully. Please try again later.

Fix QuickBooks error 15243

Learn here to fix this error 15243 by applying these given solutions below. You can fix it by using one method or might need to move on others that’s why we are giving you a complete troubleshoot process for the error.

Solution-1: Repair the Registry Entries

  • First of all click on “start”
  • Search “command” in the search area
  • Do not press the enter key
  • Press and hold the “ctrl+shift” button altogether.
  • Open the “permission dialog box” once prompted and then press the “enter” button
  • When you see a black box is open and the cursor is blinking then write ”RegEdit” and press enter button
  • After that go back to ‘registry editor >> chose error 15243 >> choose export from file menu option’
  • Now select the folder where you want to save QuickBooks backup key in the “save in” list. Type the file name box >> enter a name for the backup file. Make sure that the “selected branch” is opted-in the Export range box. After this save the file
  • Save the file with the “Reg file domain” now you have created a backup for QuickBooks concerned related registry entry.

Solution-2: Check your Payroll Subscriptions

  • First of all, go to QuickBooks application
  • Click on Employees option
  • Then click on the payroll service option
  • Now click on account or billing info tab
  • After that, a new page will be open
  • Close the page
  • The payroll subscriptions validation process will start now
  • After the completion of the validation process, you can start updating your QuickBooks and the payroll software again

Solution-3: Check the compatibility of software update

Before starting the process of updating, please ensure that the latest update is compatible with the current version of QuickBooks.

Solution-4: Scan the full Pc to detect malware

Another chance is that QuickBooks error 15243 may be infected by malware on your pc. These malware harm files, corrupt or even remove the Runtime Errors. Besides, there is a possibility that related to a component of the malware you are experiencing.

Solution-5: Remove Junk files from your system with the help of Disk Cleanup option

Steps to run Disk cleanup on your system

  • Click on the file explorer icon
  • Now right click on “window c” volume
  • Click on “properties” option
  • After doing this a new window is open
  • In the new window click on disk cleanup option
  • Disk cleanup will begin to calculate how much space the pc can recover
  • A new disk cleanup dialog box will appear with a series of checkboxes that you can choose. In most of the cases, the “temporary files” category will occupy most of the disk space
  • Check the boxes that you want to clear
  • And then press the enter button or click on OK.

Conclusion- These are some simple steps to fix QuickBooks error 15243. If you face any problem on any step, then repeat the process from the beginning. And you resolve the issue quickly.

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