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December 19, 2019by J.Smith0

QuickBooks Error 15106: In this era, you may need to hire an accountant but not an employee for bookkeeping to keep your data or financial record. Because there is so many accounting software in the market to full-fill your requirements. But I personally recommended QuickBooks accounting software because everyone knows the way QuickBooks works for their business accounting. It will help you to create an invoice for customers, pay your bills, print checks, record every financial transaction and much more. But as you know that like any other application QuickBooks also needs to update regularly so you can get benefits of its new and improved advanced features. Such as QuickBooks desktop 2020 it has so many new and advanced features to make your accounting easier. But sometimes you may face some error when update your QuickBooks and QuickBooks update error 15106 is one of the error you may face during the updating process.

What is QuickBooks Error 15106?

QuickBooks error 15106 is a common issue that generally occurs when you update your QuickBooks software. Lots of people face this error of 15106 problems. The error arises by a pop-up message coming on-screen written: “unable to open the update program or the update function is damaged.”

 But QuickBooks never failed to give the best. Anyway, QuickBooks has certain confinements and issues too and one such issue is Error 15106. 

Causes of Error 15106?

  • If you are “not logged in the PC as an administrator” then this error occurs because you need the permission of the administrator while performing actions or installing some software that is very important.
  • Antivirus which you have been installed in your system also blocks the updating of software by this you will not be able to update or install the QuickBooks software.
  • User Account Control (UAC) setting is another reason for the error 15106 you have to turn off the UAC while you are updating or installing QuickBooks software.

How to fix Quickbooks Error 15016?

There are Several Steps given to you for fixing your error 15016:

Step 1: Log in to your PC as an administrator.

(But if I already logged in as an alternate client)

Then, go to the icon of QuickBooks given on your desktop and with the help of your mouse right-click on that icon and then there will be several options which will come in front of you and from that, you have to choose “Run as administrator” and then by clicking this option will change your access to the administrator and yes, this entire process will help you out form that riddle where you are stuck in. 

Step 2: Stop your current antivirus and rename


  • Open task manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc by pressing these keys on the keyboard.
  • And then go to the Processes tab and at that time search for [ANTIVIRUS].exe and from there disable your antivirus and then uninstall the antivirus present in your system.
  • Select End Process.
  • After that rename your QuickBooks update folder.
  • Open file explorer by pressing Windows key+E.
  • Then go to C:\PrograFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks(year)\Components. For 64-bit users, go to C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)\Components.
  •  After that right-click on the download qbXX folder, after that select Rename.
  • At last, add .old to the end of the name. Example: download qbxx.old
  1. At the end of the process “re-update QuickBooks desktop.”

Step 3: Turn of the UAC (User Account Control)

  1. Click the Start menu. In the search field type UAC.
  2. Click “Change User Account Control settings.”
  3. In the window that comes up, move the slider down to “Never Notify.”
  4. Click OK and then restart the computer.


QuickBooks error 15106 occurs while updating the QuickBooks software because of antivirus you have installed in your system or if you don’t have admin rights of your system. So you can do several steps to fix your system glitch, given above. Run QuickBooks as an administrator, turn of the User Access Control. 

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