Encountered a pop-up message Quickbooks Error 12029? Surely yes otherwise you must be carrying on with your business and not looking for web solutions. Well, don’t worry as you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss QuickBooks error code, its causes, and solutions to fix it. QuickBooks error code 12029 generally occurs when a user is trying to update QuickBooks or Quickbooks Payroll. In other words, it occurs when QuickBooks fails to access the server, when network timeouts, or when Firewall blocks QuickBooks.

As we all know, QuickBooks is one of the most efficient software for accounting as it provides the best accounting experience within all the domains with an easy-to-use interface. It is a type of accounting software that saves time by managing the data in an organized manner. QuickBooks is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized business organizations. Millions of people around the globe take advantage of this software. However, sometimes users suffer from errors while working on QuickBooks. But there is no need to worry as we have all the solutions for you.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 12029

The error can be the result of internal as well as external issues. That’s why we can divide these causes into two subparts: internal and external. Let’s have a look at them one by one 

Internal Causes:

  • Software update timeout.
  • Quickbooks connectivity failure.
  • QuickBooks gets blocked and fails to connect to the server.

External Causes:

  • QuickBooks is intercepted by the Firewall.
  • Bad or wrong SSL settings.
  • Problem with the internet connection or network problem. 
  • Network timeout while downloading the QuickBooks Payroll Download request.
  • This error arises when the Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser or unsupported web browser. 
  • Firewall not working appropriately.

Solutions For QuickBooks Error 12029

To get rid of the error, we have to apply some solutions. So, we have accumulated some methods to fix the issue within a short span of time.

(Note: Before trying these remedies make sure that your system is updated.)

  • Check Your Internet Connectivity.
  • Adjust Internet Explorer Settings. 
  • SSL Settings Configurations For QuickBooks Internet Explorer
  • Firewall And Antivirus Configuration.
  • Starting Windows In Safe Mode.

Solution 1- Check Your Internet Connectivity

  • The first thing to do before anything is to check your QuickBooks’s internet connection setup. The issue of internet connection is the prime factor for this error.
  • Your QuickBooks software should have the permission and configuration to work with your system’s internet settings. For this, go to Use My Computer’s Internet Connection>>Next>>Done.
  • Carry out the QuickBooks updating process and complete it.

Solution 2- Adjust Internet Explorer Settings

Follow the below-listed steps to optimize the internet explorer settings:-

  • Shut down the QuickBooks application and then open Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Go to the Tools (press the Alt key from your keyboard to find the Tools). 
  • Open Internet Options and find the Security Tab.
  • Look for the Globe symbol and click on it in the Security Tab.
  • You need to check the level of security which is not set higher than the medium-high. Make it medium-high if it’s not.
  • Now, search the connections tab.
  • If the dial node is not used by you, select Never Dial a Connection. In case you use a dial-up node, choose the correct internet service provider.
  • Now move to LAN Automatically detect settings. Select it.
  • Now look for a Proxy server checkbox. Now enter the full address and port. Where the checkbox is marked.
  • Find that the port is different from port 80, do not remove the checkmark placed against the use of a proxy server option.
  • In case you can find the port is 80, you need to remove the checkmark placed against the use of a proxy server option for testing purposes.
  • Now click on ok move to the Advanced Tab.
  • After that, choose the restore advanced settings.
  • Select TLS1.2 under Settings and click on OK.
  • Now, you need to close the Internet Explorer and then reboot your PC.

After restarting the PC you need to start your QuickBooks.Update it and check it for QuickBooks error 12029.

Solution 3- SSL Settings Configurations For QuickBooks Internet Explorer

If you are not being able to update Payroll, go to the Help in QuickBooks and then click on Internet Connection Settings. After that verify whether QuickBooks uses the systems internet connection. Then, select Next>> Advanced Connection Setting.

  • Check the properties of your internet, click on the Advanced tab and validate use SSL 2.0, and use SSL 3.0 verification.
  • Click on Connect and then OK.
  • Close and then restart QuickBooks.
  • Go to Help and then update with Update Now.

For SSL Internet Explorer settings configuration outside of QuickBooks follow the steps mentioned further

  • Go to Microsoft Internet Explorer‘s browser.
  • Select Tools and then Internet Options and go to the Advanced tab.
  • Click on SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 below the Security.
  • Select Apply, followed by OK closing the current window.

Solution 4- Firewall And Antivirus Configuration

In this solution, you know how to configure the firewall.

  • Download the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • After downloading the Doctor Tool you need to install and run this tool.
  • This tool will configure your Windows firewall and will open firewall ports automatically.
  • Check if the error still exists.

Solution 5- Starting Windows In Safe Mode

  • Press Windows key + l.
  • Click on the update and security tab.
  • Select the recovery tab and navigate to the advanced startup.
  • Select restart now, After restarting click on troubleshoot.
  • Now in advanced tabs select startup settings. 
  • Click on the restart tab.
  • When the system reboots choose the safe mode by pressing 5.
  • The error should be fixed by now.


In the article, we have discussed what QuickBooks Error Code 12029 is, its causes, and the solutions to get rid of it. With the provided information hope you will be able to solve the issue by yourself.

How to Solve QuickBooks error 12029.
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