QuickBooks Direct Deposit, an extended branch of Intuit’s QuickBooks, is an advanced service feature for companies to pay their employees. It makes creating and sending a paycheck process hassle-free. Inventories management is done without any difficulties and is kept in a statement form. This brings a lot of help to the businesses and saves time. To engulf into the advantages of Direct Deposit, we have accumulated all the necessary information for you to help in signing up.

But with the pros, the cons also show up. Sometimes, when using software, it might not bring fruitful results or does not fulfill our expectations. In other cases, it might not be as helpful to you as you thought. Consequently, there is also a cancelation process with details.

Signing Up For Direct Deposit

Before you sign up, it is important to keep in mind that QuickBooks Payroll is updated to its latest version.

1. Primary Set-up

  • First, go to Settings and select Payroll Settings.
  • Click on Payroll and then Direct Deposit.
  • Analyze the need to set up DD, and then select Yes! Let’s Get Started.
  • Fill in the Employer Bank Account and Account’s Principal Officer, and then select Continue.
  • Verify the information with the email from notify@quickbase.com. After doing that, you will receive another email confirming your verification.

Test Transaction

  • Go to Settings and select Payroll Selecting.
  • Select Direct Deposit under Payroll.
  • After that, go to Verify Test Transaction. But before this, do note that this option will only be available once the amount for testing is debited.
  • Later on, enter the amount for the test in the boxes but without the currency sign and select OK.
  • Once the verification is successful, you can set up the employees.

If, somehow, the transaction information has not entered DD information to the Payroll setting during the course of three business days, then you can follow the steps below-

  • Select Settings>>Payroll Settings.
  • Then, Payroll>>Direct Deposit and select Yes! Let’s get started.
  • Select Edit, next to Bank Account field.
  • Fill in the numbers 123456789 in the bank account field, and then Save and Close.
  • After this, instantly go to your Payroll Settings and select Direct Deposit from the Gear icon.
  • Select Edit next to Bank Account.
  • Enter an accurate bank number and save it.

Setting Up Employees

  • Get the Direct Deposit Authorization Form filled in properly by the employees.
  • After the initial setup, your Direct Deposit settings screen will look like this.
  • Select Set Up.
  • Select Direct Deposit from What do you use to pay Employee? dropdown.
  • Fill in the information from the authorization form in the fields, and select OK.
  • Now you are ready to pay your employees through Direct Deposit.

Cancelation Process

The DD service can be canceled anytime you want. If you are not using this feature to pay your employee for any reason or want to cancel out the service, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Begin the steps by selecting Employees from the top menu bar.
  2. Then, go to the option for the Employee Center.
  3. Double-click on the name of the employee whose profile you wish to edit.
  4. Now, choose the Payroll Info tab.
  5. After that, click on the Direct Deposit button. 
  6. Select the option to clear the box Use Direct Deposit for the employee.

Getting In-Touch

With the above steps, you will able to cancel your subscription. However, if you come across further issues or want complete cancellation of the QuickBooks Direct Deposit service, you can get support from our QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Our team of experts will be available to guide you through everything. For that-

  1. Go to your QuickBooks Desktop account and open it.
  2. Select the Help button. 
  3. From there, choose the option for QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  4. Then click on the Contact Us button.
  5. Enter a short explanation about your problem, then click on the Search button.
  6. They will provide you some options for support. Choose the right one that is best according to you.

Final Note

Our QuickBooks Support team is always available to help you with any error related to QuickBooks Direct Deposit. We are glad to help the users, and you are always welcome over our platform for any help regarding QuickBooks. Feel free to contact us for any support you need. Comment below if you liked this blog or not. For further information related to this blog, let us know via the comment box or directly. 

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