The QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online is a division of QuickBooks, Both of them are software programs. No. of users is still don’t know which is best from QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online for their ventures. Let’s revise. In our earlier article, we already discussed the QuickBooks & its uses. But for your better understanding try to explain in brief again. So, now the question is what is QuickBooks and its uses? For this brief knowledge have a glance below.

What Are QuickBooks And It’s Uses?

It a very useful accounting software program for all small and big businesses. With the help of it in lesser time with more accuracy manages sales and expenses also keep the record of daily transactions. example, it can be used to generate customer invoices, pay bills, make reports for tax filling, etc. The QuickBooks product line in itself is a key to all problem solutions related to accounting.

Since, in the marketplace, there are several QB Solutions programs are available but simply need to know the important areas where it can be utilized.

Now, come to the main topic that is QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online.

Hereby, the utmost important factor is to know what is the QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Because both are different. Later we discussed a lot about it but now the time is to know the meaning and differences between QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online.

What is the QuickBooks Desktop?

As we already discussed it is accounting software before the installation of it on your desktops needs to pay one-time purchasing cost. In the market, QuickBooks Desktop comes into three categories like Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. These forms required the installation of a software program on your computer first. Let’s review all these three versions of the QuickBooks Desktop mentioned below:

a.) QuickBooks Pro:  It is essentially made for small scale businesses that don’t manufacture the products.
b.) QuickBooks Premier: This QuickBooks version is only for those vendors whose venture lies into these categories: contractor, manufacturing, retail or nonprofit.
c.) QuickBooks Enterprises: And it is primarily for large scale businesses. It helps in maintaining the records of multiple users, locations, workflow, and the huge amount of transaction data.

Whereas QuickBooks Online is more user- friendly, less time consuming, and give accuracy in work. So, let get a deep insight into this.

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online means to something which relates to an accounting software program. It is operated in real-time through the internet. By this means, the user can have the freedom to work from any device – anytime and from anywhere.
QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based financial management system. It is mandatory to pay the cost for its subscription services / free trial software is also available on the internet.

The layout of QB Online is perfectly designed to slash the time of users devote to managing financial activities. Such activities are: generate invoices, track sales, and cash flow. Most importantly manages your customers and suppliers from any time, anywhere.

Ultimately, an industry brings specific versions of QuickBooks which including the custom charts of accounts and reports for all these industries. That’s why we break down each of these products into categories. It helps you to understand what is QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. This above summarization brings onto the comparisons between both of them.  

Let’s have a look at both the categories of the QuickBooks or can say this, QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online.

S.No. QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks Online
1. It has the basics features to generate the invoices, pay bills, track the sales and other expenses, maintain the accounts of all customers and suppliers. While it has elsewhere the same basics feature like data entry, job costing, manage inventories, accounting, maintain the reports, etc.
2. Users can’t access files at any desired time and location. Whereas users instantly access files, from any location and any time, automatically schedule and send transactions, unlimited time tracking, use audit log to review records and many more things can do.
3. Needs a Desktop. Multiple devices can use. For example laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
4. Not required to work on websites. The drawback of its users won’t be able to work if there are bugs with the website.
5. QB Desktop user hasn’t required internet connections. QB Online accessibility needs an internet connection.
6. Maximum users still use QuickBooks Desktop. Approx 1 million paid users of QuickBooks Online
7. User needs to pay one time. The user pays a monthly subscription.
8. Required to install into the computer. No installation is required.
9. You can’t give access to a person from another location. Ability to give access to your account to any person from any location.
10. Upgrade version required every 3 years. software updated automatically.
11 No free technical services provided. Unlimited technical services are provided freely.

Now the concern is which is best after knowing the QuickBooks Desktop v/s QuickBooks Online.

How do you decide which is best for you, the QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online

In generally speaking, to decide between QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online needs to have a look at its software program features. QuickBooks Software features like which are indifferent in both.
And think at least once, each feature of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online doesn’t need to use for your business. Try to recognize which is needed QuickBooks Desktop v/s Online.
Just remember one thing that in the marketplace comes a daily upgraded version of both. Simply, try to understand the uses and its features plus subscription plans. It will help you in choosing the right one accordingly for your business.


The bottom line is to have reviewed both the pros and cons of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. It might be possible still you are confused which choosing the better version from them. For this, we come to this as a result that goes according to the size of your business and monthly subscription plans or prices. Remember you can opt for the option of QuickBooks Online trial, it will help you to decide to choose whether the QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

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