QuickBooks Desktop 2021 accounting software is much better than the previous ones. It is on the market with new and improved features to help you in making your accounting activities easier. This will play a very effective role in your company.

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the well-known and trusted accounting software all around the world. QuickBooks allows you to organize your accounting data on the cloud, create and send invoices, track sales, make and accept business payments, manage and pay bills, do payroll functions, and many more. It fulfills all your small size or medium-size business needs very efficiently. In this blog, we will keep our attention to QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and all the necessary details about it that you should know. Such as new and improved features, price, release date, etc. And how can you as a user be benefited from it?

New Features in QuickBooks 2021

1. Better bank feed

QuickBooks Desktop has the feature of bank feed where users can download their transactions from various financial institutes to their accounting software. It is very helpful in managing bills and bank transactions. If all this stuff can be done under one roof you can focus on your key tasks.

All you need to have is a financial institute that allows an online bank feed and a good internet connection. In the earlier version of QuickBooks, many errors and complaints were registered related to the bank feed. So, QuickBooks Desktop 2021 comes with a better and improved Bank feeds system. There are enhanced rules, Bache editing, improved matching for the categorization of all the bank transactions.

2. Send statements automatically

Software and other applications are there to make your work easy. So they can reduce unnecessary manual work as much as possible. So here is one more example of that QuickBooks accounting software will now allow you to send statements automatically. In previous year versions, QuickBooks added the feature of automatically attaching customer purchase orders into the invoices and setting reminders. And it was very beneficial for their users. So this year it has come up with one more automatic feature which we just discussed above. Because of this feature, you don’t need to create and send statements to the customer each month by yourself. And it will save you a lot of time which is extremely great. 

3. Customisable payment receipts

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 allows you to customize the payment received as per the requirement along with sending multiple invoices/receipt attachments via a single email. This will help the users provide a clear picture of all the payments and smoothness to the process.

4. Create customized customer groups

QuickBooks now allows you to find the customers who are related to some criteria and make a group of them. The criteria can be location, customer type, customer status, etc. After that, you can create automated statements, send payment reminders, or create mailing lists for specific groups of customers.

5. QuickBooks Desktop manager

QuickBooks Desktop manager allows you to find and install all QuickBooks-related products from one management tool. QB desktop is often used with additional products that need to be managed for smooth working. QuickBooks Desktop Manager makes it very convenient to do all such related things.

6. Saves time and enhance productivity

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 increases productivity by including QuickBooks tools hub. You can troubleshoot all your problems related to any issue using this hub. QB desktop also allows you to have a PDF preview before emailing it to the customer. Which saves a lot of time. 

Pricing of QuickBooks Desktop 2021

All of these QuickBooks versions include Unlimited customer support; Access to the latest features, security patches, and updates; Automatic data backup & recovery; New: QuickBooks Desktop mobile app-based receipt management. Also includes organizing your business finances; Tracking performance to inform decisions; Collaborate with 1 to 3 concurrent users (each sold separately), Simple setup and easy to use; Quickly import data from Excel, Quicken & more. After all this, each has its additional benefits with an increase in price.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

QuickBooks Desktop Pro software purchase will be available at $399.99. And this would be a one-time payment to get all the benefits mentioned above.

QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021

In QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021 you will get additional features to QuickBooks Pro. This gives you add on like payroll and remote access via hosting. you can avail yourself of all these amazing benefits at it $299.99 each year. you will get a flat 33% off for the first year. So in the first year, you have to only pay $199.99 to avail of the benefits.

QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021 + Payroll

The next offer you have is QuickBooks Pro Plus 2021 + Payroll. In this, you will get in enhanced payroll features such as read direct deposit, payroll taxes calculations, payroll data in QuickBooks, etc. All these benefits will be available for you at $749.99 each year. you will get a flat 26% off for the first year. So in the first year, you have to only pay $549.99 to avail of the benefits.

QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0

The next offer you have is QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0. In this, you will get in Many additional features such as 6x the capacity of pro and Pro Plus, priority customer service, 200 plus report templates, automated pricing rules, 6 industry-specific versions of enterprise, etc. All these benefits will be available for you at $1213 each year. you will get a flat 10% off for the first year. So in the first year, you have to only pay $1091.70 to avail of the benefits.

Additional benefits of the Software

  • Unlimited customer support with no additional charge only priced at $299 annually.
  • Automatic data backup and recovery with no additional charge only priced at $99 annually.
  • Access to the latest version, with the latest features, security patches, and compatibility of Windows 10 with QuickBooks with the latest third-party operating systems.
  • Automatically create and categorize receipt expense transactions using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app, or a scanner.
  • Add-on like discounted cloud-based remote access

System requirement for the Software

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2021 requires internet access and Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit)
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz minimum
  • RAM 4GB minimum, 8GB Recommended(if the users are more, then more RAM is required.)
  • Operating system:
  • Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows 8.1, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Standard and Essentials Windows Server 2019,
  • Standard and Essentials Windows Server 2016,
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2012, Standard and Essentials

Note: QuickBooks requires you to use Windows natively and not through an emulator or virtual environment. 

You can find more detailed information on the official website of QuickBooks Intuit.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 release date

We are extremely happy that you are excited to know the release date of QuickBooks Desktop 2021. It is an extreme delight to share with you that QuickBooks 2021 is soon going to be available to all of you and will be in the market to purchase. But right now we don’t know any specific time frame that when the new release is going to happen. However, we can assure you that this application will come with more better and useful features. Which we have already discussed in the blog above. If you are in urgent need of accounting software and you can not wait you can go for QuickBooks 2020. Quickbooks 2020 is not very different from QuickBooks Desktop 2021.


As we have discussed everything you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop 2021. We have discussed the new and better features, price range, additional features, release date, system requirements, etc. So we hope that now you have no issue.

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