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If you want to share your company files with other people on their computers over the network, you must use the QuickBooks Database manager to do the process. It also gives you control to manage and monitor your multi-user network, but you need to run QuickBooks Database server manager in your system when you want to set up a network. You can also learn to set up networks for QuickBooks Desktop if you have no idea how to do it. Learn here to set up Quickbooks Database Server Manager in QuickBooks.

Quickbooks Database Server Manager is a very effective and useful tool that is provided by Intuit. It provides multiple user access and creates a Network data file (.*nd) for any company file which is stored on the host computer. In case if you are using many different of QuickBooks desktop then you also have to install Quickbooks Database Server Manager for each version.

When you install multiple QBDS Manager, It will provide you multiple versions of the processes but not multiple instances of the software.

When you install a Database server manager for a year it actually means for that year the database is running in the background. Always ensure that the current version of the QuickBooks Database server running in the background.

How To Download And Install Quickbooks Database Server Manager?

Infography - Install Update and Set up QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Follow the given steps to install QuickBooks Database server manager:

  • Double click your QuickBooks installer to start the installation wizard.
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet if not then connect to the internet and click “next”.
  • Carefully read the software agreement and then accepts the Terms and condition and click “next”.
  • Click on custom or network options.
  • Select the method for the installation.
  • Enter your license number if required.
  • Click on yes to allow access.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the installation.

How to Update QBDS Manager?

For updating the QBDS Manager follows the steps given below:

  • To accomplish this task you have to visit the official Intuit website for downloading the latest update patch for Database Server Manager.
  • You have to reboot your server after updating it.
  • Now a notification will appear on your screen “The company file needs to be updated to work with the versions of QuickBooks desktop”.
  • Take a backup of the file after the Server is ready to make changes.
  • Now follow the instructions given on the screen, After this, the file will be ready to open.

How To Setup QBDS Manager?

Follows the steps given below for successful setup the QuickBooks Database Server Manager:

  • Download the latest patch available for your Quickbooks desktop.
  • Reboot your server.
  • Now you will receive a notification “The company file needs to be updated to work with his version of QuickBooks desktop”.
  • Create a backup and open the file after the backup has been completed.

Functions Provided By The QBDS Manager

QBDS Manager provides various functions to us like:

  • It helps in determining which user is currently logged in into which company file.
  • QBDS Manager helps the user to know about the company file stored on the server.
  • It helps to keep a record of those services which are running continuously. When the company file hosted by the server.
  • QBDS Manager can also help us to manipulate the status of some services, It is done by using the services Administrative tool and configuring the QBDS Manager.
  • It also helps to manage the updates by clicking the update button in the “Update Section” and following the steps mentioned.

QBDS Manager System:

It is used to check all the information related to the system, For review, all the information of the system follows the given steps:

  • Programs from the start button and click on the database server.
  • Select the system.
  • Check all the system details to check that Is everything alright!

How To Use Quickbooks Database Server Manager?

Opening QBDS Manager:

To open the QuickBooks database server manager:

  1. Click on the start menu.
  2. Select programs.
  3. Click on “QuickBooks” and then select the “QBDS Manager”.
Scanning The Folders:

Steps for scanning the folder are:

  1. Open the QBDS Manager.
  2. Click on scan folders.
  3. For scanning the full local drive (in case you forget the location of your company file), click on scan.
Getting System Features Details:

To see the system information follow the given steps:

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Click on Programs.
  3. Click on QuickBooks and then “QBDS Manager”.
  4. Select system, Now you can review your system information.
Monitoring Drives:

In this, you can add those drives you want to be monitored. This monitoring service ensures that every user can easily access the company file from the drive where it stored.

If you want to check the status of the monitoring service, Open the “Monitored drives” section.

We can also use this function to keep the QBDS Manager updated. This is important when new company files are adding to the server. To do this do the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Start menu”, select QuickBooks and then selectQBDS Manager.
  2. Select “Monitored drives”.
  3. Select all the drives which will receive new company files. Or where the old files modified, created or deleted.

We cannot monitor or view those drives which are mapping.

Issues In QBDS Manager

Sometimes while managing all the data and performing various operations various issue comes up in QBDS Manager. Solutions for the most common issues faced by the users are:

Quickbooks Database Stopped Working

The most common issue faced by the user is when the Quickbooks stopped working

To solve this try the following given steps:

  1. First of all, you have to restart the Database server manager on the system on which the company file hosted.
  2. After you have installed the full QuickBooks program. And after that when you launch it, It will automatically start the QBDS Manager.


To solve this issue follows the steps given below:

  • Launch QuickBooks in each workstation, Remember it is a workstation. So, don’t be confused between server, workstation or hosting system.
  • Choose “File” and then select “Utilities”.
  • Now if you can see “Host Multi-User access” on the list. It means that this computer didn’t host the company file, Now you have to go to the next computer.
  • Go to the next computer and look for “Stop hosting multi-user access”, Select this and confirm yes.

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