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QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a featured tool that created to resolve unwanted errors in your accounting software in a multi-user environment. The tool can help you to troubleshoot, data files harmed and several other problems that occur in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool works only with the computer runnings Microsoft Windows Vista and XP with QuickBooks 2010, 2009 or 2008 or enterprise solutions 10.0, 9.0, or 8.0. We are trying to cover all the information here related to the topic If you are not satisfied or have any other queries, call our ProAdvisor at QuickBooks support number which is a totally toll-free helpline.

When you are searching for assistance with your software, the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is the technical solution for you, as it will good much resolve all the issues on its own, while you sit back and watch the procedure take place. you can download it on your system, install and run it to fix any unwanted issue you are facing when working with your accounting software.

Please Keep in mind this information

  • You have received the message box that will ask you whether or not you would be like to ongoing version using the 2k16 version of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool if you are operating on a version of QuickBooks that you have acquired before the year of 2016. It is thoroughly recommended that you should update it to the latest version so that the security of your application is never conciliation.
  • This tool is only available for customers who use the Windows versions for QuickBooks.
  • It not currently available for any of the QuickBooks version of mac.

Defining the term “QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool”

QuickBooks has generally utilized money related accounting software that has been designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Its various features and functions have made it a very looked for after among its clients. Now, as extraordinary as QuickBooks is as a bookkeeping accounting software, it tends to influenced by specific errors. In such cases, you may need to download and install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. This tool helps its clients in resolving their issues related to data, network connection issue and a few different issues that normally influence the software, QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool works truly well when the user works in multi-user mode. With its help, you can without much of a stretch recognize the errors that can influence the software.

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can help you to resolve these issues

  • Unable to connect QuickBooks Database.
  • Badly configured Windows Firewall. 
  • Many unexpected QuickBooks Errors
  • In case you encounter QuickBooks Multi-user errors, you courage receive these QuickBooks H-series Code
  • You are being difficulted by these unanticipated error message box
    • -6150: you have corrupt QuickBooks Installation.
    • -6000 -82: you do not operate to a company file.
    • -6000 -301: the file you have looking for is no longer at the requested location.
    • -6147: a manual error that prevents you from restoring a back-up.
    • -6130: your firewall is blocking your operation.
  • Corrupt files are present on the desktop.
  • QuickBooks files aggrieved by a virus.

How to Install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • First of all, you have to check your system, if you have an older version installed in your system. If yes then you have to remove that.
  • Download it from OEM Sites.
  • After finishing the installation QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool automatically runs. 
  • If you have operated the Windows 10 OS, you have faced many problems and issues while installing. Make sure your .Net Framework is configured correctly.
  • Go to the directory which has the company data you desire to diagnose. Enter the desktop admin password and you have chosen between “Host Computer” or “Workstation PC”.
  • Then Diagnostic tools will repair the company files and justify the connectivity issues.
  • In case it doesn’t, simply click on the green QuickBooks icon on your desktop.

How to utilize QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool

The installation is complete then we can use the tool

Click on the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool icon to operates it, and follow the given instructions considering troubleshooting:

Diagnose Connection Tab

This tab enables you to check-up the computer set up to confirm the company file can be made use of from a desktop. Whether collected as single-user or multi-user. If permissions are not put in perfectly, or if the firewalls are blocked, errors can be found.

Firewall status

The firewall status area showcases the basic instructions regarding the firewall.

Test Connectivity

The test connectivity area authorizes you to examine and scan the workshop’s connectivity.

To check your computer connectivity

  • Tap the button next to the company file field to locate your company files.
  • Look for the company file field on the tool tap on the link.
  • Choose the checkbox that says- change the host server.

Using that QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • Open the QuickBooks desktop icon.
  • Bear out not open any corrupted files at that moment.
  • Go to Utilities >> repair file and network problems.
  • Tap Yes on the pop-up message that inquires for permission to store your personal information related to QB data.
  • Then go to folders where have you save company files.
  • Now turn on the suspective company file and open it.
  • Choose “Show Advanced Settings”,  you will see a list of items in a dropdown. Select the issue that perfectly describes your on-time problem.
  • Choose the “QuickBooks Connection Tool”, it should be open successfully.
  • Wait during the diagnose and repair on the file is being done. That can take a few times to complete.
  • Then now re-open it the “Fully Repaired Company Files”.

Which factor do the tools cover

The advanced QuickBooks Files Doctor automatically recognizes and fixes recognizes

With the following factors:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • C++

Solution-1:- QuickBooks install diagnostic tools to resolve MSXML, C++, and Microsoft .Net Framework issue.

Solution-2:- try conducting the Window update to download missing updates certainly to .Net Framework, MSXML, as well as C++.

Solution-3:- Generally resolve issues with Microsoft Factors.

Solution-4:- Prepare to install QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode.

Quick help for QuickBooks Diagnostic tool

The most widely recommended software version which is easy to available on a few sites is 4.0 software version. A few years later the company introduced to QuickBooks File Doctor that has a more powerful tool and many advanced features. On the off chance that if you have any further questions with respect to QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool. At the point don’t hesitate to look for help from our professional by reaching the QuickBooks Support Phone Number. We will ensure that any specialized issue that you may be confronting is resolved.  

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