Print a Simple Check Register?

QuickBooks Check Register is a transaction of your bank account and maintains a personal record of the checking account. With the help of QuickBooks Check Register, you can easily view the transaction you made from your account. This will automatically update your account balance when you ever either withdraw cash or deposit sum. Also, you should always have updated information about your bank transaction. So, in this blog, you will know how to print a simple check register in QuickBooks.

Firstly, understand the term of QuickBooks Check Register.

Introduction of QuickBooks Check Register:

The transactions you ever made from your bank account, QuickBooks Check Register shows that transaction list. Also, it shows you how much money you spend and how much money left in the account. If you want to save the record of your transaction from the check register. Then, you have several options to keep the record such as print the check register, or use paper, or spreadsheets, or app. If you ever want to check the bank records with this check register then it will be the best option for doing this.

If you ever see the check register, then you also might see that it uses several columns or fields by which you easily track your transactions and balances. Check registers generally go through every order of checks.

Now, let’s know how you can print the check register.

How to Print a simple Check Register?

If you follow the below instruction, you will find the answer of your question,

For printing any account register

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks Online.
  • Browse the Accounting button.
  • Then, go to the Chart of Accounts section.
  • The register which you want to print, click on the View Register.
  • Arrange or sort the list the way you require it.
  • After that, press the icon button or print in the top-right corner of the register.
  • Then, read and follow the on-screen browser to check and print the list.

How to Get a Check Register?

If you didn’t get the check register with the checkbooks. And want to have one. Then, we have provide some options from which some are free:

  • For microsoft excel or google sheet, download a free template.
  • Or, from an online check printer or your bank, order a new register.
  • Purchase a register from an office supply store.
  • Get a check register from the back of an old checkbook.
  • Create a simple register of your desired style or spreadsheet tool.

Why should you use a Check Register?

You can keep yourself at the top of the transactions in your account with the help of the check register. And, when you want to check your balance online, then it might be possible to find misleading information. Because banks make mistakes sometimes and you also forget about the transaction sometimes. The check register will assist you in:

  • You can know how much you have to spend. Like, you can transfer the money from your saving account to cover upcoming expenses.
  • And, you have all the records which you have spent. Such as paid debt, amounts, and dates if you require to as a proof of payment.
  • Seeing the expenditure you have made in recent days will make you aware to pay attention to what you spended and do changes if required.
  • Get the bank mistakes which is rare, if in case, your bank did make a mistake on the transaction record of your account then you can report immediately.
  • Catch identity theft, if you ever see anything unusual then, you should report instantly. And, get the full protection under the U.S law.
  • Ignore bounce checks because they are expensive and create a bad effect on your finances.

When should you use it?

With every transaction, it is mandatory to be careful about updating your check register. So that it can provide you as a reliable source of your financial activity. You should record every transaction you made in the check register whenever you write a check or use your debit card. Also, you should check and compare your check register records with bank records to ensure that there is no difference. Sometimes, your bank statements provide some transactions that are not mentioned in your check register such as, fees you give the bank, interest payment from the bank, Automatic (ACH) transactions like direct deposit of the paycheck or bills that are automatically paid by your bank account.

Also, you can always track all the transactions to avoid any late charges. They can provide you with a correct record of the financial condition to assist in handling the money more efficiently.


Now, you know all the mandatory information about the QuickBooks Check Register, how to print it, why you should use it, and when to use it. We hope you understand all the above-mentioned information. Still, if you have any doubt you can contact us at “+1-844-519-0042”. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor will always be ready to assist in any problem you have related to QuickBooks Software.

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