QuickBooks is the best small business online accounting software. Although more than 2 million users are there in the world. And it also separately holds the 80% market share. And now many of you are wondering about QuickBooks Certification. Therefore, Become a QuickBooks Certified gives the best advantage to your business. Like how to deal with in the business like a pro.

Whatever you know about the accounting business and whatever is your reason for learning. It can also make your deal with some extra advantage.

Why QuickBooks Certification is essential?

QB Certification of anything helps you in many ways. Several reasons are there why you have to be Quickbooks certified.

1. It could help you get a job –

First of all, for those who are looking for a bookkeeping job or office management job, then this certification holding is a must. Even if you are not interested in this certification even then learning the basics of the QB will also help you up to different edges. However, the experience of QuickBooks is more clear from their wide range of features. And apps and web software with unique niches like trucking accounting software. If you are working by side holding the Certification in QuickBooks. Then this thing will indicate that you have a good knowledge of the software. This will also increase the confidence in them. And they increase their productivity and many other advantages.

2. You’re starting a new business –

Planning to start the business and as well, then, in the beginning. You are also handling all things including the bookkeeping for being up to date within your business. Although, QB is user-friendly, make sure you’re using it correctly to keep your bookkeeping sparking for your running business. After being certified by Intuit, you are using the software even more correctly before. And become even more accurate.

3. You’re starting your own bookkeeping or accounting firm –

Planning to start your own accounting firm then solid fundamental accounting knowledge is essential. Theory knowledge of anything is not enough so the same as well theory knowledge of accounting is not enough you have to be practiced on this.

After becoming a QuickBooks certified accountant user then you will learn all features. This thing will increase your value within the domain and makes your work so easier.

Is it true to become QuickBooks Certified (QuickBooks Certification) Makes a Difference?

What benefits does QuickBooks certification offer you and why is it important to you?

Benefits defines are –

  • Firstly, such advanced knowledge of how QuickBooks works.
  • You are able to solve all tasks in between smaller times. Long passage time will be assembled shortly.
  • Troubleshooting skills develop entirely. 
  • This certification also guides you about how to troubleshoot everything. Thus causing an issue in the flow of the work and ease. 
  • Confidence to train others to use QB. 
  • Having a greater understanding of how to teach someone else about all things of the QB. 
  • In all preferences, it will also make you the master of using QB.

How to Become a QuickBooks Certified?

Now that you’re on the platform then, let’s talk about all stuff. The most difficult and confusing part of learning the QuickBooks certification is which certification are you able to take and respond to. Numerous options are available to learn from. And give exams and your best part of the QB helps you learn a lot about all the stuffs of this.

Option 1: Your local small business center, community college, or technical school.

If you’re using  QB, then you are the end-user which means that you are using the software. Maybe as an employee of a small business or as a small business owner. Then you are so close to learning about the certification exams of QuickBooks. Anyone can take benefits from software training and also from real-life examples. According to your all types of questions raising in your head will read and help you in all the different processes.

All your local surroundings help you in learning all the things about the certification at almost no cost.

Option 2: Online courses.

Online courses are available everywhere from where you can learn all stuff regarding the QuickBooks certification exams at your comfort place. Besides this there are a hundred types of online courses are available for the QuickBooks certification exams.  All these online courses include the youtube video, paid courses of some thousands of bugs. Some of these courses even offer certification upon completion of the course. Outdated course material may affect the performance of an individual so kindly be aware before opting for any of the online certification courses. For the up-to-date material, you can access the youtube platform because it provides the best and updated videos every week. Be aware of the scams especially when the certification is important to you. All online certifications are not of the actual cost and values.

Option 3: Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

If your boundaries are strictly in QuickBooks online then becoming a Pro Advisor is free.  If you want to access the full benefits of this like access to desktop software, small fees are included for this. These small charges will help you with access to different benefits and different poles of the QB.

Whether you choose the free or the paid version of the program, Intuit provides its ProAdvisors with free certification training in all Intuit education programs. This training is available with free virtual conferences and free live training events throughout the year. Pro Advisors have the option of becoming certified or advanced certified in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

Advanced certification needs adequate time to study and to take the exam. This certification exam deals with complex technical and troubleshooting topics, meaning Pro Advisors who earn advanced certification. Account to those who have shown significant proficiency not only in the use of the software but also in accounting knowledge.

How to Become QuickBooks Certified Is a Great Decision?

Whether you’re only an end-user or an accounting professional. However, becoming QuickBooks certified is the best decision for an individual’s career.

After holding the actual QuickBooks certification, then you can able to assured about your actual and amazing knowledge with its great capacity about the QuickBooks. This decision also helps you with the best potential one can ever make in their own careers or businesses.

Competency :

Although the Exam used to test the candidate’s QuickBooks competency. The Exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, a minimum of 75% is also the target line(37 out of 50 questions).

Testing behavior of the exam:

Detailed objectives of the QuickBooks Certification exams:

QuickBooks Setup –

  • What information is required before they set up a QuickBooks file
  • Start a new company data file in QuickBooks (Easy Step Interview)
  • Keep the lists and preferences from an old file while removing old transactions
  • Customize the home page
  • Lists (customers, vendors, items, etc.). However, this includes understanding which names
  • and also items should appear on which lists.

QuickBooks Utilities and General Product Knowledge –

  • First of all, navigate or move around QB (use the home page, menus, icon bar, etc.)
  • Then back up and restore a data file
  • After that determine the release number and how to update QuickBooks?
  • QB in a single-user and multi-user mode
  • What versions and editions of QB are available for a specific year (desktop version)
  • How to password protect QuickBooks
  • How and why to use preferences

List Management –

  • How to manage lists (customers, vendors, items, etc.). List management include:
  • Adding new entries
  • Deleting entries
  • Editing entries
  • Merging entries

Items –

  • How QuickBooks uses items to perform the necessary accounting entries
  • The different types of items and when to use each type
  • How to use items for different types of scenarios.
  • Products for a specified price
  • Services for a specified price
  • Unique products or services that have different prices for each sale
  • One service or product

Sales –

  • Who should be listed in the Customer Center
  • How to navigate and use the Customer Center
  • How to complete the workflow
  • Invoicing (A/R)
  • Sales Receipts (no A/R)
  • QuickBooks uses the Undeposited Funds, Accounts Receivable, and checking accounts in the invoicing cycle.
  • Record a customer credit
  • Create statements
  • Handle bounced (NSF) checks

Purchases –

  • Who should be listed in the Vendor Center
  • How to navigate and use the Vendor Center
  • The different workflows for making purchases
  • Entering and paying bills (A/P)
  • Writing checks
  • Using a Credit Card
  • Using a Debit Card
  • Record the transactions in the purchase workflows
  • Why record a Vendor credit
  • Complete the inventory workflow (PO to payment)
  • Collect and pay sales tax
  • Bank reconciliation

Payroll –

  • The differences between the Payroll Services available from QuickBooks
  • How to set up Payroll (including employees, Federal and State taxes, and basic Payroll deductions)
  • Using the Payroll Setup Wizard and then payments.
  • Set up an employee’s earnings and sick or vacation time
  • Sick or vacation time (accruing hours and using “banked” hours)
  • To set up Payroll Schedules
  • then Run Payroll
  • Pay Payroll Liabilities also.
  • Prepare payroll forms (941, W2) in QuickBooks
  • Also, track time and use it for payroll or for invoicing customers

Reports –

  • Although it does not know why  then how to use the Report Center
  • How to customize reports (report modifications, collapsing subaccounts, etc.)
  • The basic question that each report answers
  • Process multiple reports
  • Then to send reports to Excel
  •  why memorize reports?

Basic Accounting –

  • First, what the basic financial statements said to have a basic understanding of what they mean.
  • The difference between cash and accrual reports
  • How and why to set a closing date
  • How to enter a Journal Entry if asked to do so by an accountant
  • (they do not need to fully understand what accounts to debit or credit)

Customization/Saving Time and Shortcuts –

  • Memorize transactions (automatically enter)
  • Multiple users and what then level of access can be granted or denied
  • Create custom fields (customers, vendors, and employees)
  • Customize an invoice then.


In a nutshell, we can say that become QuickBooks Certified gives the best advantage to your business. Like how to deal with in the business like a pro or an expert. However, it also enables many job opportunities for you. Or if you want to start a new accounting or bookkeeping firm then it will also assist you. Therefore, QuickBooks Certification is not just an exam, yet it is a new level of training and expertise. For more information, you can call our toll-free number +1-888-850-3930 to talk to a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

QuickBooks Certification | How it is beneficial for you?
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