If you are looking for a tool that can handle your business accounting and financial activities for FREE, then Quickbooks Accounting Software might not be the best option for you. Although Quickbooks is one of the greatest accounting tools, it is expensive for small businesses. Before selecting which application you want to use, you must go through all Alternatives to Quickbooks and select the Best for you. Here we provide you all the information you need to acknowledge before choosing the correct accounting tool for you. The top 10 alternative for Quickbooks is

  1. Xero
  2. Wave
  3. Freshbooks
  4. Sunrise
  5. Zoho books
  6. Zip Books
  7. Spendwise
  8. Slickpie 
  9. One up
  10. FreeAgent


This application is best for those who want to switch from QuickBooks and take advantage of Quickbooks alike features. Xero is best known for its user-friendly environment. It has been in the market since 2006 and offers strong accounting services, over 700 integrations, and the most appropriate feature selection. The best feature of Xero is that it gives unlimited user access for all three of its plans. Whereas QuickBooks fewer users which depends upon which plan you select.

Xero receives a higher number of positive reviews and testimonials from the users it is rated 4.3 stars from 5 from its users. It has the strongest security system reputation in the cloud accounting world. No one is there to beat the security system of Xero. Your data and all financial information are safe with Xero.

QuickBooks Online and Xero are very alike and can replace each other. Xero doesn’t have a large QuickBooks ecosystem, Quickbooks is spread over a very large area. Fewer accountants and bookkeepers are familiar with Xero, which has over 10,000 certified accountants versus 50,000 QuickBooks certified accountants. This makes Quickbooks a little better than Xero.


It offers the essential features of accounting FREE of cost. This is best for small-sized and medium-sized businesses. Wave is an accounting software free of cost which tracks profit and expenses, creates and sends unlimited invoices, scans receipts, and more. Its features include unlimited income and expense tracking, recurring billing, and a mobile app.

The best thing about Wave is that its core features are free to use and the application is extremely user-friendly with responsive and reliable customer services. This is considered to be the best accounting software for freelancers who want to manage their activities from anywhere. This makes it one of the best Quickbooks alternatives.

The retained bills are cumbersome, are unable to print checks, and pay bills, and documentation fields are limited in Wave, which are the major disadvantages of this application. So, you must decide which is better for you Quickbooks or Wave.


FreshBooks application offers you to automate invoicing and payment processes and take advantage of this if you are a freelancer or self-employed. This is the best Quickbooks alternative for Self-Employed and freelancers. FreshBooks is a web-based software accessible from desktop or mobile devices. The company was founded in 2003. It serves various industries like marketing, finance, and trade. It is very user-friendly and smoothly designed. And its pricing plans are more affordable than Quickbooks. It offers various plans for various businesses. They can choose which one suits them perfectly and pay accordingly.

Freshbooks also face some downfalls such as they can not manage the unpaid bills, track inventory costs and quantities. It does not include a bank reconciliation or accounts payable aging report.


Sunrise manages your finances and also offers you the option of consulting a professional bookkeeper. This application allows for unlimited user access. Its self-servicing pack is free of cost which provides unlimited invoices, unlimited bank transactions, online payment acceptance, cash flow reports, and many more. Other packages of sunrise are chargeable between the rate of $99 to $499 per month. According to the customer reviews, it turns out to be a user-friendly application

It doesn’t have bookkeeper support on the phone, nor manages your inventory, and doesn’t allow users to enter, track, and report on account payable.


This is accounting software that can manage both sales and purchase transactions, accepting payment online, connects with the bank, and many more.

If you are using any of the Zoho products already, Zoho Books is best for you as it is integrated with all other applications of Zoho. It is more economical than both Xero and Quickbooks. It only charges $9 to $29 on its various business plans. The best features are available in the Professional pack of this. Zoho books allow you to manually pay the vendors and then mark them paid. It can create invoices, bills, and manage bank credit cards in foreign currencies.

Zoho Books doesn’t print checks to pay bills and does not accept online payments from customers.


Zip Books provides free accounting services in its Zipbooks starter plan. It is best for those businesses that want to outsource their accounting services. Other plans for Zipbooks are chargeable between the rate of $15 to $125. All packs include unlimited customers, vendors, invoicing, basic reports, and the ability to connect and bank and credit card accounts. It offers services for small businesses that can be customized. Zip Books is a good alternative to Quickbooks.

But it does not allow accounts payable tracking, financial statement generation, inventory tracking, or multi-currency transaction reporting. These features are available in Xero or QuickBooks for small businesses.


SpreadWise is also known as OfficeWise. It is used to sell products in every size business. SpreadWise allows you to manage inventory and automatically purchase product tracking. It is very affordable software as it starts only from $9 and the rates are customizable according to which plan you select and how users are there. Additional users can be purchased in a pack of five. The numbers of users are unlimited in the enterprise package of Spreadwise and unlimited transaction per month features can be fully utilized.

It doesn’t coordinate and support the integration with the financial institutes and also doesn’t have the multi-currency accounting functionality.


Slickpie is a free accounting software invoicing and online billing, financial reporting, and estimates. It tracks the incomes and expenses of your business.

Slickpie saves your time because of its awesome features like automatic payment reminders and recurring invoices etc. It provides you a free trial and there is also a free version of this. It is very affordable. The chargers start only from $19.95 each year. It is very user-friendly as it provides all the means of training and support.

Slickpie cannot be installed on mac or windows which is one of the major disadvantages. It does not offer cash flow reports, payroll integration, and purchase order activities.


OneUp is the only accounting software that includes CRM. And by this special add-on feature, you never miss a sale. It manages your leads and opportunities and sets reminders for follow-ups. With all this, it provides you seamless accounting which is much more sophisticated than its competitors. You can take advantage of all the features for 30 days FREE on a trial basis. After that also it comes in an affordable price range of $9 to $169per month.

It does not have a report generating system and also does not allow for accounts payable management, check to print, and business portfolio tracking.


FreeAgent is the most economical Alternative to Quickbooks with accounts payable. It is cloud-based accounting software for freelancers, small businesses, and accountants. It fulfills all their accounting needs in one place. FreeAgent includes unlimited users, customers, vendors, and bank and credit card accounts. It offers 3 different packages and prices in the United Kingdom but only in the United States and other places. It provides all its services at only $24 each month.

FreeAgent doesn’t offer any tax reporting or forecasting for U.S. customers, nor does it offer any assistance with the tax filing equivalent to the self-assessment reporting as other software does.

We hope you found the best Quickbooks alternative for your usage. If you don’t find any of the above applications useful then you can also look for Sage, Bonsai, YNAB, Gusto, Odoo. These are also good Quickbooks Alternatives you can look for. As of today’s customers, you have a lot of choices to make as producers are providing you many products, so choose it wisely. And make the best use out of it. Here’s a personal view- If you are a freelancer and do not require advanced features like Quickbooks, Wave, and Xero you can go for Freshbooks.

QuickBooks Alternative: Compare and Choose the Best Accounting Software
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