Normally in QuickBooks, we do not find any issue in the QuickBooks database server manager service (qbdbmgrn.exe). But sometimes due to some minor mistakes and technical problems, the users face the ‘QBDBMgrN not running on this computer’ error or the database server has stopped working. There is nothing to worry about it because QBDBMgrN can be resolved in different ways through this article. 

In this article, we will learn everything about this error like, why the error occurs, what will happen if the issue occurs, how to solve this problem, and what are the alternative solutions to this database server manager service issue.  

Why QBDBMGRN not running on this computer

QBDBMGRN not running on computer when, the firewall blocks the connection between QuickBooks Desktop and Intuit’s server. Apart from that, there are other reasons for this problem, which are mentioned below. But the main problem is the miscommunication between Intuit’s server to QuickBooks Desktop.  

  • Bad internet connectivity can be the reason for this QbDBMgrN issue.
  • QuickBooks .ND file problems also create this type of problem.
  • Improper installation of the QuickBooks database server is a big mistake done by most of the users, who are facing the QbDBMgrN problem. 
  • You may have installed the 3rd party firewall software on your computer.
  • The QBDBMS may need a new update to the latest released version.
  • Improper configuration of firewall is also a main reason for this blunder. 

Signs that Indicates the QBDBMGRN Error in System

You can easily find out that, the problem of QBDBMGRN 

  • You will not be able to work in multi-user mode in QuickBooks.
  • The company file will not work properly.
  • The firewall will not allow QuickBooks to access the internet.
  • You will find problems in the QuickBooks network file.
  • The files of the database server manager will not be connected.  

How to Resolve QBDBMGRN not running problem on your computer?

Solution 1: Restart your System

This is the first and primary solution to all types of QuickBooks errors. So, take your first step by restarting your computer or the system to resolve the QBDBMGRN not running problem. 

  • Close all the QuickBooks running programs, and log out from your QuickBooks account.
  • Now you can restart your system, and log in to the QuickBooks account again. 
  • And recheck the problem is still appearing or not, if the problem is still appearing then go to solution 2. 

Solution 2: Recheck the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Services

In the second primary step, we need to check the service of the QuickBooks database server. So here are the steps to check the services of QBDBMS. 

  • Open the Windows running program with the keyboard shortcuts ‘Windows + R’, and search for the ‘service.msc’. 
  • Then choose the QuickBooks database server manager services with different versions, QuickBooksDB28, QuickBooksDB27, or QuickBooksDB26. 
  • Choose your QuickBooks Desktop version, and right-click on the file for the ‘Service’ option.
  • Just click on it, and restart the QuickBooks Desktop for one more time. 

If you find any problem in QuickBooks Desktop during this process then, you should move towards the repairing process of the QB Desktop, which will be the solution no. 3 for the QBDBMGRN not running problem. 

Solution 3: Repair the QuickBooks Desktop     

  • Open the running box by pressing the Windows key with the ‘’R’ key, and type ‘appwiz.cpl’.  
  • Press the Énter’key from the keyboard, and select the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
  • From the installed program list, pick the QuickBooks option. 
  • Right-click on it, and select the ‘Uninstall/Change’ option from the menu.
  • Go for Continue> Next> Repair> Next option.
  • This process will take some time, so wait for the complete process, and restart the system whenever it will be complete.
  • Now you can open the QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 4: Update the System Windows Firewall   

  • Open the ‘Control Panel of the system, and select the ‘System and Security’ option.
  • Now you can see the option of ‘Windows Firewall’, under the ‘Update your Firewall Setting’ section. 
  • Click on the ‘Check for Update’ option. It will show the option of ‘Update Now’, if any new update available there. 
  • You just need to click on the ‘Update Now’ option.   
  • At last, restart the system, and the QuickBooks. 

Solution 5: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool 

The file doctor will help you to fix the server running problem manually. Run the tool properly, it will diagnose all the network, and server issues in a short time. Follow the steps, and run it in the proper way.

  • First of all, you need to download, and install QuickBooks file doctor tool on your computer. 
  • Run the tool, it will automatically detect the problem between the computer, and QuickBooks, and will resolve the problem as per your need.
  • It may prompt you to turn on the hosting mode, turn it on, and set the access permission in Windows to get the user permission. 
  • Make sure that the company file is in non-shareable mode.
  • Run the ipconfig, if you have not the network connectivity. 
    • Click on the ‘Windows Start’ button. 
    • Enter ‘CMD’ in the search field.
    • Choose the ‘Command Prompt’ result from the list.
    • Now here, type ‘ipconfig’ in the ‘Command Prompt’ result, and press the ‘Enter’ key to run it. 

Solution 6: Exclude the Database Service From the Firewall Setting   

  • Open the running window. (Windows + R)
  • Type, ‘Windows firewall’, and go for it.
  • Go to the Ádvanced Settings’, and right-click on the inbound rules.
  • Go to the ‘Menu’ and select the ‘New Rule’ option.
  • Select next below programs, and the ‘This program path’ option.
  • Now search for the QBDBMgrN.exe, and go for the next.
  • Allow the connection, and proceed by clicking the ‘Next’ option.
  • Check mark all the boxes, and click ‘Next’.
  • Name the rule according to you, and click the ‘Finish’ option.
  • At last, restart the system, and continue your work with the QuickBooks company file

Final Words:

So this was the article, we have tried our best to provide the proved and tested solutions to this database server manager problem. Hope now you can follow the given instructed solutions to fix the QBDBMgrN error in your computer. Still, if there is any need for help then, you can get support from a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  

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