In this article, we are going to discuss payroll how to choose the right product for a client. All kind of businesses with their employees uses a sort type of software which is useful for making the payroll for their staff that paid. and this payroll product for clients Before using this software company complete all the processes on their own but after using this software they feel comfortable because they no need for the processing as well as they no need to do outsourcing of the payment. But using this software all the processes can be done through a single software. This payroll product for a client software makes your process more easy and convenient.

This payroll product for a client system uses the cloud system. There is no need for the installation of any type of software. And if there is no need for installation then there is no need for maintenance.

Every business can run as well as manage its payroll from anywhere at any time. This software is helpful for making the payment of part-time, full-time worker, contractor or a freelancer.

Now let’s get started and discuss the offers provided by the payroll.

Some offers of payroll product for the client

Filing and paying the payroll taxes:-

This service is used for holding the taxes of the employees, and it is also helpful in filing the Quarterly payroll tax reports. This software is useful in paying the taxes of the state, local as well as federal agencies. 

Processing of payroll:-

This payroll service can automatically calculate how much employees have to pay. It also makes an account of shift differentials, wages rate, holiday pay, overtime, and taxes. It is also helpful in reducing social security as well as many other benefits deduction can be reduced by this software.


The online payroll system can be integrated into many other payroll systems such as accounting software, human resource system, time, and attendance system.

Paid-time-off management:-

In this feature, the software helps in making an account relate to all the vacations as well as the leave that was earned by the employee, and also it makes an account of that how much they consume their allotted holidays.

Employee self-service:-

Employees can easily access the online system by which they can pay for all the due bills and so on.

Mobile Access:-

This feature is very popular among people because today everyone is familiar with the use of mobile but few of them do not know how to operate a computer so if the software is mobile friendly then anyone can easily access their data stored in the cloud.

Costing: Online payroll:-

The cost of online payroll is varied. And also it has a most follow standard pricing structure is as follows:-

  • Flat base fee:- This type of pricing structure offers that you have to pay the fee month-wise. This fee structure is beneficial because in this you can make many payrolls because it charges in a month.
  • Per-pay-period:– This is another type of pricing structure in which when you run payroll you will be charged every time. 

Multiple pricing plans for different service levels were offered by the different providers.

If we talk about the Base fee range then it almost costs $20 to $100 depending upon the plan that is chosen by the customer.

There is another plan introduced by the company to the customer whose range starts from $1 to $15 this for the paid employee, contract person, worker of per month or pay period.

Services offered by payroll:-

  • Ease of use:- In this, the service of the payroll to the customer is not so complex because if your service is complex then no one can understand. In other words, your service is easy to use by anyone.
  • Cost:- All the companies want a service that they can easily afford. For this first, you have to find that there is a need for a contract or not. Many of the companies were run on no long-term contract they online run on the month to month basis. But others have the yearly requirements.
  • Reputation:- This is very helpful in finding a provider that has an established track record. So that you can feel secure because you know about all the successful deals with the company. 
  • Features:-  If we use payroll we know about some features like payroll processing, handling of all the taxes but we can say this is not enough for a user. Some of the silent features of this software like paper checks, prepaid debit cards, direct deposit, and detailed payroll reports.
  • Support:- whenever you face any problem and want help regarding the problem that you face at that time payroll customer service team is there for you for solving your queries. You can easily contact them through the customer care number provided by the company which is available 24*7.
  • Outages:- As we all know that online payroll service is a cloud-based service used for accounting. You have to ask the providers that they have the outages and how often they get down for maintenance.
  • Employee self-service:- In this service employees have the access to log in on their own and can see the year-end tax form.
  • Added Services:- some providers offers some beneficial services like human resource, and retirement plan and so on.
  • Simplicity: Having all the work done by an organization means that there is only one way to answer any questions or problems. Your client does not have to bother their payroll service provider and their accountant to talk to each other. They are the same person.
  • Trust me: You are already trusted with your customer’s financial information. It makes sense for them to trust you with payroll. This reduces the risk of having only one entity having access to their financial data instead of two.
  • Less work: Suppose you are already doing client accounting. This means they need to send you their payroll data regularly so they can register their account. If you also take parole, that step can go. So it means less work for the customer.

What Products are users using?

So to choose the right finance subscription, you need to know which programming element your customer is using: is it QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online: This is a startup, fundamentals, and extensions integrated option finance for QBO, based on whether it is currently available in finance for desktops, whether Bolster works or not.

QuickBooks Desktop App: QuickBooks Pro, Head & Venture Release

It allows you to track the cost of work through finance. “Do it yourself” is the best decision for companies that need to process their own finances and for their own e-documents and e-pay government and state assessments, quarterly and annual economies. Cost forms are included. Prepare for W-2s.

Questions to ask the client before Payroll

Although many accountants are interested in providing payroll services, most people are not sure where to start and do not even hesitate to contact their clients about this matter. The good news is you don’t have to do this. A recent survey found that small surveys manage payroll not only for their accountants, but also for them, but 38 percent expect it. In fact, small businesses refer to their accountants as the consultants they trust the most, so they seek your advice and recommendations.

 How do you handle payroll right now?

Understanding what your customers are currently doing and what they want to change is a great way to start negotiations with payroll services. It does not put any stress on your customers and they will let you know how they are currently paying the payroll. The solutions they are currently using (if any) and where there may be room for better processes – or fewer mistakes you will know.

Some may need a little help, while others may allow you to fully handle this role. This initial question should ask you to land a new payroll client.

 How much time do you spend on parole each month?

Chances are, more of your customers are spending more time on parole than they need to. On average, OnPay found that small businesses spend 18 hours a month on payroll, which is also the amount they spend on HR functions. This means that your customers are spending approximately one working week each month on these back-office tasks – taking away time from what they can use for things like marketing and customer service. If you ask them if they think it’s a good use of their time, they are more likely to say no.

This question also opens up a conversation about efficiency and management. Employers and high-level employees should focus their time on building their business and allowing them to do so while managing their payroll. With those 18 hours in advance and with the payroll service provider, you can only invest three hours per month to manage your payroll.

Is it difficult to get payroll data in your regular ledger or accounting software?

Simple bookkeeping and ending the month is a time-consuming task for any business owner. Accurate financial records are important to allow your customers to fully understand their businesses and make the best, most informed decisions. By managing Payroll, you are providing your customers with an important service that ensures that their books are in order – and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are meeting all their IRS needs. This question opens the door to advice on choosing user-friendly accounting technologies that will make their lives easier.

Are you sure you are on payroll ?

Although your customers manage to avoid most of the pain points mentioned above, they may welcome your help for other reasons. According to a recent survey, when small businesses maintain their own payroll, only 43% believe that they are doing a good job of paying their employees on time, while only 25% are confident that they are reducing payroll taxes. If payroll keeps your client overnight, expert help can go a long way in easing their minds and making sure they are confident that their payroll is right.

Payroll is not the primary focus of your customers – it should not be. They can grow their business by increasing their time. They should appreciate the value of using professionals who do tasks that require skill and payroll is one of those tasks. Starting a conversation is the best way to provide this important service to your customers and open the door to becoming their most trusted advisor.


I hope that all the information regarding the right payroll product for a client given by me is enough for you to solve your queries. We have used a very simple process to explain everything. We hope you would like this article.

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