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We have two options in QuickBooks Online Bill Paying. In QuickBooks, the first option is to pay bills with the check that is printed directly from QuickBooks Online and the other option is to pay bills online using Bill.com which is combined with QuickBooks Online. You can get more information through our experts at QuickBooks support number and save your valuable time and effort.

Why should we use QuickBooks Online Bill Pay?

If you have huge accounts payable and it’s been tough to stay on the cover of making on-time payments, you should prefer using the QuickBooks Online Bill-Paying service. QuickBooks Online Bill Pay service has excellent features for businesses that want to check how their bills get settles but favor to have a third party to process the bill payment. 

 In QuickBooks the first option to pay bills with the checks printed directly from QuickBooks Online. And the second option is paying bills online using bill.com which is combined with QuickBooks Online.

How to pay bills in QuickBooks through check:-

Follow these instructions step by step.

  • Navigate to pay bills

From the first page, click on the plus sign located at the top area of the screen. And on the next screen, choose “Pay bills”  which is shown below the vendor’s column.

  • Select bills for payment

The pay bills windows appear on the next screen. Most of the fields on this screen will be filled completely because you have previously entered the bills. The only thing you have to do is to select the bill which is to be paid.

The various components of this screen are:-

  1. Payment account.
  2. Payment date.
  3. Bill notifications.
  4. Bill Selection.
  5. Payee.
  6. Ref no.
  7. Due date.
  8. Open balance.
  9. Credit applied.
  10. Payment.
  11. Total amount.
  12. Total payment.
  13. Starting check no.
  14. Print later.
  15. Save.
  • Review payments in the check register

Later saving your bills payment preferences, go to the check register to verify that the payments were properly registered in QuickBooks. Once you enter the check register, you can examine all the fields to make sure everything which is entered is perfect or not.

From the menu bar located on the left side of the screen, select Transactions and then Banking. After that, click on the Go to Register. This will locate the bill payment created by you at the top of the list.

This screen is comprised of different components. They are listed below:-

  1. Check date.
  2. Ref no./ Type.
  3. Account.
  4. Balance.
  • Confirms payments was correctly apply

After checking whether the payment is correctly recorded in the check register, you have to verify that the account payable balance has been deducted from that vendor. This implies that the status of the bill should be displayed as “PAID”.

Pay bills using QuickBooks Online Bill Paying Service

Paying bills using QuickBooks Online Bill Paying service, bill.com is an easy way. You will operate to the pay bills window and choose the bills you want to pay. Along with it select the amount to be paid and payment date. After choosing the payment method you’ll submit your bills for payment.

You need to sign up for a Bill.com account in order to pay a bill using QuickBooks Online Bill Paying Service. To do so, log in your QuickBooks Online account and after that operate to the pay bill windows where you will see the option to sign up for a Bill.com account.    

Operate the QuickBooks Online Bill Pay

From the QuickBooks Online Dashboard, click on the plus sign to show the Quick Create menu.

Choose the Pay Bills Options

Choose the pay bill option which is being displayed below the vendor’s column.

Choose the bills to pay using Online Payments

In the first column, keep a check-mark next to each bill that you would be like to pay by taping in box stationed on the left side of each bill shown on the screen.

Pierce The Bill Payment Amount

Once you select the bill which is to be paid, the column named “Payment” is field according to the amount which is owed. But if you want to enter a different amount, you can simply click on the field and write the amount in it.

Once you choose a bill, QuickBooks will automatically populate the “payment” column with the amount in the “open balance” column.

Choose a payment process date for each bill

The date on which you want to withdraw the amount from your bank account is to be entered in the “payment date” column.

Choose the payment methods for each bill

  • By your bill.com service, you can choose to send the digital payments (bank transfer and many more types) or checks.
  • In the payment method column, you can select the bank transfer for a check.

Review And Render Bill Payments

  • The amount, process date and payment methods that are entered should be reviewed.
  • Once you are ready, click on the “ Review and Submit”  button shown in the lower right-hand corner.
QuickBooks Online bill Paying affects the financial statements

The Balance Sheet report, which are the common bank statements are affected by using the QuickBooks Online Bill Paying Service. The checking account and the accounts payable amount are the two accounts that are also affected. Whenever a bill is paid, these two accounts are decreased.

We have combined the solution for the problem which is generally being asked by the small business owners:-How to pay bills in QuickBooks? If you don’t know your problem, visit the Fit Small Business Forum and drop your question there. This post will help you to understand how QuickBooks Online Bill Pay works. If you want a deep discussion on this topic, call our QuickBooks Online support number and get connected to our ProAdvisor.

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