Being an ideal accounting software, QuickBooks caters to all of its services in the best manner to its users. Paying bills, recording transactions, payroll, etcetera are some of the functions the software performs. However, as much as the application is quintessential, being technology, it comes across its bugs and errors. One of its common errors is the Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Form Preferences.

A general error, users often become anxious due to incomplete or zero information over the matter. For that purpose, we have gathered all the necessary data to help you resolve the issue. Before we move to the solutions, we will discuss what the error is.

What Is ‘Outlook Is Missing In QuickBooks Desktop’ Error?

Microsoft Outlook’s purpose is to send various forms through email. It allows you to send them through three ways, your webmail account, QuickBooks e-mail, and outlook. When you use QuickBooks outlook and after Edit>>Preference>>Send Forms>>My Preferences, you do not see it as an option in QB Desktop for emailing, the issue arises in QuickBooks.

What Causes The Error?

There are various reasons due to which the error can develop. Following is the list of all the possible causes.

  • If you are using an older version of Microsoft Office, such as the 2010 version, then it might be possible to get this error.
  • The older version of Microsoft may not support many of the programs which involve the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Or, your Microsoft Profile does set properly and shows this problem.
  • You might face the error when the outlook is not showing as a default program.
  • Microsoft Outlook is not an option for preferred email programs in Internet Explorer.
  • The service provider of your software that does not have installed the Microsoft application from QuickBooks is hosted.

Also, Intuit does not provide an option for Microsoft applications. And you are looking for help from an IT expert. Several issues are:

  • Windows/MS office errors.
  • After losing the license number, you are unable to reinstall Microsoft Office.

Also, it is mandatory to upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop because the older version of QuickBooks does not provide advanced features.

How To Solve The Error?

Although, there are many solutions to the problem, however, the choice of method shall solely depend upon your requirement. Also, do follow-through the steps deliberately for the best results.

Solution 1: The Microsoft Outlook Version Is Supported

  • Select the option of Microsoft Office Outlook in your Outlook Help menu.
  • After that, ensure the version information. Also, verify it for the easy sending and setting up of an email.
  • By verifying the QuickBooks ribbon, ensure the version of the Microsoft outlook, after all the above process is done.
  • Now, check the proper outlook version based on the QuickBooks Desktop version.

Solution 2: Synchronize The Default Outlook Email Program

Outlook Email version 2010/2013:

  • First, click on the File button.
  • Then, select the Options button.
  • After that, click on the option for start-up by which you can set the outlook email, calendars, contacts checkbox, etc.

Outlook version 2017 and the previous version

  • Click on the Tools option.
  • Then, press the Other option.
  • Select the Make Outlook the default email program from the General Settings.
  • If you have many QuickBooks profiles, you will also get the choice to select one profile whenever you start. QuickBooks cannot see Outlook if any of the profiles are chosen. So, choose a profile and select the Set as Default option.

Solution 3: Set Default Email Plan On The Internet Explorer.

To verify Microsoft Outlook, you should have seen that you can send and receive emails from the profile in Microsoft email or the outlook express.

  • In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools and Internet option.
  • Then, click on the Program button.
  • After that, you have to follow the instructions according to the version of Internet Explorer.

For Internet Explorer 9.0, 8.0 and 7.0

  • First, click on the Set Program at the bottom of the Window.
  • Then, click on the Set your Default Program.
  • After that, press the email applications.
  • And, set the default program by clicking on OK.
  • Press the Set Program Access and defaults of the computer.
  • Select the drop-down button and choose the Use my Microsoft email program.
  • Then, press the OK button.

For Internet Explorer 6.0

  • First, close and then reopen the Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools and then Internet Options and press the Programs options.
  • And, click on Outlook as your Email program by clicking Ok, in the Internet program.
  • Press the Edit and then, Preferences.
  • Click to Send Forms and then press on My Preference.
  • Login into your email in the send email field.

Solution 4: WIN.INI file in Windows

The WIN.INI file is a Windows system file. And it consists of some mandatory settings which are used for email.

  • Press the Windows key from your keyboard, enter C:\Windows\and select Enter.
  • After that, right-click on the WIN.INI and choose the Copy option. After that, paste the file to the desired location. This will secure your file as a backup in a separate location.
  • Next, return to the C:\Windows folder and open the WIN.INI file. It will show you several headings and you have to select one email.
  • Also, you do not need to display the mail field. So, add it to the end of the file with the text.
  • If the text below is not in the field, then, add it.
    • EMAIL
    • MAPI=1
    • MAPIX=1
  • Save and then, close the file.
  • Restart your QuickBooks application.
  • Finally, press the Edit menu and click on the Preferences.

Solution 5: Edit Mail Profile Settings In Windows

  • First, close the QuickBooks application.
  • Then, click on the Windows button and select the Control Panel.
  • Now, select the mail option in your mail.
  • Select the Show Profile option.
  • Click the OK button from the profile. It will assist you in the QuickBooks outlook profile.

Solution 6: Re-install Office and QuickBooks

  • Uninstall QuickBooks
  • Uninstall Office
  • Reinstall Office.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks.

Solution 7: Run The Detect And Solve In Outlook

In detecting and solving the Outlook 2007 error, you will get more experience.

Final Note

We hope the information provided was helpful and you were able to solve the Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop error. However, if you were not able to do so, then you can contact us on our toll-free number. Our team of experts and ProAdvisors will be happy to help you and guide you through everything. Also, you can contact us if you have any other queries regarding QuickBooks.

How to fix Microsoft Outlook is missing in QuickBooks Desktop Send Form Preferences
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