QuickBooks Sales Tax assists you to keep the right information about the taxes. By this, users can easily view and provide the information straight to the agency of tax-collecting. And, it also helps the users of QuickBooks to keep the collection of taxes for proper services and goods. It is also used to acknowledge the rates demanded by the customers. QuickBooks Online Sales Tax can easily create tax, easily track sales tax, and calculate the taxes. In this blog, we will discuss QuickBooks Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online and the correct steps to manipulate the tax rate and the agency. It will also edit and combine the tax rate, and also configure it easily. 

But firstly, you have to see the requirements of the sales tax. And, most importantly, you should know about the agency where you are going to pay the taxes.

Let us know about the correct steps to add the tax rate and the agency, and organizing the combined rate. In this article, you will also get to know about the editing, configuring, and deactivating the QuickBooks Sales Tax reports.

QuickBooks Online calculation of sales tax rates depends on:

Where you sell: Every country has a number of states which are different from each other. Suppose your organization is located in Washington and you sell your products to a customer in Tennessee, then you will have to pay the charge of any sales tax levied by the state of Tennessee. The same applies to the other states of the country, so this is also a key point to calculate the rate of tax in QuickBooks online. 

What you sell: The calculation of tax rates of QuickBooks online also depends on the term to whom you sell. You have to know whether the products you sell are taxable or not. Because normally services are not taxable, however, exceptions are also there.

To whom you sell: Some customers such as nonprofit organizations do not have to pay their sales tax anymore. For this, you will just need to edit their customer records to show this information in QuickBooks Online. To do so, open the customer record and hit on the Edit option in the upper right. Now press on the Tax info tab and make sure you do not checkmark in the box that says This customer is taxable. Here you can see that the default tax code has been grayed out, and you will be able to now enter Exemption details in that field.

How to add a Tax Rate and Agency in QuickBooks Sales Tax?

  • In the beginning, from the left menu, choose the “ Taxes”.
  • Then, click on the option of “add or edit tax rates and agencies”.
  • Press on New.
  • Select the solitary or combined tax rate.
  • Then, for the tax and agency, add a name.
  • You have to add the rate percentage.
  • Then, save it.

How to add a Combined Rate

If you want to view one or more sales tax of an agency and organize a combined tax rate.

  • From the left menu bar, tap on the Taxes.
  • Choose the edit or add agencies’ option and tax rates.
  • Click on new.
  • Then, select the combined tax rate.
  • Give a name for a combined tax rate and different requirements of sales tax.
  • And, it is optional that you select the additional components.
  • Then save it.

About combined rate in QuickBooks Sales Tax:

  • The record of the tax rate is saved by the sales tax center and provides the correct amount of each category.
  • And, in the combined tax rate can select only 5 components.

After the steps,

  • Now, there is a new rate in the list of Sales Rates and agencies.
  • And, can select the new combined rate like, send the invoices.
  • Also, can see on the system screen about the amounts.
  • The right information about the sales can also be viewed on the system screen.

How can Edit the Tax Rate

  • As always, select the taxes.
  • Click on the add or edit option of tax rate and agencies.
  • Press on the change rate and select the Edit option.
  • Add the new rate.
  • Rename the agency name.
  • Then save it.

Remember these points:

  • If changes are compulsory then, you can edit a sales tax rate.
  • But, you have to edit only component rates.
  • You need to make some changes in component rates to edit it.

After editing

  • For new transactions, the new rate can be seen on the desktop screen.
  • After editing the rate, the previous rate will not be used.
  • Current transactions that used the last rate and the last rate will not be altered.
  • For the data, you can view the data.

How to configure the settings of Sales Tax

These points will help you in configuration,

  • Select the “Taxes”.
  • Then, select a suitable filter.

Edit the settings of Sales Tax

Through editing the sales tax settings, turn on or off the sales tax.

  • Firstly, select the “Taxes” option.
  • Choose the sales tax settings in the related tax options.
  • Then click on YES.
  • Need to fix the following options, it is optional.

In new sales forms, the default is selected automatically. And, if required, the users can select a dissimilar rate.

  • Choose the “tick all the new users are taxable” option

In the tax information department, change the settings of each and every customer record.

  • Then, tick on the fresh products and services which are a taxable option

The products that the user has opted are already selected in the Tax list.

  • In case, you do not want to charge the sales tax then, click NO.
  • And, Save it.

How to validate Sales Tax in Commerce Sync Settings

You will have to turn on the Transfer Sales Tax feature in the Commerce Sync account, here is the method you can follow:

  1. Open your Commerce Sync Dashboard.
  2. Then choose the option View for the Settings. 
  3. Now check the Transfer Sales Tax checkbox provided there.
  4. At last hit on the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

How to Deactivate the Tax Rate

  • Click on the Taxes option.
  • Then click on the add or edit the agencies and tax rate.
  • Choose the tax rate name and click on the deactivate option.
  • Then, click on continue.


Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the definition of QuickBooks Sales Tax. And, how to add a combined rate and tax rate, edit. Also, configure and deactivate the tax rate.

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