One of the biggest features of QuickBooks is the memorized transactions feature. With this feature, QuickBooks users can automatically get reminders of frequently occurring transactions. In this blog, we will explain the process of create, edit, and delete memorized transactions in QuickBooks for Windows and Mac. It’s simple and easy. Let’s have a look.

No doubt, we will know, how to create, and download it. But before that, for the new QuickBooks users, we will like to give you a little overview of the QuickBooks memorized transactions.

Memorizing Reports is a set of instructions that is used to display your company data from the company database. In QuickBooks, it is stored in the form of .qbr file extension. QuickBooks memorized transaction reminder reports are mandatory for any company owner whether it is from a small or large company. Because it helps in various ways to expand the business and save precious reports of data in the form of its customized settings.

Now let’s know, how to do create, and modify the memorized transactions in both Windows and Mac.

How to Create, and Set-Up Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks in Windows

If you are a Windows user and want to do changes in QuickBooks memorized report then follow these steps to complete the procedure.

To Create QuickBooks Memorized Transactions

This is the procedure to create memorized transactions in QuickBooks for Windows. Follow the process to create the report:

  • First, you have to enter your transaction which you want to memorize. But don’t click on save. If you think that some of your information going to change, just leave them blank
  • Next, go to the Edit menu and select the Memorize option for a transaction.
  • Put a name to the Memorize transaction.
  • Now you have to choose three options to decide how QuickBooks should handle the transaction.
    1. At first, you have to add your transaction to the Reminders list: when you choose this option. the transaction will add to the reminder list’s memorized transaction section and then you fill the how often field. 
    2. Do not remind me of the option: This option is used as an as-needed template. When you choose this option the transaction will not get added automatically.
    3. Automate entry of transaction: when you choose this option you have to remember you have to fill the field with the names-How often and next date.
  • After filling in the necessary information of yours click on OK.
  • If the transaction information is only used for future use, choose clear.
  • Now you can close your window.

Create a memorized transaction group in QuickBooks for Windows: If you have many transactions with the same due date you can create a memorized transaction group.

  • Select Memorized transaction list from the list menu.
  • Select New group and enter the group name, frequency.
  • Click on ok.

The process is completed now.

To Edit the Memorized Report

Please follow the next steps to edit and update a memorized transaction.

  • Click on the list menu and select the memorized transaction list.
  • Now double click to modify your memorized transactions.
  • If your modification is done click on the memorize at the top.
  • If you want to create a new one select Add or if you want to update your transaction select replace.
  • Next select Save and Next.

To Delete a Transaction in QuickBooks

You have to follow some steps to delete a memorized transaction.

  • Go to the menu bar and look for a memorized transaction list.
  • Click on the transaction you want to delete.
  • By dropdown select memory transaction and then select delete memorized transaction.
  • Click on OK.

How to Create, Delete, Edit Memorized Transactions for Mac

Here we will see how to create, delete edit memorized transactions for mac. Though the process is quite the same as windows. Let’s explore that.

To Wait a memorized transactions in QuickBooks for Mac

  • First, open the transaction which you want to memorize and give the details.
  • Then select edit and click on memorized.
  • Next, you have to choose the following options to decide how QuickBooks should handle the transaction.
    • First, decide how many times you want to remember about the transaction in QuickBooks.
    • In your reminder list add the transactions. QuickBooks records the due transaction automatically.
    • Then select how many numbers you want to record the transactions.
    • Enter the advance number of days you want to transact.
    • Later the transaction should be added to a memorized transaction group.
    • A reminder calendar will appear.

Edit the Transactions in QuickBooks (For Mac Users):

  • First, select a memorized transaction.
  • Next, edit a memorized transaction.
  • Select save.
  • If you want to delete any transaction, click on Delete memorized transaction.
  • Select the memorized transaction from the List menu.
  • Then go to the edit menu and select the Edit memorized transaction.
  • Choose with the transaction in the group.
  • Select the group you want to add.
  • Next click on Ok.

Add a Transaction to a Memorized Group:

Create a memorized transactions group in QuickBooks for Mac: If all transactions have the same due date, you can group memorized transactions together.

  • First, select the memorized transaction from the List menu.
  •  Tap on create+.
  • Then write the group name and remember always to include “group” in the name.
  • Give all the details about your memorized transaction group.
  • Click on Ok.


The above steps in this blog will guide you to create. delete, edit and update the memorized transaction in QuickBooks both Windows and Mac. Still, if you have any doubts regarding this article then you can connect with us. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors will help you to resolve your problem and will try to clear your all doubts regarding QuickBooks.

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