Reports are a set of instructions that QuickBooks uses to display your company data from your company database. These reports and information are too crucial for small and large businesses and to their owners because these data help in different ways of business expansion. Memorized Reports In QuickBooks is very helpful which saves the reports of data in the form of its customized settings. When you memorized your reports its saves your customized reports in different settings of its own.

Memorized Reports in QuickBooks

Whenever you change or modifies a report then you can memorize the reports with new different settings and can be able to save it to your list. Afterward when you want to again create a similar report then you can go to the memorized report list. Memorized the report simply means that it only makes changes to settings of the reports not in the data. It directly shows the updated and latest data in the report.

Access to Memorized Reports

Firstly for this process, you should have an active payroll subscription.

  • First, open your reports in the menu option.
  • Then go to the Reports menu, choose a category there and after this choose the reports you want to share.
  • After choosing reports, select the report center and browse through the reports.
  • Then select the report you want and preview it once.
  • When you have done with selecting and customing the report, you have to memorize the report for this you have to choose the option of memorizing at the top of the report.
  • If you have recently changed the memorized report then you have two options, one is to change the existing file to overite and the second is to rename and save under new file.
  •  In the new file enter the title for the report.
  • For saving the report to memorized report group choose the memorized report group from the list shown below there in options.

How to create a memorized report in QuickBooks:

  • Click on memorize from the report window.
  • Then from the dialogue box type the name of the report you want to save, always enter the new name if you don’t do so then your file will overwrite from the existing file.
  • For saying the report in any predefined memorized group then you have to select that option.
  • If you want other users to access the report then you have to enable the sharable option from that drop-down menu.
  • After properly doing all options click ok.

Find, export to excel and all other options in a memorized report:

Once you have done with memorizing a report or group of reports you can do different things after then –

  • Run
  • Export to Excel
  • Find
  • Edit or delete them from My Custom Reports

For group reports:

  1. Select the custom report.
  2. From there you can select any of the memorized groups.

Edit or delete the reports of groups:

  1. Firstly select the custom report from the report menu.
  2. Find the group you want to access from there.
  3. From there select the Action column and then choose either Edit, Export as PDF, Export as Excel, or Delete. From there do what you need accordingly.

Schedule a piece of information for a memorized group.

Sending multiple files on a single email to the same people at the same time, for this, you can add the reports to a group. You can also schedule a time for sending the mail again.

  • Firstly find the report you want to make changes in.
  • Then select edit in the action column.
  • Set the mail schedule accordingly. Removes the groups as required or in use.
  • Now set email recurrence, choose according to you as monthly or weekly. You cant choose the last three dates of the month (29,30,31) because they are not present in every month. you cant apply or choose those changes.
  • However, you can choose the last day of the month.
  • Then enter the email necessary information before sending it to groups or groups of the reports.
  • The choice is yours whether you want to change it to excel files or in any other form.
  • For this, you have to select the box next to attach the reports as an excel file otherwise the report will be sent in the HTML format if you don’t choose any other format.
  • After doing all the steps select save option.

Edit a memorized report

A memorized report can edit and can create a new one, and replace from the previous one:

  • Open the memorized report
  • Make the appropriate changes
  • Select Memorize
  • When you get a prompt, you can either
    • Select replace if you want QuickBooks to overwrite the existing memorized report
    • Select new if you want to keep the existing report and create another one.

Remove a memorized report from a group:

Here you will learn how to remove a memorized report from the desired group.

  • At first, go to the report and select the custom report.
  • After that find the desired report and choose the edit option.
  • From there remove the report accordingly and save or edit with different options.
  • Then finally save the report.


In the above blog, Memorized Reports in QuickBooks. We have discussed da lot of things regarding the memorizing of a report with different attributes like edit, save, group reports, etc. I hope that helps you a lot with different possibilities of Memorized Reports in QuickBooks.

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