QuickBooks is a free mobile point of sale that allows payment on the go. Easily accept mobile payments anywhere or any time on invoices, goods, and services. Automatic transaction reunited with QuickBooks for hassle-free bookkeeping. Using Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment is very easy because you just have to sign your account with QuickBooks, TurboTax, or Mint account information or you can create an account for getting started.

GoPayments is developed by Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, TurboTax, or Mint. With our, Bluetooth enabled Mobile card readers you can accept magstripe and EMW chip debit cards and credit cards with the help of Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay. Even without card readers, you can do all payments with your mobile app.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment:

Quickbooks go payment app is the mobile-friendly. It is a mobile payment processing app by QuickBooks. Intuit GoPayment offers business owners with process keyed-in, chip, camera-scanned, magstripe, and contactless payments depend on which options you choose on the go. Easy sync options are available if you use QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, TurboTax, or Mint to manage your business’s finances on your pre-existing accounts.

Intuit QuickBooks Gopayment App:

As you all are familiar with the QuickBooks GoPayment app lets discuss with some deep details of it. After selecting this payment mode most people are wondering what the QuickBooks GoPayment app can do for you and how it can help in increasing your business. Let’s dive into deep knowledge about the app. It is available for all types of smart devices. It supports both apple and android platforms. This app is available for free use and download. You will only need to pay processing fees, nothing else. When you are done with all your formatting and formalities, after this your mobile device will turn into payment options.

Sharing features of the mobile after installing payment system:

  • Now able to process payments.
  • Sync all your pre-existing accounts.
  • Used for card scanning.
  • Transactions can be easy and taxable.
  • Custom tipping
  • All percentages and discounting can be custom.
  • The basic inventory library item is present.
  •  Receipts can be accessed through SMS and email

How to process credit card transaction with GoPayment

GoPayment is a service from Intuit that provides mobile credit card processing and allows a user to process credit card transactions from an Apple or Android-powered device including an iPhone or Droid. Here we have guided you with steps by steps method to process credit card transaction with Go Payment:

  1. Open your GoPayment application.
  2. Go to the Home page, click on the plus icon (+).
  3. Select the type of process for transactions by Amount or Items.
    • Amount: Fill in the amount you want to process.
    • Items: select the items from existing. In case you want to create new, chose plus icon (+).
  4. Then hit on the Review Order button.
  5. Add the following information which is totally optional:
    • Customer name, Customer message, and Memo.
  6. Now chose the Charge button, then start the process of the transaction with one of the given methods:
    • Card reader, Key card, Cash, Check. Where card reader also accepts the payments with including  Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.
  7. You will see a Signature option appearing for Card reader and Key card transactions. Hand the device to your client and tell them to sign for the transaction with a Stylus pen or their fingertip.
  8. Now choose the option Charge.
  9. If you want you can send a receipt from the Transaction complete screen via Email or Text by selecting the option to Send. In case you do not want this, select No receipt.

GoPayment’s within QuickBooks:

With its ability to link your existing QuickBooks accounts it works apart from other mobile card readers. This helps in downloading, all go payments transactions done by mobile into an online and desktop version. It makes the whole process quicker and easier to use and can timely reports.

Linking the existing account is so simple :


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online Administrator.
  2. Click on the setting to access the company settings.
  3. Then select payments if you don’t see payments then click on QuickBooks payments.
  4. Find the existing account option and click it, if the option is not there then go ahead for linking the merchant account.
  5. Intuit QuickBooks payment options open and automatically search for the existing account within the machine and software.
  6. Click on the account you want to connect with the online version.
  7. After confirming the account click on the link account.
  8. After this step, you are done with linking the accounts and you can no able to access the payments sheets and receipts.


  1. Sign in as Administrator.
  2. From the menu, select Link Payment Service.
  3. Once done, sign in your payment account details.
  4. Now, you can access the payment procedures.

QuickBooks GoPayment fees:

You only have to pay for the payment processing services, otherwise its all free to use and download. There is not any kind of monthly or yearly fees for the subscription, pay within transactions by transactions. QuickBooks’ GoPayment fees are simple. It depends on how you use the payment option. charges are –

  • 2.4% + $0.25 for contactless payments, chips and magstripes.
  • 3.4% + $0.25 for keyed in and camera scanner payments.

Other payment modes will charge you 2.7% which is a way more from QuickBooks GoPayment. GoPayment is better than all other options available in the market the more your transaction the more benefit you get on this.if you know each thing about your business transactions then QuickBook’s GoPayment is the best option for you. GoPayment can bring values in addition to the Intuit suite for existing users.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment Card Reader:

If you want to avoid the extra charge for keyed-in transactions and able to access the chip and contactless payments then the Gopayment card reader is the best option for you. intuit QuickBooks GoPayment card reader options will be free for Intuit GoPayment.

On the other hand, you’ll have to purchase the other GoPayment card reader.

Let’s discuss both of the options in detail. So that you can be able to simply distinguish between the mode of your ease.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment Chip Card Reader:

When you sign up for the QuickBooks GoPayment card reader comes for free. The card can read both magstripe and chip payments. It will connect your smart device with the Bluetooth.

It has a benefit because all free cards come with the sign up has to connect with the device through the headphone jack. Along with the QuickBooks GoPayment app, you’ll be able to sync the QuickBooks Online account. This option of  QuickBooks GoPayment card reader will offer the USB card support which will allow you to connect to your QuickBooks Desktop account. Only your first chip and magstripe card reader is free with your newly open account. It will cost you an extra amount of $19 if you are seeking for a supplementary one. So you can only have limited access throughout with the free availability of the card reader.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment All-in-One Card Reader:

For full access to the functions of all the card readers, you have to upgrade it to all in one card reader. With the help of this, your customers can experience the full view of payment options which indirectly helps in your business. After upgrading you can access to contactless payment option and you can access the apps from different stores of the different platforms This also offers as this one will accept magstripe and chip payments and connect to your smart device via BlueTooth and USB cabler too. To access this option, you need to pay a charge of an extra $49 and receives all type of benefits. You also won’t be able to sync the card reader with your QuickBooks Desktop account like other card readers can do.

Additional info:

The ease of using technology is increasing day by day.  Everyone is changing its platforms from traditional to digital. Technology nowadays having wars for the best mobile payment methods. Many retail shop owners are also changing their payment mode to digital as it is safe and secure. This war is continuing from the last many years. Mobile payment methods are finally able to communicate within the two major issues about syncing the inventory and financial data.

Small business needs mobile payments:

Managing things is the major issue of small business owners especially in payment handling. Getting money for your thing is a big task. Does your customer has to face challenges to pay you what you deserve. When the small business starting to grow up. Their previous thought of using the traditional payment system is gone wrong in many cases –

  • Stuck during payment processing.
  • Takes weeks or months to reflect on your account.
  • Accepting check get lost in mails or the offices.

Business needs payment methods to be quick and responsive. Having effort in every step is so irritating and time-consuming. Mobile payments are upgrading day by day to solve the limitation between the merchants and the customers. It has to be so quick as it can be used to take payments with some software and payments apps through mobile payment methods. Workflow can flow easily with the help of some guidance for mobile payments.

Setting up the right medium and software:

Payment methods are changing day by day with the use of smart tech it is the demanding thing in the business world for maintaining the cash flow. Digital methods of payment overcome many issues of the traditional payment method. Multiple software is in the market saying they are perfect from others but how to differentiate them. It is important to analyze your needs before taking advantage of the existing technology.

Advanced security:

The security of everything is essential for the ease of flow of the business. When a business use software and any type of tech platform then security is the most valuable thing. Todays all types of e-wallets and mobile payments are secured by different types of securities. Customers, as well as the merchant, have to exchange their confidential details from their phone to the point of sale by using the transfer technology. This transfer technology is named as the near field communication (NFC).


NFC encrypts the transferred data which can not be decrypted in between the communications point. Encryption of the transferred data will depend on the software you are using. During card payments, there is security named as tokenized. It means encryption of the credit card data into one-time token id numbers. This security let the machine to use the token only one time so that hackers cannot use it for the other time after having the token. Customers and businesses both are safe by using these token security during digital transaction fraud. Mobiles have an extra layer of security features builds into the phone server. The biometric security option helps in the password sniffing activities.

Payments processing methods:

Many types of businesses used almost all types of payment methods and among all those mobile payments is one of the most valuable payment options. Mobile payments are the most powerful thing and it enhances the ability to get paid from anywhere. It also makes trust and builds better relationships with your existing and new customers.

Thoughts about the need for the mobile payment:

For a business owner, the goal is to make a positive flow of cash throughout every area.  A proper payment method helps in the entire growth of the business. Using advanced mobile you can be able to get paid through any medium without handling any kind of risk factor. Before signing up for any kind of the mobile payment option kindly go through after all the things so that it can’t make hurdles later on.

How to use intuit go payment app:

  • Downloading the app: The QuickBooks GoPayment app can be downloaded from the google play store and the apple store.
  • Signup or login: Log in QuickBooks GoPayment panel by the same login details you use in the QuickBooks account.
  • Processing the payments: Set up all the necessary points of connections within the software. Also, check by plugin the card until you hear the click sound.
  • Taking the final step: By doing all the above options. Now you are ready to use all cards and get paid for your services and products. Both merchants and customers can record all of their cash and payment history.

Pros And Cons of Gopayment

Intuit Gopayment is a great mobile payment processing app for those businesses who already part of intuit’s financial software or using it. After when mobile payments increase all the top small businesses are more visible on the mobile payment processing app. This payment app is Intuit’s attempt for providing you on the go mobile payment processing solution. Here is the list of the pros and cons of this application:


  • Easy to use
  • Predictable flat-rate pricing
  • Also supports PayPal payments
  • Very inexpensive hardware
  • No require for setup or application fee
  • No need to an early termination fee


  • Very poor customer support
  • very High per-transaction fees
  • Lots of public complaints
  • Provides very limited features

Alternatives of QuickBooks GoPayment :

Even after providing all its conveniences and capabilities, this might not fit according to your exploration. Small business owners deal with all the small inventory management and small transactions. It might be possible that intuit Quickbooks GoPayment fees don’t fit in your boundaries.  When $0.25 commission fees when applied to all transactions of the small business that it makes a great impact rather than the large business. QuickBooks payment has some of the alternatives that can offer more tools to use for free and more suitable for small businesses for accepting smaller payments.

PayPal Here:

The best alternative for the intuit Gopayment app is PayPal Here.  Paypal here is PayPal’s mobile payment processing app that functions more similarly to the Gopayment app. It is available for free to use and download. You will also receive the free card reader after joining the platform. Transaction fees will be more suitable for small businesses.

Square POS:

Square POS is the next alternative to the QuickBooks GoPayment app with a smart device power POS system. This software will also be available for free to download from the stores and will receive the free card reader chip also. It has more stable card reader activities and you can also upgrade the chip by paying the small amount of money to accept all card transactions.

With a QuickBooks GoPayment account, you can surely email and invoices with the Paynow button. You can provide your customer with the option to pay from credit card, debit card, an apple app, it is up to you. When your customer pays you, your books will be auto-update and your money will be auto-deposited into your bank account.

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