Intuit Payment Network (IPN) is specially designed for small businesses and individuals. IPN is a simple and affordable way of sending and receiving payment over the internet. And, it only takes a short amount of time to get started. So, if you are not sure about Intuit Payment Network’s pricing and its features, we will inform you about the IPN in this article. And, if at the end you are still in a puzzle, then you directly contact our Customer Service.

The Intuit Payment Network, also known as QuickBooks Payment Services, is a dealer that provides services for an internal division of the huge original startups, along with their headquarters in Mountain View, California. IPN is also the first company offering credit card processing services that combine with its popular QuickBooks Accounting Software in 2003 when Innovative Merchant Solution was obtained. Intuit Payment Network is a great choice to handle your business transaction and other finances.

IPN is a simplified interface and combines easily with QuickBooks. And, the payment facilities provided through credit card or electronic check by the Intuit Payment Network.

There are some newly introduced dimensions which are listed below:

  • Guest Payments
  • Better reuniting (using QuickBooks 2012) but without using Sync Manager
  • Recurring Payments
  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Branding of the Payment Request Page

With QuickBooks, there are various ways to handle Electronic Payment

Pricing Structure: Components

Monthly Pricing: It can create a problem for a small business. And, you’ll find in some cases, that there are two monthly fee structures. In which, the first one is for the merchant services account, and the other for the ability to collect payment and also handle the collection of the payment process.

Per Transaction Fee: A definite amount of fee is also added when you make a new transaction.

Discount Rate: This has various functions. It provides transaction percentage and then becomes a significant cost. You will possibly find a differentiation in your discount rate based on the Payment Solution vendor.

  • Firstly, you have to sign up on the Intuit Payment Network login site to use payment preferences in QuickBooks.
  • After creating an invoice, you can see a checkbox in the left corner.
  • A link would be attached to it, whenever you print or email the invoice.
  • In the payment information, an email message will also be present.

On the Payment page, you can see a recently added feature of “Branding”. When you click on the Payment link, your company will be displayed on Top.

Features: Intuit Payment Network

  • Intuit Payment Network is fast and user-friendly.
  • IPN is an easy-to-use and suitable interface.
  • And it also provides the best rate.

Intuit Payment Network: Pros & Cons

  • It is fast and user-friendly
  • Easy to learn and set-up
  • Convenient for Payroll
  • Mobile Payment is automatically uploaded in QuickBooks
  • Good processing rate and fees
  • No budgeting function
  • Slow deposit time
  • It doesn’t provide good customer service
  • It also cannot open recurrent payments.
  • And it takes time to load the page to go for the payment processing information

Through the Electronic check(ACH) transaction, it can easily send or receive an electronic payment. And, it does not need any monthly fee, just $0.50 per transaction needs.


I hope you guys got an idea of the Intuit Payment Network (IPN) and its pricing, features, and reviews through this article. Hope you would like this article and take advantage of the given knowledge here in this article. Now you are able to send and receive payments through Intuit Payment Network with any issue. It is very simple to use it.

Intuit Payment Network(IPN)
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