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The Intuit Education Program is specially designed for providing a professional environment for the students of schools, colleges, and universities all over the USA. This program stands with many benefits and features. The benefits included under this education program are that this program helps the students to prepare for the best job market, provide complementary software and easy access to different complimentary resources. They provide a free version of QuickBooks Accounting Software for QuickBooks Online and Desktop through the QuickBooks Student Discount Program. Read the whole article to get the information about it in detail. You can also discuss this with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor at a toll-free QuickBooks support number if you are in a hurry or don’t have much time to read the complete post.

Intuit education program runs digitally and provides better knowledge and support to entrepreneurs as well as students. Intuit also provides some benefits like practical skills, gain an edge in the job market, free industry-standard software and future proof of success which can be beneficial for the students up to a large extent.

Intuit education program works on one motto “Our mission is powering prosperity around the world”. Basically it works through three platforms like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Pro Connect. However, all the platforms are equally beneficial and are attractive as well as interactive for users.

How to Join the Intuit Education Program?

First, you need to go to the official website and there you will find two platforms in the registration part. One is QuickBooks online and the other is ProConnect tax. So, you can register yourself by choosing as an educator or as a student.

Certification Process of Intuit Education Program

In the certification process, you just need to follow these three steps:-

Step 1:-Attend training.

The first step is to find and register yourself for the nearby QuickBooks training class. 

Step 2:-Prepare for the exam.

The second step after registering yourself for the QuickBooks training is to wait and start preparing for the exam. They will also provide you with the practice questions so that you can prepare well for the exams.

Step 3:-Give the exam.

The final step is to schedule your QuickBooks Certification Examination at a certified testing center.

What is ProConnect Tax?

It is a cloud-based professional tax software for the courses which is tailored for teaching tax. By using this student can prepare for there career. But, it is also a service that is to be provided by the Intuit according to the terms and conditions of the QuickBooks subscription.

What is Recognition after being Qualified?

  • After getting the affiliation of getting certified through Certiport, the institution can only use the software for instructional purposes.
  • After affiliation of the institution as public or private, primary or secondary schools will provide full-time instruction for education communities of grade k-12 and to others too.

License Details

  • The 5-month license is provided by them to the institutions so that they can access to their portal QuickBooks Accountant Desktop version.
  • The company also provides a non-expiring license for schools on their portal for QuickBooks Accountant Desktop version but for them, there is a restriction that it can’t be installed on the student’s computers. Educator license is also a non-expiring, as long as the educator meets the intuit educator eligibility.

Why do Educators Choose to QuickBooks?

Educators choose QuickBooks because the digital transformation is the driving change across all industries. QuickBooks makes a candidate more innovative and knowledgable.

Resources included in Intuit Education Program

Intuit Education Program provides a free trial of QuickBooks Online and also provides a free trial of QuickBooks Desktop and ProConnect tax.

  • Academic institutions that qualify for the education program.
  • Faculty or staff employed by an authorized primary or secondary school, public or private university, or college, school district or board of education.
  • Institutions which fits the criteria must use the software for instruction purpose only.
  • Qualified students are those that belong to the above mentioned institutions.

QuickBooks Desktop

Students and educators receive a QuickBooks Desktop premier account 2017 or 2018. If you have registered for the Intuit Education Program and are looking for assistance for your QuickBooks product please contact QuickBooks support and identify with the Intuit Education Program.

How it Works

  • Select your software(QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or ProConnect)
  • Register for the Intuit Education(for students or for educators).
  • Access your course curriculum and teacher training(instructor guide, curriculum, PowerPoint presentation, and live QuickBooks file)

Feature and Benefits

Prepare students for the job market
  • Students can gain an awesome and competitive edge with industry-recognized skills.
  • Get the hands-on best experience and are always engaged in the lessons provided in the classrooms.
  • Students can easily notice the accounting and tax principles brought to life in a real-world application.
Complimentary software for all the students and educators
  • To teach the whole lesson in detail or just a single module, students and educators will have access to free, easy and efficient software once they register for the Intuit Education Program.
Access to complimentary resources for educators and students
  • You can save time preparing for classes with lecture presentations and classroom exercises. 

Unlock your free intuit education software license now. Educators, students are eligible for free trials of Intuit software, so register to confirm your eligibility.

I hope this blog will help in your search for the Intuit Education Program.

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