QuickBooks accounting software handles all your business accounting and financial activities. And help you to make your business successful. So, keeping your QuickBooks company files and your computer safe is very important to the success of your business. You can keep your files protected and password encrypted. To have the best protection to your QuickBooks company files we suggest Intuit Data Protect. This protects your data from loss or damage due to viruses, laptop theft, file corruption, fire, and so on. Intuit data protect will backup your data online and you can choose to backup your data once a day, every day at your selected time on an offsite place. You just have to pay a suitable amount for their services. 

In the article the most asked and Common question about Intuit Data protection. Keep reading the article to get the whole knowledge. 

Ques: How to Update Intuit Data Protect?

You can install updates of IDP to get the best and latest features. For smooth working, we recommend you install the updates in a regular period of time. You can set the automatic updates turned on if you don’t wanna stress yourself out for each update. To update the IDPt you first need to sign up for the Intuit Data protect and set it on your computer. Now as you have the subscription of IDP let us now learn how to update-

Step 1: Download the latest update for Intuit Data Protect

  1. Open the QuickBooks application.
  2. Reach out to the Help menu, and choose Update QuickBooks.
  3. Choose the Update Now tab.
  4. Select Data Protect from the list, and then select Get Updates.

Step 2: Install the update

  1. Select the up arrow (^) on your desktop toolbar. It’s in the lower-right corner near the clock usually.
  2. Right-click the Intuit Data Protect icon and choose About Intuit Data Protect. The icon looks similar to a green file and a lock.
  3. Choose Update.
  4. When the process finished, tap on OK.

We hope the above steps have to lead you to update your data protect by intuit successfully.

Ques: How to Disable IDP?

IDP may be too much to handle for you. First, try to troubleshoot the issues you have. Even though you are not satisfied and then you can disable the IDP. You can also disable it when you don’t use it by following the steps shown below:

Step 1: Uninstall Intuit Data Protect from the Startup folder.

For Windows 10, 8.1, and 8:

  • Reach out to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp
  • Right-click Intuit Data Protect and select Delete.

For Windows 7:

  • Tap on the Windows logo.
  • Find and select the Startup Folder.
  • Right-click Intuit Data Protect and select Delete.

Step 2: Stop all IDP processes.

  1. Open the Task Manager.
  2. Reach out to the Processes tab and find the following processes:
    1. IntuitDataProtect.exe.
    2. IBUEngHost.exe.
    3. QBIDPServices.exe.
  3. Click the processes one by one and click End Process.

Step 3: Stop all IDP services

For Windows 10, 8.1, and 8:

  • Press Windows+R keys together to open the Run dialog.
  • Type services.msc.
  • This will open the Services window.
  • Look for QBIDPService.exe and double tap on the service.
  • Under the Service status section, select Stop. From the Startup type drop-down box, choose Disabled.

For Windows 7:

  • Tap on the Windows logo.
  • Enter services.msc in the search field.
  • When the service opens look for QBIDPService.exe and double click the service.
  • Under the Service status section, choose Stop. From the Startup type drop-down, choose Disabled.

Step 4: Rename the IDP folder

  • Go to: C:\Users\(Windows Username)\AppData\Local\Intuit\Intuit Data ProtectNote: Windows Username is the name of the windows user currently logged in to the computer.
  • Look for that and right-click the folder.
  • Select Rename. Enter any name suitable and rememberable about you.

Step 5: Reboot your system.

Active Subscriptions(follow if you have an active subscription)

If you have an active subscription to IDP or have bundled subscriptions (QuickBooks Plus or QuickBooks Enterprise) try  the following steps:

  1. From the System Tray, right-click Intuit Data Protect and choose About Intuit Data Protect.
  2. When the window opens press CTRL+F2 simultaneously to open the IDP Diagnostic tool.
  3. Click Log out.

What to do if IDP: Scheduled backup does not run?

We have different solutions depending on how do you access IDP if you access it locally than follow way 1 and if you access it remotely than follow way 2.Fix the error according to your situation.

Way 1: Access QuickBooks Desktop and IDP locally

Make sure that the Windows user profile logged in has administrator-level access. You need to be logged in as the Windows administrator or have admin-level privileges (The Windows account with admin-level privileges must remain logged in during the scheduled backup. If you log off and leave your system running, IDP will not have the admin-level privileges it needs for the scheduled backup to run.) so you can have full access to IDP and QuickBooks. Which are needed to fix the error discussed.

  1. Press Ctrl+R to open the Run Command.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Reach out to the User Accounts.
  4. In the User Accounts, you should see the word Administrator under the User Name. That means that the user logged in has full access to IDP, therefore can make the necessary changes in order for the backup to run smoothly.

Way 2: Access QuickBooks Desktop and Intuit Data Protect remotely

Check the server settings and ensure that your remote session is running. Make sure it does not automatically time out before and during the scheduled backup time.

  1. Press Ctrl+R to open the Run Command.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Select System and Security.
  4. Choose Power Options. You can adjust your computer settings and don’t let your computer sleep to make sure that your remote session will keep running before and during the scheduled back up time. As the remote access can only run when the main system is on.

Ques: What to do if can’t back up with Intuit Data protect?

Solution 1: Windows firewall settings are correct

Make sure that it isn’t blocking IDP. IDP needs access to your firewall. Check your firewall to make sure important files are allowed.

  1. Hit the Windows button and search Firewall.
  2. Select the Allow an app through Windows Firewall, then Allow another app.
  3. Browse and go to Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\Data Protect.
  4. Choose QBIDPservice.exe, then Open.
  5. Select Network types and select the Private checkbox. Tap on Add.
  6. Repeat the procedure 4-5 times for the files IBUenghost.exe and IntuitDataProtect.exe. Till you get a message saying the files already exist.

Add Intuit Data Protect to your Trusted Sites

Make sure Intuit websites are trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

  1. Press the Windows button and search Internet options in the search field.
  2. Select Security, then Trusted Sites.
  3. Choose Sites and add the websites mentioned below. Select Add for each site.
    • backup.com
    • *.intuit.net
    • *.intuit.com
    • *.intuitdataprotect.com
    • *.quickbooks.com
    • workplace.intuit.com
    • emerald.backup.com (a new trusted site that updates your IDP certificates)
  4. Ensure that Require server verification (https: ) for all sites in this zone is unchecked.
  5. Tap on Close, then OK.
  6. Try opening the IDP certificate site and make sure it opens. 

Solution 2: IBuEngHost.exe should run as the System user

To make it run as a system user follow the steps shown below-

  1. Right-click your Windows taskbar, then choose Start Task Manager.
  2. Click on the Details tab. Find IBuEngHost.exe. Ensure that it has the User name as System next to it and the Status is running.
  3. If it’s not running as system user or running as windows user change it to the system user.

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks Desktop and Intuit Data Protect

Update QuickBooks Application

  • Open the QB desktop application.
  • Go to help and then click on update QuickBooks desktop.
  • Click on the update now tap and check if any new updates are available.
  • To do so click on reset updates and get updates.
  • After the update is done close Quickbooks and restarts your system.

Update IDP

To update the IDP refer to the first Question of this article and you will be done.

Solution 4: Use the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic tool

  1. Right-click the Intuit Data Protect icon and choose About Intuit Data Protect.
  2. Press the Ctrl + F2 keys to open the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic tool.
  3. Find and select Run Diagnostics.
  4. The tool will most probably detect a problem and will fix it as soon as possible. Follow the on-screen steps if any mentioned. And you are done.

Ending Words!!

We have discussed above all common questions answered regarding Intuit Data Protect. We hope you would like this article and take advantage of the knowledge discussed here.

Common Questions Answered Intuit Data protect
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